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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Yard

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Fleas are the tiny wingless parasitic insects that feed on mammalian bloods. In domestic settings, they mostly feed on pet animals’ blood. Color of their body ranges from reddish brown to blackish shades and in size they are eighth part of an inch.

Flea bites are painful and cause severe itching and inflammation. Humans often get bitten by fleas through the pet dogs and cats who have fleas entrenched in their skin.

How fleas end up in your yard?

There are several ways through which fleas can end up in your yard and consequently your house. Remember that even if you don’t own pets, you can still have the problem of flea infestation in your lawn and yard.  

  • From outside shrubbery

Fleas can move to your yard from the nearby grass field, woods and trees.

  • An unclean neighborhood

An untidy neighborhood is very suitable for the growth and reproduction of fleas. Therefore, fleas can end up in your yard from a grubby neighboring house.

  • Rodents and vermin

Mice, raccoon, squirrels and other such rodents laden with fleas can also bring fleas to your yard.

  • Furred animals

Different domestic pet animals are the major carrier of fleas in any household. Your neighbor’s cat or a friend’s dog can inadvertently infest your yard.

Fleas and their eggs can remain dormant for a long time in the absence of mammalian blood around but they soon get active when they sense the presence of humans and animals in the vicinity.

Treatments to get rid of fleas in your yard

Presence of fleas in your yard is dangerous for the entire household including pet animals. That is why using commercially available products are necessary to get rid of them in a quick and successful manner.

Bifen lawn and parameter granules

Bifen lawn and parameter granule is an effective insecticide product that can help you with getting rid of fleas from your yard. They are known to attack flea larvae in order to disrupt the life cycle of this parasitic insect.

This insecticide granule contains an active ingredient of bifenthrin. Bifenthrin is a pyrethroid-based insecticide chemical formula. It severely affects the nervous system of fleas and put them in paralysis which eventually results in their death.

The usual packaging carries 25 pounds of Bifen granules which is enough to treat the area of more than 1200 square yards. If you are sprinkling this insecticide by hands then wear protective gloves. Also wear full sleeves and long pants at the time of the treatment to avoid any skin allergies. Once you have spread the granules all across the yard, spray some water on granules to activate the mechanism of bifenthrin. Keep the children and pet away from the treated area and mow or vacuum the yard after the complete treatment of granules which usually takes up to two weeks.

Flea sprays  

Flea sprays made of pyrethrin and insect growth regulator can be used to simultaneously kill the adult fleas and their larvae making pest treatment more effective. Flea sprays can be used on the vegetations in the yard to get rid of dormant fleas.  These sprays are equally effective on the skin of pet animals that are infested by fleas. Using flea spray for your pets and Bifen granules for your yard can prove to be a successful strategy in getting rid of fleas completely.

Bifenthrin-based liquid insecticides

Recently, liquid insecticide with an active ingredient of bifenthrin is getting popular for successful pest treatments in general and for flea control in particular. Using this insecticide is also an economical pest treatment because with an ounce of its solution, a large-sized yard can be treated.

This insecticide rapidly kills the majority of the flea population in the coverage area within an hour after the treatment. With one treatment session of bifenthrin-based liquid insecticide, you won’t need the reapplication of the insecticide in your yard for at least two months.

Flea killing aerosol

Aerosols are another strong option to get rid of fleas in your yard. To get the best aerosol available in the market, ask for the one which has four active insect killer ingredients in it.  These chemical ingredients are:

Pyriproxyfen: a pyridine-based insect growth regulator which imitates the activity of natural growth hormone in fleas to derail their reproductive cycle.

Pyrethrins: It is an organic neurotoxin extracted from the flower heads of certain botanical species

Permethrin: It is a manmade form of pyrethrin with the same properties of insect killer.

MGK264: It is a complex chemical used as a catalyst to increase the potency and effectiveness of other effective chemicals present in the aerosol.

Combination of all these active ingredients makes flea killer aerosol a long-lasting option to get rid of fleas from your yard. With a successful application of flea killer aerosol in your yard and surrounding areas, flea infestation can’t rebound for more or less six months.

If fleas have infested the indoors of your property then using aerosols among all the insecticide products will be more proficient in getting rid of them. After treating the indoors with flea killing aerosol , don’t forget to vacuum the entire space multiple times.

Once you get rid of fleas from your yard and the entire property, maintain a tight cleaning routine around the house. If you have pets, keep up their hygiene and regularly have them inspected for pest infestations and other diseases.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Can Help You With Your Flea Troubles

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry a variety of excellent flea control products which can control flea infestations around your yard. After conducting a good inspection and seeing where the flea hot spots are, you can then proceed with arming yourself with high quality flea control products like insecticide granules (such as Bifen LP Granules) and perimeter sprays (like Reclaim I/T).


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