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How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are known to have long beaks and live in woodlands and forest areas where there are lots of trees to pecks on and eat insects, acorns, fruits and other nuts. It has long peak that can carve out barks from trees and use its long tongue to find insects. Woodpeckers will  live inside crevices and tree holes. They usually dig holes into wood to forage for insects and form a nest and mark their territory.


  1. Shield the wood with aluminum

If the woodpecker has started pecking and drumming and burrowed holes into your home, they can be fixed by using aluminum. Hammer down shiny aluminum sheets onto the damaged portion of wood.  The reflection deters the bird away. Also paint aluminum sheets to match the color of the house; it will prevent the woodpecker from burrowing holes.

  1. Auditory scare

Use loudspeaker and other ultrasonic devices that detect bird movement and mimic distress call of other woodpeckers or its prey birds. Woodpeckers hear the sound and fly away from your home. Change the sound of the device to avoid the woodpecker from getting immune to the sound.

  1. Distract the woodpecker

Hang the Suet feeder near the areas that the woodpeckers are drumming. The woodpecker will feed on suet and get distracted from burrowing. Gradually move it away and periodically keep moving the feeder further away. Eventually thee woodpeckers get use to staying away from your home.

  1. Paint with polyurethane repellant

Painting the house and every affected wooden area with polyurethane paint, it will repel insects such as; carpenter bees. Cuts off the food source for the woodpecker and keeps them at bay.   There are also taste deterrents that can be spread onto the siding to create an aversion.

  1. Apply Wood putty

Apply the wood putty onto the damaged wood and leave it to dry. Cover the surface with a net to guard it from woodpeckers. Paint the surface once the wood putty has dried off.

  1. Fencing the wood

Cover the wooden areas with plastic net or hardware cloth mesh to prevent the woodpecker from pecking the wood. Nail Fish lining or chicken wire a little away from the wood to make it difficult for the bird to reach and drum.

  1. Trick the woodpecker

Place large decoy birds like owls, falcons and hawks etc. that prey on the woodpecker. Create an optical illusion to make the woodpeckers fly away. It will initially keep the woodpeckers away but soon they will get used to it. Meantime while the decoy works find a permanent solution.  This will work better is you use all deterrents, this would include visual, audio, and taste.

  1. Building a woodpecker house

Make a house resembling its nest and place it near the drumming activity. Woodpecker will get a readymade house preventing it from burrowing a cavity into the tree.

  1. Removing trees

Cut of large trees and branches near your house where the woodpeckers are drumming. Woodpeckers will feel exposed and prevent it from pecking near the house. It moves further away into more thicker trees where it can hide.

  1. Trapping the woodpeckers

The most effective approach to get rid of woodpecker is to use traps. The two most frequently used traps for woodpeckers are as follows:

NET TRAP:  nail a rat trap against the tree using screws and nail it with nylon net. Staple a cord against the trap and allow it to reach the found. Cut the cord when the woodpecker enters the cavity and the rat trap has sprung open. Allow the net to fall over the bird. Attach a weight against it to prevent he woodpecker from escaping. The same trap can be place on other wooden surfaces to capture the woodpecker.

BOARD TRAP: set a board trap near a cavity nest with a bait to trap woodpeckers that are feeding the nestlings. Wait for few days until the nestlings have properly been fed. The woodpecker is trapped in a manner that it becomes easy to remove the bird from it.

  1. Place a stump near the drumming region

Place a stump or a hollow tree near to the tree where the woodpecker is drilling a hole. It diverts the woodpecker towards the stump and it builds its nest into it. Keep distancing the stump further away from your household. It gradually gets into the habit of staying away from the property.

  1. Moving objects to ward off the bird

Hoist flags or pinwheels near the drumming location. Flag and pinwheel will move with help of wind and scare away the woodpecker. Placing colorful windsocks frightens the woodpeckers and keeps it at bay.

  1. Restraint the woodpeckers

There are products available that keep the woodpeckers at bay. Few of them are as follows:

BEAKGUARD WOODPECKER DETERRENT: it has acrylic elastomeric finish. Apply it on any surface and it will communicate a signal to the woodpecker to move elsewhere.

POLYCARBONATE 8 PACK STRIPS: apply it on wooden surface and prevent the structure from getting damaged. The strip releases an odor which repels the woodpecker and keeps it from pecking the wood.

WOODPECKER PAINT DETERRENT AND STAIN ADDITIVE: apply on damaged wooden surfaces. It prevents the bird from pecking the damaged wood again. The non oxidized chemical is released repelling the bird from pecking.


Make sure all preventive measures and techniques are used to prevent the woodpecker from drumming and causing damage to wood.


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