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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes In Your Yard


About mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are blood sucking parasites that suck on human blood to feed it to their young; the adult misquotes usually feeds on nectar. They breed in water and lays eggs in the stagnant water. The egg gets transformed into larva that thrives in water and eventual after moving from the pupae stage turns into an adult mosquito. This insect can be found across the globe and is to be carrier of in borne diseases.

Damage caused by mosquitoes

It sucks the blood from your skin and other creatures like cattle. The sting can cause inflammation and itching. If you are allergic it may cause more serious symptoms. The mosquitoes can transmit diseases like malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis and filariasis, etc., the infestation of the mosquitoes in your home and yard can cause a lot of difficulty for you.

Tactics for eradicating the mosquitoes

  1. Eliminating water

Remove puddles from the sidewalks. Make sure to eradicate and pump out any still or stagnant water from your yard. Remove buckets, bird baths, tires and unused pots or any other items that may have collected water. Keep the pool covered or drain out the water if the infestation is quite wide spread. Clean up all the drains and gutters in the yard and fix leaks of the hose pipes and plumping pipes outside your home. No source of water for mosquitoes to breed means it will not be interested in invading your yard. Avoid watering the lawn too much. Keep the soil just moist enough and water during sunny time of the day to make the water dry up easily. Use drains that can soak in extra water that the soil seeps in. keep the water fresh in the pool.

  1. Cleaning up the yard

Part from water source you must remove mulches, compost, fertilizer all the leaf debris and keep the yard clutter free from extra objects. In addition, trim your grass short. Trim the trees and leaves to keep the yard more expose and less attractive for the mosquitoes. It will have less space to hide.

  1. Disposing the larva

Use larvacides to impede the lifecycle of the mosquitoes. If the larva re killed, the population of the adult mosquitoes will decrease and chance of diseases and infestation in the yard will minimize. Use chemicals like, ALTOSIDE PRO-G. Pour this chemical directly into the water where you can find the mosquito larva and eggs. It will kill the larva instantly. Thus, controlling the population of mosquitoes and preventing diseases from spreading.  

  1. Spraying insecticide

Use insect growth regulator in pump sprayers. Use gallons of RECLAIM IT or a mister to spread the chemical in your yard to eradicate the mosquitoes and control the infestation. The other chemicals that can be use are FLEX 10-10 insecticide, PIVOT IGR . You can find all of these fantastic products in our guaranteed mosquito control kit:

  • Use mosquito dunks and bits to kill the larva in the water.

  • Granular insecticides can be scattered in the lawn to eradicate the mosquitoes.

  • Apply replants on your skin to prevent mosquito bites while sitting in the yard.

  1. Zapping the mosquitoes

Use electric zappers t to kill the mosquitoes. The device has light with electric grid that attracts the mosquitoes. As soon as it enters the lantern or grid of the light it gets electrocuted and gets killed instantly.

use yellow sodium vapor lights outside in the yard. It keeps the mosquitoes and other insects away from your home.

Use butane lanterns, it repels the mosquitoes and other insects away. Mosquito coils also helps in keeping the mosquitoes away from you yard.

  1. Using outdoor fans

Keep your yard breezy and switch on the fans when sitting in the yard. It makes it difficult from the mosquitoes to fly around easily. It will prevent them from roaming in your yard.

  1. Wearing proper attire

While sitting in the yard wear full-length clothing. The shirt and trouser should be of full-length. Wear a cap and apply b mosquito repellant lotion. Keep an electric swatter with you. If you see any mosquito you swat them and zap them with current that will kill the mosquito instantly.

Preventing mosquitoes

It is important to control the growth of the mosquitoes as not only does it causes wide spread infestation and suck your blood but is the cause of various epidemic diseases. The best way is to eradicate the larva of the mosquitoes.

For more DIY mosquito control advice or any questions about other pest issues, give us a call at 800-479-6583, chat with us online or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.



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