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How to Get Rid of Silverfish

If you’ve been to the attic or basement of your home and moved things around, you might have come across some silverfish. Named because of their unmistakable, silver hue, silverfishes are virtually harmless but they do have a tendency to nibble on paper and cloth too.



While silverfish are easy to kill, if you’ve let their numbers grow, it is a good idea to deploy some methods in order to get rid of them as quickly as possible. In large numbers, this tendency to nibble can escalate to the point where they are easily able to decimate whole books and destroy expensive heirlooms such as expensive rugs and carpets. Unlike other pests, getting rid of silverfish is fairly easy and you can also find their source very easily as well too.

However, before you flush them out of their hiding spot, it is a good idea to go over your home and make a few changes so as to avoid providing them with other hiding spots. Otherwise, all you will end up doing is moving them from one place to another.

Making Your Home Uninhabitable

Now that you want to make your home uninhabitable for the silverfish, you will have to indulge in some serious spring cleaning measures, particularly if your home is a messy one. For starters, you can pay attention to the following points in order to get rid of them with ease:

  • Extensive Cleaning

One of the best ways to get rid of silverfish is by incorporating a vacuum cleaner in your floor cleaning routine. Be sure to use it at least twice or thrice in a week and make sure you clean out the tiny nooks and crannies. Silverfish love to inhabit these areas as they are dirty, dusty and dark and they can lay eggs here with ease as these corners are usually left undisturbed.

Make sure to include your attic and basement in this thorough clean up. In this manner, you can disturb the silverfish enough to make it undesirable to nest there. Keep in mind that silverfish don’t really require a lot of space. They can happily reside in bookshelves too so be very thorough.

  • No Humidity

Silverfish enjoy humidity and love being in dark and damp areas of the house. For this reason, you should consider getting any leaks or more fixed in your attic or basement. Leaks can also make it easier for the occurrence of mold which will be a good food source for the silverfish. Nip the situation in the bud by preventing that from happening.

In some cases such as a burst pipe or a flooding of the basements, you should take proper measures to dry everything before you put them back in place. In some cases, you can also mess with the thermostat a bit by turning the cold all the way up to scare them out of their hiding places.

  • Getting Rid of Old Paper

Basements and attics become natural homes for old paper. Whether it’s in the form of books, newspaper clippings, files and more, each person has their own paper trail that contains memories and occasions which they felt were important. However, it is a good idea to consider storing them properly. Otherwise, they’re the perfect nest for silverfish who will love nothing more than to reside in these. It turns into food and a home for them.

Not only does it damage your records, it also means that you will have to throw out the old paper too. Another thing you should do is to keep an eye on the old wallpaper in your home. If it is peeling or it has holes in it, it is possible that silverfish could have set up residence inside it. Again, it is comfortable for them as it is food and a home so try to replace old wallpaper as well. Silverfish are a fan of the wallpaper paste.

  • Better Storage Options

As stated before, improper storage is responsible for the reason why silverfish live in attics and basements. People usually move stuff over there and then don’t think of it again. Due to this factor, it is advisable to apply proper storage methods. Always store in a cool dry place and do check on your basement and attic as well. Moreover, try to store the food in your home properly as well.

Leaving crumbs out on the counter as well as storing cardboard boxes of food in damp areas can also allow silverfish to inhabit a particular area with ease. By improving your storage habits when it comes to food as well as paper, look for dry places where you can store them. You can also invest in some airtight storage boxes so as to ensure that the items you store are preserved as best as they can. While some people opt to make use of professional storage services for their relics and heirlooms, always check to keep an eye on the condition the items are kept in the new place.

Calling in the Experts

If you’re not in the mood to hunt down the silverfish, you can opt to call a professional, we can help you with professional pest control products that will get rid of silverfish in your home or office. We can offer tried and true solutions, such as Dekko silverfish packs, or Ficam Bait to eliminate the silverfish all together.  Any of our trained customer service reps will also offer you a wealth of information on simple prevention and control.  Moreover, with their help, you get to address the problem correctly and head on. Both options remove the chances of a repeat infestation of silverfish.  

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