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How to Get Rid of Gnats In Home and Yard

Before you try to get rid of gnats, it is better to know more about them. Generally, a species of tiny flying insects that can form “clouds” because they fly together in large numbers are called gnats. Some gnats can be biting but this group also includes some non-biting insects. Some are aquatic while others are carnivorous. Therefore, keep in mind that the term might be used loosely to describe all kinds of insects. Even though, they are extremely small in size, these insects can wreak havoc on the household and within the gardens. As they start to breed, the gnats become a problem that must be solved immediately. 

Identifying Gnats

Now before you start applying any solutions to get rid of the gnats, it is necessary that you identify them. Keep in mind that gnats can be found both inside the house and outside it. In order to recognize which type of gnat is plaguing you, you need to know that at least six different types of them exist. Knowing the type of gnats that infest your house is important because then you can apply a solution specific to their type. Such a solution is more likely to work and will be more efficient.

Getting Rid of Gnats

Another thing you should pay attention to before using the different gnat-repellent solutions mentioned below is the source of the gnats! Understand where these insects are coming from and then apply one or more of the solutions right near the source. Gnats known as drain flies enter a house through its drains, which is would be more effective to apply the solution near a drain.

Let us look at some of the ways that can help you get rid of gnats:

  • Trapping

If you don’t want to exert a great deal of effort, then start with the easiest way of getting rid of gnats. This means purchasing a gnat trap. It is better if you buy a trap from a reputable brand, so you will be sure that it will work. There are different traps available in the market specific to the type of gnats, including one for fungus gnats. The trap for fungus gnats will trap the insects as soon as they come out of the soil.

  • Vinegar

A natural method that is also easily tried since most kitchens will contain vinegar. What you will require are a container, some apple cider vinegar, some dish soap, sugar, dish soap, and water. To make the gnat-repellant, mix 2 tbsp of vinegar in a container, along with a tbsp of sugar, and some drops of the soap. Add to the mixture a liter of water and shake to mix thoroughly. Now move the container to a place you have seen gnats visit. When they smell the cider vinegar and sugar, the gnats will want to get into the container. The soap in the liquid mixture is fatal to the insects.

  • Bleach

As we said before, each type of gnat will require a repellant specific to its type. The bleach remedy is great for you, if the type that you want to get rid of is drain flies. Since the gnats are coming into the house via the drains, you can pour the bleach down them to keep them from breeding inside the drainage system. Remember though that pouring bleach straight down the sink can cause damage to the drain pipes. Therefore, dilute it with some water, and then pour down the sink.

Another method to try out is ammonia. However, keep two things in mind when using ammonia:

  1. Never mix ammonia with the bleach because it can create fumes toxic enough to be fatal.

  2. Protect your eyes and mouth when dealing with these liquids.

Preventing Gnats


You might think that your ordeals are over once you have applied the solutions mentioned above. You think wrong! It isn’t enough just getting rid of the gnats. You have to make sure that another gnat infestation isn’t in your cards in the future. Therefore, use one of the following methods to make sure that these pesky pests never appear again. Some preventive measures that you can use include:

  • Clean Up Dirty Dishes and keep the sinks clean of organic matter

The source of many of the insect problems in households happens to be the dirty dishes that we so carelessly leave lying in the sink. Make it your habit to washing the dishes right after a meal.

  • Disposing of Trash the Right Way

If you are leaving your trash cans uncovered, then you are sending an invite to the gnats and other critters. Invest in sturdy garbage cans that come with lids and dispose off your trash in them. The lids will also help keep the odors inside the bins.  Wash out your trash cans frequently, left over organic matter can turn into a breeding ground for gnats.

  • Say No to Damp

Many areas of the house stay damp all the time. This means, you will have to be on the lookout that the parts of your house, such as the bathroom and the kitchen do not stay wet unnecessarily. Damp areas are like an invitation to the drain gnats that will come knocking again, if you don’t take care. Most of the time, the culprit is a leaking pipe? Whatever the source, it is better to find it, and then fix it!

  • Keep the Pots Clean

We are talking about the pots you have rooted your plants in. This is especially true for you, if you keep some plants indoors. Gnats can find their way in via bad soil. Therefore, make sure that you change the soil in the pot and always use good quality soil.  Make sure to not over water your plants, and empty out the catch basins so that the soil is allowed to completely dry.

Let us know if any of the curative and preventive solutions worked for you. We’d love to hear from you!  

 Reference: Identify and Manage Fungus Gnats 

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