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How to Get Rid of Spiders In Your House 


About spiders

Spiders have more than 3000 species across the world; it comes in different size, color and forms. The spiders spun a web using silk created from its abdominal region. It comes from arachnid family and can eat all sorts of insects and arthropods. Few spiders have venomous fangs but it is barely harmful to us unless you have a weak immune system, allergic or have some other kind of ailment. The female spiders lay eggs and are known to eat the male spiders.


  1. Sanitizing your home

Clean your home and keep it as tidy and spotless as you can. Vacuum all areas, nooks, crannies, cabinets and suck out all those woven webs and spiders and its egg sac. Dust all areas and wipe and clean with disinfectant.  Make sure to clean up the outdoor yard, pick up all the debris, leaf piles, wood piles, compost to keep the spiders away. it usually lurks around in autumn to find a cozy place to stay. Using screened windows and doors will help a lot. Be careful for the summer season as these creepy crawlies can take you by surprise. Seal all the cracks, holes, crevices etc. to banish spiders from entering your sacred place.

  1. Starving the spiders

Keep your home clean and insect free. Use all insecticides and repellants to keep the arthropods and other sort of insects free from the 8 legged creepy crawlers. Cutting off their food supply will force them to scurry away and relocate to a place where it can find food for itself.  Use insecticides and pesticides to remove all sort of food items for spiders and keep the windows and doors screened. Wipe all pheromone trails with disinfectant to ensure the spiders don’t come back to your home.

  1. Capturing the spider

Glue traps can be place in various locations like; inside cabinets, underneath sofa sets, in the garage area, under beds, closets, sinks and behind TV. The glue traps the spider and the then the spider can be killed. Few glue traps have insecticides while others will need to be quashed or killed.

  1. Landscaping and damage control

Remove all the clutter, woodpiles, compost and other such material from the garden, planting more shrubs and trees are good spider will keep other insects that cause harm to plants away from it.  Hose the spiders out of the weeds, it will knock them right out. The windows and doors and exterior wall should have weather strips along with screens. Keep your sheds and attics clean and clutter free.  Organize it and get rid of old cardboard boxes. Give the spiders less spaces to weave their webs.

  1. Insecticidal treatments sessions

There are various forms of insecticides and chemicals available to eradicate spiders. The trick is to learn on how to apply it appropriately.  Before use read the directions and warning given carefully and apply it accordingly. Use them in areas where the spiders usually lay its eggs, like attics, sheds, garage areas etc.  These insecticides are usually residual and therefore are more long-lasting and have effective results.

Barrier insecticides and foggers are effective deterring the spiders but not effective for the long run. The wet table powder from insecticide and encapsulated chemicals are quite effective in terminating the spiders.

PYRETHRIN AEROSOL SPRAYS: It is a contact insecticide that kills the spider on immediate contact but does not eradicate the entire infestation.

THE SPIDER CONTROL KIT:  Use gallon pump sprayers and dusters to use insecticides depending on the form of chemical. The insecticides will not have immediate results but rather have long lasting effects which will start to show after a few days. The residual trace left behind ensures eradication of the spider infestation and its egg sacs.

Spray each and every surface of the house using the sprayer to get rid of the creepy spiders. Remove all cobwebs that you can see next spray at the bottom of the window surface and adjacent to it. A thick coat of insecticides should be applied. It will terminate not just the spiders but all other sort of insects as well.

  1. Turn off the lights

Insects, bugs are attracted to bright lights and so these creatures are usually found near the light. Subsequently the spiders follow them along to feed on it, which means along with bugs you have spider infestation to deal with. It’s like having double trouble. The solution is to keep the lights closed or use very dim lights, or sodium vapor lights as insects don’t care much for those kind of lighting’s, no insects would mean any spiders. In case outdoor lighting is extremely important you must place the bulbs or fixtures further away from doors and windows to keep the insects and spiders a little distant from the home.

  1. Killing it the old school style

If you spot a spider just squash it with a shoe or smack a roll of newspaper and the spider will be crushed. If you would like to prefer a more humane way or wish to collect one for a science projects you can place a jar on the spider and very slowly slid a piece of card sheet underneath it and close the jar and either release it in the wilderness or use it for a science project, either ways it’s a win – win situation.

There was an old lady who swallowed a spider

Unfortunately, we don’t commonly find old ladies who swallow spiders but you will catch a few from few places that treat the spiders as delicacies. We all on the other hand will have to do to with preventive and chemical treatments to get rid of spiders from home.


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