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How to Get Rid of Centipedes


Centipedes are no fun. Well, no pest really is but centipedes really can give you the scares. Especially when you are taking a relaxing bath and feel something crawling up your legs. The thought alone is shiver inducing, imagine that happening in real. Not a nice picture, is it?

And don’t think it cannot happen to you. It can happen with one centipede roaming around your house, it will happen when more than one has taken up residence. This is a good enough reason to get rid of these pests once and for all. But first, learn a little more about them:

What We Need to Know About Centipedes

House centipedes are not a rare sight in our homes, but that doesn’t make them any less scary. The fact that they have gazillion legs might have something to do with it. They also have two long antennae protruding from their bodies. Their long and elongated body is not difficult for them to move, not when they have so many legs to support it. Hence these centipedes move fast. One second they are far away from you, next they are on you.

Also, they are not entirely harmless. Granted that they don’t like to nibble on us, they still have poisonous venom and that detail is not exactly comforting.

You don’t need us to tell you that these centipedes can’t live with you, make sure they get the message loud and clear with the help of the following method:

Methods to get rid of Centipedes

FenvaStar EcoCap is a one-stop, environment friendly solution for all your pest problems at home, including the offending centipedes. The FenvsStar EcoCap knocks out pests and vermin in your house with its active ingredient pyrethroid. This insecticide has proved its efficiency time and again by bringing an end to the targeted pests.This centipede killer uses vegetable oil, which makes it a natural insecticide, in addition to giving it a long-lasting residual. A win-win for all, except for the centipedes of course.

If you are looking for an all-natural solution to help you get rid of the centipedes in your house, then go for the Eco PCO ARX. This insecticide is just like an aerosol spray, but its new-fangled and innovative formula has made it much more natural. With safe plant oils and naturally occurring pyrethrums as its ingredients, the Eco PCO ARX is perfect to be used around kids and pets. It will also help you get rid of other insects that dare to bother you. As soon as you catch sight of a pest, just whip out this spray and knock them down instantly.

The Pyganic Dust is for times when the centipede situation has truly gone out of hand and you begin to encounter centipedes in your home, more and more frequently. In that case, this fine dust like insecticide acts as an excellent drying agent and kills the centipedes by depriving them of moisture and water. Spread it all around your house and near the entry points and leave them over night. You’ll wake up in the morning to a plethora of dead centipedes. Repeat it until you are sure the centipedes are out of your house and your life, for good.

Delta dust is one of its kind when it comes to insecticides. Most pests are drawn to moisture and water, and there they remain. This is very inconvenient for us since most insecticides become too diluted when used in moist places and lose their efficacy. But not Delta Dust. This insecticide is world’s first waterproof dust, which works just fine even in water and kill the centipedes in their home turf. If you want this dust off, you’ll need to flood it with full pressured water. This insecticide is most suitable for all hypocritical and tricky cracks and crevices in your home. Also, they treat more than just centipedes in your house, so it’s a good thing to have at all times.

While Termidor 80 WG is a nightmare for termites, the centipedes are also not safe from its wrath. Not only does it kill them with a laser-like efficiency, it also prevents the termites and centipedes from invading your home again.

A pyrethrum spray, which knocks out the meanest looking centipedes with just a splash of one mist. Its spraying nozzle allows us to kill centipedes hiding in the trickiest cracks and crevices.

Preventing Centipedes from Invading Our Homes

Prevention is of course better than cure. So how about get to it right after you’ve gotten rid of the centipede problem in your house so that you do no have to deal with a fresh wave of centipedes again.

Here’s what you can do:

  • There are plenty of sticky traps you can get your hands into. Make sure to spread them every now and them to catch the underground insect mafia in your home.

  • Seal the cracks. Use caulks or mesh or anything else seal the entry points. To make sure that they no longer serve as entry point for these crawly creepers.

  • Reduce the dampness in and around your house, including the moisture riddled basement, bathrooms, baseboards, and attics.

  • Use a natural, family-friendly spray insecticide to treat your house at least once every month.

  • Clean your house all-over once every month and leave a light spray of insecticide dusts behind.

With these preventive measures, not only centipedes but other pests and vermin will also stay far away from your humble abode.


We hope this guide helps you to eliminate your centipede problem. If it doesn’t, we can always give you more help. For more helpful DIY pest control, you can speak live to one of your DIY experts over the phone at 800-479-6583, chat with us online or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.


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