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How to Get Rid of Crab Grass


All it takes for icky crab grass to take over your lawn is a little bit of ignorance on your part. That’s it. Here you leave one patch of your grass a little too thin, sun-scorched and dried-out, and the next thing you know, the crab grass has take over. 

The botanical name of crab grass is Digitaria and this grass is least attractive with its tough and aggressive make up. It also loves to exploit weak patches and thrives in distressed conditions. And if all that is not stressing enough, this grass also spreads frighteningly fast and in no time can even ruin your real yard.

And then no matter what you try, the crab grass refuses to leave your yard alone.

Now before this nightmare becomes your reality, you must catch hold of the first patch of crab grass you see and then stop it in its tracks. It’s quite easy too.

Let’s learn a little more about crab grass first:

What we need to know about Crab Grass

Crab grass is one of the most troublesome weeds that can take over your yard. Believe it or not, crab grass doesn’t overgrow in our yards overnight. It takes a fair amount of carelessness and negligence on our part for them to attack your yard the way they do. This weed robs your yard of the valuable moisture and nutrients, and makes it look absolutely disheveled and messy.

Even though crab grass is an annual grass, its habits match those of perennial. The growing patterns are indeterminate and it keeps on growing all season long. This is one of the reasons why getting rid of them seems impossible without the right products in hand. But get rid of them, we must. This weed grass is extremely invasive and troublesome. Not only do they destroy our yards, but they are also super stubborn.

Controlling crab grass is even more infuriating, because most home gardeners have a hard time recognizing them. Here are some basic features of crab grass:

  • The leaf blades of crab grass are ¼-inch wide.

  • They have a very thin blade as compared to normal grass.

  • The blades of crab grass sort of grow away and out from the main stem.

Methods to Get Rid Of Crab Grass

  1. Drive Xlr8 Herbicide Killer

This herbicide killer is one of the newest solutions that work wonder in controlling issues such as weeds in your yard. It instantly puts a break into the fast growing of the crab grass, along with other unwanted weeds in the lawn. Follow the usage instructions carefully before applying, as you’ll need to stop mowing for two days afterwards.

  1. Quinclorac 75 DF Herbicide (Crabgrass Killer)

Quinclorac 75 DF Herbicide is similar to Drive Xlr8 Herbicide Killer. You can use either one to deal with the stubborn crabgrass in your lawn.  Quinclorac 75 DF Herbicide also works on post-emergent crab grass. You can spray it even on the most active crab grass and not only does it stop its growth but also eventually kills it.

  1. Roundup Custom Herbicide

Roundup Custom Herbicide by Monsanto is for those who are suffering from crab grass in their small turfs, industrial area grass, and ornamental forestry. Roundup Custom is one very affective and powerful herbicide which can control up to 190 species of weed, including the crab grass. Use the Roundup Custom Herbicide carefully, following instructions and it will work like magic on your stubborn invasive crab grass.

  1. Nitrophos Barricade Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Barricade Herbicide by Nitrophos contains Prodiamine as its active ingredient and not only stops the growth of the current crab grass, but also puts a stop to the germination right then and there sand stop further future growth of any weed. This herbicide is most suitable for use in the following:

  • turf grass lawns

  • sod nurseries

  • container ornamentals

  • field grown ornamentals

  • landscape ornamentals

  • conifer nurseries

  • seedling nurseries

  • rights of way roadways

  • roadsides railways

  • equipment yards

  • tank farms

  • pumping stations

  • parking areas

  • storage areas

  • Ungrazed fence rows

  • Christmas tree farms.

You can also use Diuron 4L Herbicide or Solitare Herbicide to control the growth of crab grass and to eventually kill it.

Preventing Crab Grass from Taking over Our yards

Once you have dealt with the crab grass, you’ll never want to deal with them again. Which is why, you must do everything in your power to prevent their growth again. Here’s what you can do to keep the paws of crab grass away from your yard:

  • You need to mow your yard frequently, in order to keep their length consistent.   

  • However, you do not need to trim them too close to the soil. They must remain thick and as long as possible without looking overgrown. This will provide shade to the soil as crab grass needs plenty of scorching sunlight in order to germinate.

  • When mowing, make sure you are only removing one-third of the grass blade and no more.

  • Make a habit of watering your yards between long intervals and heavily. Avoid watering it frequently and with shallow water.

  • Also, avoid over watering at all cost. If your grass can handle it then you might even want to skip watering your lawn daily. The more moisture there is, the more crab grass germination there will be.

  • The grass must be fertilized at least once every year.

  • Rake your lawn often, to catch any newly growing crab grass and stop it from spreading its seeds.


If you take care of your lawn and try to get rid of the crab grass, the way we mentioned above, then pretty soon you’ll be seeing the end of these weeds.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a variety of options which can effectively kill crabgrass. Look into the products on our website or if you would like more lawn care advice give us a call at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.

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