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How to Get Rid of Flies In Your Home


Who loves flies? No one!

Because nothing about these flies is endearing. They are one of the dirtiest creatures, to start with. They land on the grossest things that we’d cringe just thinking about. And when the said gross things stick on their legs, they come and try to have a taste of our food. Perhaps that exact bite you were just about to take in your mouth.

And hence we end up eating things we don’t even want to think about.

If you don’t want that to happen ever again, we suggest you get down to removing these pests from around you, and we know just the methods.

But first, let’s get to know about them some more:

What We Need to Know About the Flies in Our Homes

Musca Domestica, or as commonly called house flies arefound all over the world, making life difficult for humans and domestic animals. These flies are 1/4th –inch long in size. The adult flies have two wings and stripes on their back. Their mouths protrude from the front of their head. Their color is mostly gray. They rest at night near food sources which include animal food, human food, excrement, carcasses and garbage.

Their lifespan is only 3 weeks and come out in greater numbers during summer time when the weather is warm. An interesting thing about these flies is that they were not always a pest for humans. They evolved around Cenozoic era and from them on spread all around the world.

Methods to Get Rid of Flies in Our Home

  1. Musca-Stik

Use it to prevent flies or eradicate them, Musca-Stik will not fail either way. This effective fly killing stick works in two ways, so flies have no chance of surviving its strength. The orange colored glow of the Musca-Stik attracts them with a trance like influence, while Muscalure, a sex pheromone amplifies the attraction. Since Musca-Stik is odor free and free of insecticide, it is completely safe to use in rooms for adults and kids and even pets.

  1. PT 907 Vector Universal Glueboards

This glue board is truly a life saver when you are tossing and turning all night long because the flies won’t just leave you alone. In that moment -- in a sleep like state -- you can’t really bother with much, can you? So just whip out your CatchMaster 907, cut it into pieces and place where flies are reigning. Within minutes, you’ll be sleeping peacefully and the flies will be stuck, for life.

  1. True Tech 2000 Power Foamer

The true tech 2000 power foamer is for times when you have truly ran out of option and the flies are literally everywhere. This happens most often in commercial setting and getting rid of the flies began to look like an impossibility. This foamer is a high-end tool with a compressed air sprayer and foamer. It covers largely infected areas and reaches all the crevices and corners and nooks of a structure. It fills almost two gallons of insecticides in it and comes with a number of foam and liquid tips, of various sizes and shapes.

  1. Flies Be Gone Flytrap

Another super potent flytrap, the Flies Be Gone solution is every farmer’s best friend. Flies make it a living nightmare to work and progress for farmers. Be it a dairy farm, poultry farm, stable, livestock etc. Flies really like to invade in huge numbers in these places and not only bothers the humans but animals as well.

With Flies Be Gone, all you need to do is hang the trap 30 feet away from the flies invaded area and add bait in it, with water, and a pinch of soil and then seal it with the lid. This trap will draw the flies away from your homes and farms and attract them to itself instead. And once the flies reach there, they die. This trap is so effective that it traps thousands of flies at once.

  1. Genus Orbit Jet Proof Flylight

If you are work inrelated to the meat, fish or slaughterhouse industry and your work place is a breeding ground for these offending flies, then you need this flylight, pronto. This flylight is made specifically for areas thatrequires wash-down regularly. They work perfectly in dusty, wet and wash-down areas and keep the flies at bay.

Preventive Measures to Keep Flies from Invading Our Homes

Once you get rid of the flies from around you, make sure you take steps to ensure that they never return back.

And for that, you must do the following:

  • Sanitation is key to keeping the flies away. These winged creatures are attracted to everything dirty, so in order to keep them away, make sure you surround yourself with impeccable cleanliness.

  • Maintain proper garbage disposal. The trashcans must be washed regularly, lined with garbage bags and have a proper lid. The trashcan must aslo be emptied regularly.

  • Use repelling sprays often in your barns, farms and yards. These sprays help get rid of flies instantly and give you time to carry out a proper treatment.

  • The entry to your house walls must be properly sealed off, especially during summers when heat brings out insects in great numbers.

Using the aforementioned methods, you cannot only get rid of the flies infesting in your house, but will also keep them at a distance for the rest of your life.

For more helpful DIY pest control, you can speak live to one of your DIY experts over the phone at 800-479-6583, chat with us online or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.

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