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How to Get Rid of Western Conifer Seed Bug aka Stink Bug

stink bug on a leaf

The Western Conifer Seed Bug or more commonly, the stink bug, has been a problematic home invading insect for decades now. These pests tend to invade buildings throughout the States in the months of late summer to early fall, and appear sporadically in winter months as well. This insect seems like it is dependent on weather conditions as come years tend to have higher population levels during spring and summer seasons.

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They are quite often mistaken for other bugs like cockroaches. Nobody wants cockroaches in their houses either but these guys can be much worse. Another species of bugs that the western conifer seed bugs are often confused with are the particularly annoying assassin bugs and the brown marmorated stink bugs. A good way to identify the difference between the western conifer seed bugs and the other species of insects are by identifying certain features that western conifer bugs uniquely have. When facing an infestation, make a note of their lower hind legs. They will be widening out towards the sides of the bug in the shape of tiny leaves.

This bug is usually able to grow to a size of 1 inch in length and the color is a very creepy shade of reddish brown. These bugs are not too much of a problem in general because they like to hang around the conifer trees, living under their bark for most of the time. It is only when there is a sudden drop of temperatures during the winter months that they make themselves apparent in your homes and office buildings. They prefer the warmth more than anything and good places to hide from their natural predators. Residential and office buildings provide them just that.

The stink bug is an alarming pest, which grows into quite a noticeable size and exists in swarms. These insects produce a lot of younglings over winter months, which will feed on the seeds of trees during summer. During the late fall months, the adults look towards residing under tree barks until the summer but they find buildings particularly attractive due to the warmth that they radiate.


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Here are a few ways which you can use to get rid of these incredibly pesky bugs when you are faced with an infestation.

First and foremost, the best way to get rid of the western conifer seed bugs is by preventing their entry into your house. You can do that by properly sealing all the possible entry points for these bugs into your home. The most common pathways which these bugs use to get into your house are the gaps which exist around sidings, roofs, vents and of course they love to use the windows and doors. Make it a point to seal the crevices though which these critters can sneak into your house.

You should close the doors and windows during the hour just before the sun goes down or even use some sort of fine netting. It serves as a good enough deterrent from even letting these bugs invade the interior of your house in the first place. For those that do get into your house, you can easily remove them by hand because this insect is not the kind that will bite you. It is advisable to use gloves while handling them because they give off a very bad stink spray as a defense mechanism. You would want to protect your hands from that spray.

Trapping and throwing the bugs out manually actually works quite effectively in dealing with most of the infestations. If they seem to be in quite a significant number, just make use of a good vacuum machine. That should right about do it.

Oh and make it a point never to use those bug zapping products. These guys tend to explode on impact with the bug zappers and guess what happens once you do that. The stink. It will be all over the house and that will be a more difficult thing to get rid off than the bugs themselves.

Also, using regular pesticides is not a good option in the case of stink bugs. It is not just because of the fact that pesticides can be harmful for both humans and the environment. It is also because of the fact that these bugs have very thick exoskeletons which causes a delayed effect on the bugs. They will most probably end up inside your house before dying when you use pesticides. Once they die inside your house, much like with the zappers, they will stink up your house for sure.

Cleaning up all the foliage and fallen debris outside your house in the gardens can also be an effective measure. These bugs tend to use those spots for hiding places and not giving them any more space to hide can make a lot of impact when you want to control the stink bug population both inside and outside your house.

Eliminate Stink Bugs With Professional DIY Products

You can effectively get rid of Western conifer seed bugs using professional DIY pest control products from Solutions Pest & Lawn. Aside from delivering quality insecticides, we also give expert advice on how to apply our products step by step, either online or over the phone.

To tackle stink bugs you find around your yard outdoors, use insecticide spray residuals such as Demand CS Insecticide or Cyonara 9.7 Insecticide for the best stink bug control. Following product label instructions, spray infested areas in the yard to eliminate as many of these pests as possible. It is also important to spray a barrier treatment around the outside of your home to prevent as many bugs as possible from entering the structure. Gathering points or areas where you see stink bugs on structure walls should also be treated.

You can also prevent stink bugs from coming indoors by filling all your cracks and crevices that the stink bugs can gain access to, windows, door jams, weep holes, etc with caulk. Plug up any utility pipes with silicone caulk and by screening attic and crawl space vents. If your doors and windows are not covered by tight-fitting screens, keep them shut. Seal your house up as tight as possible.

If your home has already been invaded by stink bugs that are trying to shack up for the winter you will need to identify the specific hiding places (which are usually wall voids or dropped ceilings), and treat within these areas. An aerosol spray such as EcoPCO ACU Contact Aerosol works well to get rid of stink bugs and is safe to use indoors, using natural organic ingredients.

Residual dusts like Delta Dust or Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust 1% also work excellently. Apply these dusts directly into wall voids and underneath baseboards using a hand duster.


Stink bugs can be an awfully stinky problem to have but by following the remedies we outlined above and arming yourself with professional DIY products, you can be done through with having your home invaded by these smelly nuisances. For more pest control help and advice, call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or chat with us online.


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