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How to Get Rid of Crickets in the House

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We understand that the annoying chirping of a cricket hidden in your house is disrupting your good night sleep. We also understand how much you want to simply get rid of it, or rather kill it! But do you know that many people believe that having cricket in your house is actually a good luck charm?

The same was also depicted in one of the Walt Disney’s movies Mulan, as the Cri-kee was considered a lucky charm for the Mulan’s family. Remember?

Basically, the idea was based on the Chinese custom of keeping crickets in cages as a lucky charm. Many of the Native American tribes still take crickets as rather good luck and the same belief also holds true for a lot of Americans today.

Crickets also work like a natural home security system since they keep on chirping unless they hear someone approaching.

But do we know crickets as a common pest?

Well, crickets are a commonly found pest in many houses, and also very hard to find!

Just like centipedes, crickets are occasional invaders and prefer to stay in outdoors. They do not really survive or breed indoor. However, in bad weather conditions, they usually get inside spaces to find shelter, hopping around and entering through an open window or a door.

Intrinsic characteristics of Crickets

Crickets feed on fabrics, rubber, paper or plants. They prefer to stay in night light and keep hidden during day hours. Hence, their presence in your home is least damaging yet in the case of high population, you must get rid of them as they hold a great tendency to almost chew everything.

Hence, to assist you with their alleviation, let us have a look at some of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of crickets in no time.

Ways To Get Rid Of Crickets In Your Home

Here are some effective ways to get rid of existing cricket infestation in the home.

  • Glue Boards

The easiest way to catch these annoying critters is to use glue boards. Take some glue boards and place them in different areas of the house where chirping is commonly heard. To make the trap more enticing, you may put some food item on the glue board such as corn meal as bait. Place these glue boards at night and repeat the process for a day or two and in no time you will be surprised to see the amazing results.

  • Use Vacuum

Since crickets like to stay in warm areas such as the kitchen, you may eradicate their infestation up to a significant level by using a vacuum cleaner. If you know the area of infestation, crevices, and cracks, use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up. Don’t forget to clean the vacuum outside the house and throw the filter bag away from the house.

  • Use Pesticides

The most common and effective way of removing crickets from home is to use pesticides. There are a lot of products available in the market which can help in removing the heavy infestations of crickets. However, make sure to use the product which is specifically designed for removing crickets.

To get better results, apply these pesticides near entry points, in garage, basement, and baseboards. Similarly, you can also use bait for the same purpose. Baits can be used in non-food areas. However, just like pesticides, use the one which is labeled to be used for crickets’ removal and follow the instructions for proper application.

  • Seal the Entry Points

Getting rid of existing crickets is not easy unless you also put a stop to their growth and entry. For this purpose, seal or caulk all the potential entry points in the house. This may include cracks or crevices in the foundation, walls, basement, gaps around doors and also windows. For this, you may use a caulking gun, and the best time to follow this measure is immediately after removing the existing population or infestation.

  • Avoid Debris

Another important measure is to avoid storing or keeping firewood, debris or other organic material near the house. This is because crickets use this material, especially wood, as shelter and with that, they also enter the home. Similarly, reduce the places of harborage by keeping the trash cans high on bricks. Moreover, reduce piles of paper and clutters as these cluttered spaces serve as the best hiding and shelter spaces for these peace-seeking critters.

  • Avoid Lighting in Night

Crickets prefer to stay in night light and this must tell you what you need to do. Simply avoid the sodium-vapor yellow lighting outdoors and replace it with mercury vapor or white lights. If possible, place lights at a height on poles, so that it falls on the area on which the light is actually directed, such as the main gate. While this will direct the critters towards the light source, it will also help in keeping these critters away from your house.


Use any of the above-listed methods to get rid of critters and to avoid their annoying chirping in your home. While they can be quite damaging to almost every item in your home, except human flesh, take normal safety measures before using pesticides or getting exposed to them. After all, you don’t take them as your good luck charm or do you?!


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