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How to Get Rid of Fleas


About fleas

Fleas are insects without wings that belong to Anthropoda class of species, also called Siphonaptera. There are various kinds of fleas that exist. The most common are the ones found in furry creatures like dogs, cats, rabbits, rats and other mammals. The fleas basically suck blood from the mammals and birds. It is considered a parasite. Unfortunately fleas can also take human as their host and feed on our blood, it’s worse than having it on cats and dogs. Regardless of the type of fleas, these tiny insects through animal can carry various plagues and diseases. It can transfer tape worms, Tularemia and typhus etc.


  1. Identifying the fleas

It is not necessary to have a pet for your house to get infested with fleas. It can transport through rodents like rats and ferrets or even through jumping on our skin. Next thing you know the fleas have invaded your home. You need to check every possible option and host for fleas to spot them. Once it has been spotted along with the root cause of fleas or the host, appropriate actions can be taken accordingly.

  1. Combing for fleas

Initially check the pets if you have any. Use flea combs to find the fleas and also check for bite marks and excessive scratching by your pets. That will give you a hint of fleas. If your pets have fleas that means your whole house has been invaded with the petering little creatures.

Prepare a bowl of dishwashing liquid and water. Run the comb backwards through the fur behind the ears, under the legs and the tail. Quickly dip the comb in the bowl, if there are fleas it will instantly die in the bowl. That means tweezers will be required along with some other chemicals to remove the fleas from the dogs.

Martins Prefurred Plus For Dog can be used to kill the fleas on the pets but there still might be some traces of eggs and few remnants of fleas that must be taken care of. In order to apply the Prefurred part the fur from back of the neck and then apply the ingredients and rub gently, it will prevent the pets from scratching or retaliating. Use flea shampoos for the pets, including tweezers and a bowl with disinfectants and soap. Use spray, dust, dips and shampoos to terminate the fleas from the pets. Use it once a month as a caution.

  1. White code dressing for fleas

Wear high knee white boots with white socks, shirt and trousers. Fleas are attracted to the white color and the parasite can easily be spotted. If you do observe any fleas immediate measures must be taken.

  1. Safeguarding your house

Take off all the clothing, bed spread and other such items and wash them at high temperature with disinfectants. Dry clean all items at high temperature. Seal the mattress after shampooing and disinfecting it. Vacuum and shampoo the carpets and steam clean them. Same regimen should be applied for furniture, curtains and other objects. Disinfect every material inside the home, including oneself and dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag. Before using chemicals and other treatment methods all items must be carefully taken out of the house and make it as empty and de-cluttered as possible. There should be no hiding spots left for the fleas. Other pets, including family members must also be evacuated. Seal all cracks and entry points as well. Eradicate all the flea dirt, fecal matter, blood stains and so much more. Suck out all the larvae, cocoon and other such residues from each and every inch of the house.

  1. Protecting the yard

Insecticides like, insect growth regulators are applied to all the affected areas of the yard to eradicate the infestation of fleas. Cut off the low branches, trim the trees and make the yard as sunny as possible. Since, the fleas dislike being in sunny areas. Trim the grass and use residual insecticide as it has more long lasting effects. Apply the chemical inside your hose and then open the valve with pressure to remove fleas.

  1. Using chemicals and insecticides to eliminate the fleas

There are various recommendations for products easily available in the market to eradicate fleas, few of them are as follows:

FLEA SPRAY: Here at Solutions pest and Lawn we have an excellent flea sprays which you can spray on the pets themselves like Petcor Flea Spray or spray around your home with a product like Novacide Flea and Tick Killer. The spray can be applied on the floors, under the beddings, cracks and grooves and any other nooks where fleas can be found and it kills the fleas and its eggs. Identifying and spraying the eggs would be the best control measure as the lifecycle of fleas will impede and the whole infestation will come under control. You can use it on the pets as well to eliminate fleas. You can spray a little on the Flea comb before combing the pet. It might be handy.

FLEA TABLETS: Tablets are available for pets with flee problems. The pill is fed to the dog and within 30 minutes the adult fleas will be exterminated without causing harm to the pet. However, the pills do not kill the eggs or larvae, so it does have long lasting effects. The pills will have to be given on regular basis for the dog to be safe from fleas. The dose chosen should be according to the size and type of dog. NOVARTIS CAPSTAR FLEA TABLETS is one of the suggested brands.

FOGGING:  It is an effective method to eradicate the fleas in the house. Remove all belongings and evacuate before trying this approach as the fumes can be harmful. Leave the spray on for hours or a day. Close the doors and windows before vacating the house. All fleas and eggs will be eradicated. Leave the house, doors and windows open for approximately 2 hours before entering the house. Make sure the dog has been fed a pill and has been clean shampooed d from all fleas before letting step foot in the house.


These and many more control measures and treatments will help in eradicating fleas. While treating your pets and your home may be a good idea to eliminate a flea problem, it’s best to engage in a full program where you treat your pets as well as both indoors and outdoors. For instance, you can order our Guaranteed Flea Control Kit. This contains all that you need for a full flea control program. For more information, reach out to us via phone at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us online.


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