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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches


Cockroaches are the last thing that you would want crawling in your house. Even if there is one cockroach in your living space, the whole house can go upside down and everyone starts panicking. The most worrisome thing is that if there is one cockroach, then there are probably others around as well because they breed fast so you have to make sure that you get rid of them all.

What is a cockroach?

They are insects belonging to the Blattodea family that also include other insects such as termites. Cockroaches are some of the oldest insects on the planet and there are over 4000 different species. However, you must have only encountered one or two of the 30 most common types of cockroaches that are seen luring about human habitats.

As mentioned earlier, they tend to multiply really fast so if you don’t get rid of one cockroach today, who knows you will be seeing  a group of them after a few weeks or so and before you know it, it’s going to be a big problem for you to handle. Cockroaches are a serious risk to health because they can cause food poisoning by contaminating your food with their saliva and larvae.

How to get rid of cockroaches

Caution: Always read the instruction label before applying any of these products and make sure that children and pets are not exposed to them.

Cockroach bait

The best thing that you can do is to get a gel cockroach bait  from Solutionstores.com and apply it on the areas where you the cockroaches crawling about. Whenever the cockroaches are going to come in contact with the gel, they will die instantly. Just make sure that the gel is not reachable to children or pets.

Insect trap

Getting an insect trap is a good idea if you have a large infestation of cockroaches in your house. The insect trap can be placed in any confined area or underneath a table. The trap has already a food like substance that attracts the cockroaches with its scent and they get lured inside. This also works for other insects such as spiders and centipedes etc. You can get an insect trap at Solutionstores.com

Cockroach repellent spray

One of the most common solutions to getting rid of cockroaches is just spraying them with an insecticide spray. But for this, you have to be agile and fast and spray on them quickly. Make sure to cover your face with a mask while spraying so that you don’t inhale any of the dangerous fumes.

Petroleum jelly

If you don’t have any spray or gel bait around then you can try this chemical free method. Just grease up a big bowl of petroleum jelly. They will get stuck on the bowl and it will be hard for them to move about and escape. You can then dispose off the bowl by throwing it in the trash can and seal it tightly.

DIY roach bait with boric acid

Now you can make your own cockroach bait with the help of boric acid. Just take some sugar and mix in 2-3 parts of boric acid powder in the sugar and pour the dust on the paces you usually see the cockroaches lurking about. Just sprinkle the boric acid and sugar dust in all the nooks and crannies where they hide and reside and you will surely see some dead roaches in the morning.

Seal and close

You should also seal and close all the gaps and crevices of the nooks and crannies in the house. This is usually where they have set up their homes and expand their community by breeding. Get a caulking gun and seal off all the holes or cracks that you can see.

How to prevent cockroaches

A cockroach infestation is usually a sign of poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions in any place. They are usually found in dirty kitchens and abandoned places.  They thrive in warm, moist and damp places which is why you will usually seen them around kitchens where there is steam and warmth most of the time. If your house (especially your kitchen) is not cleaned regularly then don’t be surprised to see some cockroaches happily crawling about your food in the kitchen

  • Mop the floors and clean off any food particles on the counters.

  • Tightly seal all the trash and dispose it off at the earliest.

  • Vacuum the carpet and ensure there are no crumbs left.

  • Fix any leaking faucets—even if they don’t find food, dampness is all they need to survive in a place. So make sure all the pipes and taps are not leaking.

  • Keep it cool—they love to live in warm and humid places so even if it is very hot outside, you can prevent them from intruding in by maintain a fairly cool temperature inside your home.

  • Hide the food—Close all boxes and jars so that they don’t contaminate your food and put you at a health risk. Don’t leave out your food and store it in the fridge and if you have a candy bowl then cover it with a lid.

Cockroaches are a huge indicator of the level of cleanliness or hygiene in a house or restaurant so you don’t want others to be disgusted by your now would you? Just maintain proper sanitary conditions and you will surely get rid of the pesky cockroaches in no time.


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