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How to Get Rid of Raccoons


Everyone has their own perspective regarding raccoons; some consider them to be friendly little critters while others dislike them. Generally speaking, people do not mind raccoons if they are not inside their homes or ravaging their yards. However, these raccoons do have the tendency of becoming quite annoying when they create a racket in your garden or when they over turn trash cans. Killing raccoons is a little to extreme, which is exactly why we will equip with different tips that will drive these raccoons back to their natural habitat.  

However, before you take on this mission, you will have to first understand what goes on in the world of raccoons. This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about raccoons below:

About Raccoons

The raccoon is a medium sized mammal that is indigenous to North America.  This critter is actually the largest mammal part of the procynid family and has a tough fur coat which keeps them insulated during the winters. Originally these raccoons preferred habitat was deciduous and mixed forests, but now have become comfortable in mountainous areas as well.   

Furthermore, these raccoons are extremely adaptable to their environments, which is exactly why the can survive in the busiest cities.  Raccoons have a lifespan of over 3 years but when they start ravaging your homes then they appear to live forever as captive raccoons can live up to twenty years. Rest assured even though raccoons are persistent mammals, we will make sure you are prepared to permanently rid your homes or gardens from these critters.  

Different methods to get rid of raccoons—for good!

Given below are different methods to get rid of raccoons from your home or garden, please remember the idea is to drive the raccoons away and not harm them while doing so.  

  1. Invest in secure trash can lids

For some reason raccoons love playing around in garbage as the smell attracts these little critters.  Every homeowner normally places their trash cans outside, which is an open invitation for raccoons to come and start partying. Since it is unhygienic to store garbage inside, you can use secure trash can lids as an alternative. These secured lids are readily available at any convenient store and are offered at cost effective prices.

Simply secure all of the garbage bins outside your home with these lids as the first step to drive the raccoons away from your home. We would also recommend cleaning your garbage bins periodically as the smell of the can itself can also attract all of the raccoons in the vicinity. If possible try to store your garbage indoors during the night as this is the time raccoons start to hunt for food.  

  1. Inspect your garden or yard

If you normally eat in your garden or hosts barbeques then there is a very high chance that you have debris in your garden. Simply clean your garden to make sure that there is no trash and sweep the garden for any fallen fruits or berries as raccoons love to feast on fallen fruit. Once you are done sweeping the garden, please check the area one last time to make sure there is nothing in your yard that the raccoons can eat. If you have a bird-feeder then increase the height of the feeder and please sell of your fish pond if you have one.  

  1. Look for entry points

If you are one of those people who have walked into their kitchen to find a raccoon chilling about then you need to calm down and find out how the raccoon got there in the first place. Although raccoons can get very creative in finding entry points, there sheer size gives them away. Look for any large holes in your home including the basement and attic, simply seal the hole permanently. Please make sure you let the raccoon out before you start!  

  1. Invest in raccoon repellants

Raccoon repellants have cayenne pepper and habanero chilies which emit a smell that raccoons cannot stand. Simply spray the repellant all around your home including the garden to repel the raccoons as far as possible from your home and garden.

  1. Look for nesting areas

Now you will have to look for the nesting area which might be a little difficult as raccoons do not use the standard materials to construct their nests. Normally they tend to build their nests in tree branches but even your roof is a perfect spot for them to call home. So inspect the entire perimeter of your home to find their nests and simply destroy the nests and get rid of the aftermath. Spray the area with the raccoon repellant so that once the raccoon returns the smell will drive them away from your home! 

  1. Invest in Raccoon traps

Another effective way to rid your home or yards from raccoons is by investing in raccoon traps. These traps are readily available in the market at affordable prices, simply invest in the one that encompasses your budget. Place the trap with raccoon bait in a strategic location and sit back and relax, once the raccoon is in the area the smell will attract them to their impeding captivity. If you manage to successfully trap the raccoon please just set it free as far as possible from your home!

Control Racoons with Professional DIY Products from Solutions Pest & Lawn

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a number of different products to choose from which can effectively repel or deter an unwanted raccoon on the premises and we suggest using more than one to multiply your chances of success.

For raccoons out on your yard, we recommend using Critter Ridder or Nature's Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent. These products are generally used for moles and gophers and have a terrible taste that raccoons will hate. By just spreading this product onto your lawn, the raccoons will find the product and try it and absolutely detest it. If the product gets in the soil when the raccoons dig, they will get it on their hands and be stuck with the awful taste. These products may be enough to keep raccoons far away from your property.

Another repellent product we have aside from granules is ultrasonic sound with Yard Gard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. High pitched frequencies are released which target raccoons. These sound waves are so disturbing to raccoons that the raccoons will do anything to get as far away from the area as possible. This device has a convenient setting where you are able to isolate raccoons specifically.

Solutions also carries live animal traps like the Havahart Live Trap which can be easily set with a bait that the raccoon will by curious to try and before you know it they will be captured and you can easily dispose of them however you prefer.

If the raccoon happens to find its way indoors they can be easily driven out by using a repellent such as Detour Rodent Repellent. Place this product to every potential area where rodents will contact the product using a caulking gun and raccoon will not want to step foot anywhere in your home.


With the help of our tips and product recommendations above, you can quickly and easily get rid of your raccoon problem. If you need any help, call us at 800-479-6583 or shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or you can live chat with us online.



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