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What Attracts Stink Bugs to Your House

What Attracts Stink Bugs to Your Home

Stink bugs are little insects which emit an unpleasant smell when threatened or crushed. These bugs are extremely invasive and can infiltrate even the structurally sound homes or offices; once they are in, they simply refuse to leave! Most people have to spend a substantial amount of money on pesticide services to get rid of these bugs because no one wants to deal with their smell and because they are so difficult to look at. To make matters worse these bugs are very harmful to agriculture crops and are considered to be every gardener’s worst enemy. This is exactly why it is imperative that everyone should take immediate action when they come across a stink bug in their homes or offices.

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However before you can get rid of these stink bugs, it is imperative that you understand what goes on the world of stink bugs. This is exactly why we have mentioned information regarding stink bugs below!

About Stink bugs

Stink bugs are also most commonly known as shield bugs and were previously only ingenious to Asia, but they were accidently introduced to America back in 1998. These tiny little bugs are essentially harmless to humans and pets, but are very harmful when it comes to horticulture and plantations. These bugs can easily sabotage an entire garden within no time and also have the capacity of crawling into homes and offices to find shelter during the winter months.


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Stink bugs belong to hemiptera family and are considered to be a nuisance pest, they can enter any building structures through the tiniest entry points. These bugs have small glands present on their backs and emit a very foul odor when threatened; this odor is enough to send shivers down most people’s spines.  They are usually in different shades of brown but all of them grow up till 17mm long when they reach adulthood. Furthermore, getting rid of these bugs can prove to be quite challenging since they infest both interiors and exteriors of different areas. However with our tips and methods there is no doubt that you will end up getting rid of these stink bugs for good!

Different methods to get rid of Stink bugs for good  

Given below are different methods that every homeowner should consider if they want to get rid of Stink bugs for good. However these methods will only be effective if you find the source of the infestation which can be very challenging as Stink bugs infest a home’s interior and exterior.  

  1. Invest in a Stink Bug Insecticide

The very first and one of the most effective methods to get rid of Stink bugs is investing in a insecticide, these insecticides are readily available in the market at affordable prices. However, please make sure you invest in a insecticide that has been particularly designed for Stink bugs. With every spray you will see that the Stink bugs have slowly started to die, keep spraying until all of the bugs are dead! Repeat this process if necessary.

  1. Invest in an insect electrocution system

Another effective method to get rid of Stink bugs is by investing in an insect electrocution system, these traps use a bright LED light to attract all of the bugs in the area and lure them close. Once these bugs are close enough, they are electrocuted straight back to hell where they belong. These systems are readily available in the market and due to the sheer number of choices available in the market; you can easily find a product which encompasses your budget. We would recommend first placing the device next to the infestation and let it kill all of the bugs that are proximate. Once you have tackled the infestation, then place the device next your main door to protect your home from further infestations.

  1. Invest in sticky traps

Stink bugs are very adventurous bugs which means that they will travel all around your home, you can use this to your own advantage. Simply invest in sticky glue traps and spread them out strategically all around your home, keeping entry points into perspective. With time the tape will trap all of the stink bugs in the area and once they are trapped they are your prisoners forever! How you deal with the trapped stink bugs, is totally up to you. We would recommend crushing them with a boot or drowning them, but that’s just us.  

How to prevent a Stink bug infestation

Prevention is the best cure for anything, especially when it comes to a Stink bug infestation as no one wants to deal with their foul smell. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of tips to help prevent an infestation from happening in the first place,

  • Close all of the entry points in your home

  • Use a sealant on windows and doors

  • Place a protective screen over air vents

  • Rub every window screen with a dryer sheet

  • Control your weeds

  • Apply a residual insecticide on the south side of the home before the temperatures start to drop

  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth

All of the tips and methods mentioned above, will no doubt help every homeowner get rid of stink bugs permanently!  


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