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How to Get Rid of Gnats

Gnats are the most annoying pests in the pest world, having outdone even the cockroaches when it comes to the annoyance factor. Moreover, they are also extremely persistent, so if you end up with a gnat in your house, be warned that it might be a harbinger of a gnat infestation. 

The most irritating fact is that these gnats are miniscule in size, making them rather hard to spot easily. Moreover, they are attracted towards anything which emits carbon dioxide. This is one reason why they fly towards the mouth and nose. However, other than being an annoyance, gnats are signs that your house is unclean or there is something rotting so before you try to start to get rid of them, it is a good idea to find the source or their nest in your home.

Identify the Source

The source of a gnat infestation can be anything that provides the gnats with a warm, moist environment and a high carbon dioxide source. For example: Rotting garbage is a favorite for gnats, providing both a food source as well as the perfect environment where the gnats can flourish with ease.

Another favorite is the basement or other areas where there is moisture and warmth, such as the kitchen cabinet under the sink. It’s a good idea to be as thorough as possible since once you know the source, you can deploy a good strategy to keep the gnats out of your house.

It Might be the Drains

In some cases, the gnats might be coming up from the drains in your house. While this scenario might appear post apocalyptic, it isn’t as scary as it might appear. The pipes, particularly the ones linked with your garbage disposal and kitchen sink, can end up collecting some pieces of food. Deep in the pipes, the food lies undisturbed and begins to rot. Couple it with the fact that it is moist and warm in those pipes, and you have the perfect habitat for these gnats.

What’s worse is that you can’t use bleach to drive out the gnats from this cozy fortress. The bleach can be very harmful and damaging to your pipes so it can be rather difficult or expensive to get rid of the gnats in this manner. For this reason, you need to be more prudent in setting traps for the gnats. What you really want to do is to draw them out from their hideouts.

Laying Down the Traps

When it’s time to go after the gnats, you should lay down a few traps for them to cut down their numbers or to get rid of them completely. The first trap you can make for them can rely on the use of apple cider vinegar. All you have to do is take a mason jar or any other deep jar and fill it with some apple cider vinegar and three or four drops of lemon scented dish washing liquid. To make the mixture more appealing to the gnats, you can also think about adding a bit of banana peel or some other piece of fruit in it.

Make sure the jar you chose has a lid on it. Take the lid of the jar and drill some holes on the top. Now close the lid of the jar and leave it in an area where you suspect the gnats are hiding out. Leave the jar undisturbed for a few hours before examining it. If the trap worked, there should be dead gnats that got trapped and drowned in the contents of the jar.

Another easy trap that you can make is with the help of some red wine. Gnats really like the fruit content in wine so be sure to pick a good vintage for them. After you’ve fortified your spirits with a few glasses, take a large mason jar and add half a cup of red wine to it. Top it off with some drops of liquid dish washing soap. This ruins the surface tension of the wine meaning that when a gnat rests on the red wine to catch a drink, they’ll fall in and drown. Similarly, if they take a sip, the liquid soap will not be good for their health.

As with the other trap, close the lid, after making sure it has holes in it and leave it in an area that is frequented by gnats. Leave the jar undisturbed and check it to ensure that the gnats have successfully fallen for the trap. The only problem with using DIY traps is that you might have to use them again and again to get rid of the gnats as there might be a few that manage to escape it.

Set up a trap such as the Musca-Stik to capture gnats. You can also use electrical insect traps such as the Mantis Flylight 1x2 or the Vector Classic Flylight which work great to catch and eliminate gnats.

Bringing Out the Big Guns

If you’re looking for a better solution that produces larger results, it is a good idea to pull out the big guns and get a few pesticides that are crafted particularly to easily eradicate all gnats from your home. Using them is also simple and easy, and they are extremely effective in helping get rid of gnats permanently from your home. Using pesticides such as an aerosol space spray like CB-PCO Insect Fogger can work excellently to control indoor gnats and leave a great residual that will keep on killing gnats long after the initial application. 


By taking the necessary precautions and using the products we mentioned above, you are sure to get rid of the gnats and avoid having a major case of gnat infestations at home. For more helpful, DIY advice call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or visit one of our stores and speak to us in person!

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