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How to Get Rid Of Moles in Your Yard

Moles Control

Now we know that most people will tell you how good moles are and how they are friends of your garden. However, we dare you to recall all those benefits when you find yourself face-to-face with this so called sweet-creature.  We can, however, tell you some of the non-benefits of these moles. First off, they create tunnels and mound of dirt in your yard, which is not a pretty sight to look at. Secondly, they eat all the beneficial worms of the garden. Also, their tunnels provide a direct access path to voles, which unlike the moles; actually do like to feast upon plant vegetations. So in a very roundabout way, moles are pests who need to get off your yard. Pronto!  Moles can also cause extreme damage to lawn and turf areas.

But first, you actually need to make sure there even are moles in your yard, or else moles will have a splendid time laughing at you from your neighbors’ yards.

How to Tell If Moles Have Taken a Permanent Residence in Your Yard?

You need to look closely for the signs. Usually they are so obvious that it would be hard to miss them. Moles have an irritating habit of ruining your hard earned lush-green, perfectly manicured lawns, and if you have any say in the matter, then we suggest you get rid of them before they form attachments.  

Here’s how you can detect their presence:

  • Molehills are the first indication of mole infestation in your yard. If you see mounds of earth and long ridges across your yards then it’s a dead giveaway of moles in your yard. The ridges are formed by the tunnels underneath the soil.  They look similar to volcanic dirt mounds.

  • Another sign is presence of soil and dirt outside the entrance of the tunnels. When moles attempt to construct deep tunnels, they throw out the earth and it tells you that moles are indeed nesting beneath your yard.

How To Make The Moles Leave Your Yard Alone?

Moles are more persistent, smart and stubborn than most other pests. It’s hard to catch them or drive them out. Yet still, they are not entirely untouchable. There are some hacks that can help us drive moles away from your yard.

  1. Let Loose the Feline

You don’t need to look far and wide for a mole solution if you already own a cat. Just make her enjoy her strolls in the yard and before long all the rodents–including moles–will run off with their tails between their legs. As long as the cat strolls in the yard frequently, it will do.

  1. Set traps and use bait

The oldest method in the books for mole control is trapping them. There are several types of trapping methods that works efficiently in ambushing the blind pests. You can find these traps from online and with a pretty easy procedure, set it yourself at home.  There are also some mole baits to select from that will work the best.

Talpirid Mole bait is one that offers them a natural food source the earthworm.  Also Kaput Mole Bait gel, will offer up a easy to apply get syringe that works quickly.

  1. Spread some Tar love

Moles detest the smell of tar so give them what they hate. All you need to do is dip an ear of corn in a can of roofing tar and set it near the entrances of the tunnels. The smell will carry inside the tunnels and the placed near the entrance, it will block their escape.

  1. Smoke bombs

There are various rodent smoke bombs available that work effectively if used repetitively. They work only when you have detected their nest and smoke directly there and do it persistently.

  1. Plants

There are certain plants that these critters don’t like. Therefore, if you wish to keep them away, then surround your yard with plants like euphorbia, castor beans, marigolds and fritillaries.  

  1. Castor oil and detergent

Moles are not exactly fans of castor, which is why it works perfectly when three parts castor oil is mixed with one part dishwashing detergent and sprayed inside the tunnels. When the moles come to enjoy their next meal of grubs and earthworm and find it spiked with castor oil, they’ll stay away. When this is done frequently, it keeps the earthworms tasting bad for the moles and they eventually leave your yard alone.

Preventing Moles from Seeking Your Yard

It will save you a lot of trouble if you think ahead and work on prevention methods before you work on finding solutions. If there is no bait, then there’s nothing to lure the mole. Why not go after the thing that appeals to moles? Which in this case, will be earthworms and grubs. If you suddenly notice too many grubs in your yards then pick up a insecticide and get rid of them because it doesn’t take long for moles to detect the grub worms.

With these tricks in mind, you can have the situation under control in no time.


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