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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are tiny little blood sucking critters that you wish you never have or had. As their name suggests, they often live in beds, mattresses and cushioned furniture. They come out at night and are often quite hard to detect. You might even not realize what’s causing the bite marks, the itching and the small bloodstains on your favorite sleeping shirt till someone enlightens you. 

Bed bugs hide in headboards and crevices in walls. They can be a real nuisance because they breed rapidly, and uncomfortable nights can quickly turn into your worst nightmare. You might even contemplate setting fire to your mattress to get rid of these little vermin, but the solution doesn’t have to be so extreme.

Read on to find out more about bed bugs and how to get rid of them.

What are bedbugs?

Bed bugs have an annoying habit of getting up close and personal. They feed on blood and dead skin cells. They grow in cold, dark places where they can hide easily without being detected. This includes curtains, messy laundry and even electrical switch boards. They are oval shaped, with flat bodies and no wings, measuring just up to 0.5 cm.

Bed bug bites can often be confused with rashes and allergies. A quick way to differentiate bed bugs is that the redness is formed in lines and clusters. It is advised to act quickly as soon as you detect the infestation before they have a chance to grow and move to other rooms of the house and your pets. Cats and dogs can become irritable if they catch the bugs, or the other way around (if the bugs catch them).


Females can lay about a hundred eggs that are not much larger than a speck of dust. These eggs hatch to release nymphs. Nymphs need blood to grow and shed skin. If an infestation grows, it might become necessary to call a professional exterminator.

5 DIY techniques to rid of bed bugs

  1. Put them in the sun – strip the bed of sheets, pillow covers, blankets and comforters. Spread them out in the sun. You can spread them in your back yard or the roof. Leave them out in the sun for at least one day. Bed bugs do not like the warmth of the sun and tend to leave.

  2. Seal it all – after you have dried them in the sun, pack all the bedding material in big plastic bags and seal them to prevent any leftover bugs from escaping

  3. Wash it all – Put it all in the machine, with high heat settings and a powerful detergent. Remember the key is to get all of them in one go. If any survive, your problem will not be solved. If your machine doesn’t support high heat settings, try the local Laundromat instead.

  4. Don’t forget the mattress – You need to get rid of the bugs from the mattress and wooden bed frame. The best way to go about it is with a high powered vacuum cleaner. You can also use a steamer to be extra sure.

  5. Everything needs to be cleaned – Steam vacuum all the furniture, carpets and curtains. Don’t forget to do your clothes in the closet as well.

I know it sounds like too much work but it has to be taken care of immediately.

Using insecticides

Some homeowners may not be pleased with having to use insecticides as too many insecticides inside the home as it can pose a health risk for your family members and pets. If insecticides are inhaled, they can be harmful for bugs and humans. Sometimes bed bugs can be a real nuisance to deal with and you are left with no other alternative. So it’s t

Time to bring out the big guns.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has all you need for a thorough bed bug control program. A fast-killing spray we recommend using to spray your bed, bed frames is Flex 10-10 Insecticide and Pyrid Aerosol.  In addition, you mustn’t forget about bed bug eggs which have yet to hatch. Using an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which prevents eggs from hatching. A great IGR we have is stock which we highly recommend is Gentrol.

Dusting is also a fantastic option for bed bug control as it can get to hard to reach areas which liquid insecticide sprays cannot.  Apply professional insecticidal dust products like Alpine Dust or D-Fense Dust under the baseboards, electrical outlets, light switches, under the bed frame legs. Dusts have an exceptionally long residual of up to 7 months so it will kill off straggler bed bugs that happen to wander around long after application.

You can conveniently find all the top bed bug killing products in our Guaranteed Bed Bug Control Kit.

Preventing bites

When you were kids, you probably heard your mom say, “Mosquitoes bite you because you are too sweet.” It is the same case with bed bugs. If your blood is sweet and juicy, you are more susceptible to bedbug bites. To prevent them from occurring in the first place, you need to cut down on your sugars and eat something bitter once in a while. Adding bitter things to your regular diet and eating habits deters bugs and gives you better vision and smooth, glowing skin.

Here is a list of additional habits to keep away bugs:

  • Change the sheets every week or two.

  • Maintain good hygiene and clean habitat to avoid bed bugs in the future.

  • You should not need to be told but take a shower on a daily basis.

  • Get a fumigation done every 2 years.


When you come back from your vacations in Thailand, India or an African country, you might carry the bugs back with you to the States. These little blood sucking terrorists might have gone undetected through TSA but should not be allowed a free residence among your family. Be sure to wash all your laundry and vacuum your luggage thoroughly. Place fresh thyme leaves inside suitcases to deter the bugs. If you need further bed bug control advice, reach out to us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with a representative online!.



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