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How to Get Rid of Weevils in Bedroom

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The ‘Weevil’ is a kind of insect that may be found lurking in sources of human food. It is small, dark and snout-nosed and for many people, it is pretty much the ugliest creature in the world.

However, they are more commonly known as ‘flour bugs’ since that is where they may usually be found. However, they can easily make their home in corn flour, wheat flour and even rice (they really have a thing for starchy stuff). The weevil family is fairly large and pretty indiscriminating when it comes to what they love most. Food.

Different Types of Weevils

There are many different types of weevil around and they typically include the following more common ones:

  • Rice Weevils

  • Seed Weevils

  • Granary/Grain Weevils,

  • Maize Weevils

  • Seed Bean/Pea/ Weevils

However, the ones that you are liable to find in your bedroom would be the snot nosed, stubby little insects that are usually known as rice, granary, or maize weevils.

As a general rule, they are not parasitic in nature, nor do they prey on humans or carry the kinds of harmful germs that many other insects do. However, having a bedroom full off these creatures can be downright disgusting, to say the least.

First and foremost, you have to figure out how they got into the bedroom in the first place. Remember that unlike bedbugs, the bedroom is not their natural habitat, which means there is a source of infestation nearby.

What actions to take to eliminate weevils in the bedroom

You can take any number of factions to eliminate weevils but for an ultimate end to the nuisance you should follow these steps:

  • Step one: Blast them with insecticide

Weevils are not as tough or resilient as many other insects such as roaches and bedbugs. Even a mild insecticide can kill them easily. Spray them on liberally all over the places where you may have seen them crawling around such as shelves, bed stands, etc.

Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn we have a number of great products that can specifically eliminate weevils. For instance, you can apply easy to use aerosol like Novacide Flea & Tick Killer or CB PCO Insect Fogger  then follow up with an Insect Growth Regulator Gentrol Point Source IGR, which is also available in an aerosol spray and has a crack and crevice tip for easy application. Another pair of products which can also work well to eliminate weevils is Pyrid Aerosol or Reclaim IT. Order them today and benefit from our fast free shipping!

  • Step two: Find the food source

Since weevils seldom leave their food sources behind, check your bedroom (and all other rooms especially the kitchen and the pantry) to see where they are breeding. Remember, unlike beetles, roaches, and other insects, the do not only live ‘on’ food, but ‘inside’ it as well.

The female chews her way inside rice or corn kernels, proceeds to laying eggs and then seals up the hole. The egg hatches into a larva that feeds on the inside of the kernel till it matures into an adult and finally makes its way out of the grain. If it’s a female, she will release certain pheromones so that a male will be waiting outside and the entire process will repeat all over again. If you want to stop them in their tracks, then simply find and get rid of their food source. And yes, if that means getting rid of all your rice and flour supplies, so be it. Once deprived of their ability to breed, they will disappear quickly enough.

However, it does not mean that you should rest on your laurels once you have successfully killed the ones you have seen and thrown away your flour. The thing is that weevils can travel far from their primary food sources (especially rice weevils that have the ability to fly). This is why you should thoroughly inspect ‘all’ food items you have at home, including nuts, grains, beans and similar foods. You should proceed to emptying the food items that are close to the source of the primary infestation.

  • Step Three: Vacuum the areas thoroughly

Once you have killed the visible bugs and gotten rid of the food, you should then thoroughly vacuum the shelves from top to bottom as well as the floor and the ceiling if possible. It will be prudent to use a crevice or a brush to ensure that there are no areas that are left over from this cleaning spree. You should try and play close attention to the edges of the shelves as well as the wall and floor junctures, so as to make sure that all insects are sucked into the machine.

Once you have done that, take care not to empty or discard the dust bag anywhere close to your home, lest they find their way back to their regular hideouts all over again. Once the vacuuming is done to your complete satisfaction, proceed to wiping the shelves and countertops clean with a mild detergent or germicide. Make sure that you get the chemical in the darkest nooks and crannies and also beneath furnishings and the space under heavy appliances, such as the fridge, the microwave, and the washing machine.

  • Post infestation preventive measures

Once you are over and done with the whole infestation and there are no weevils left in your bedroom or anywhere else in your house, you should make sure that all food items (especially those with a high starch content) are kept in tightly sealed boxes and containers. You can even try storing them in either the refrigerator so as to make sure that the infestation has been completely and compressively eliminated. This has to be done because weevil larvae or eggs cannot survive in a very low temperature environment.

Now that your bedroom as well as the rest of your house is completely free from weevils, try and makes sure that they do not resurface all over again by keeping your food supplies closely contained.


We hope the advice above helps you in your quest to eliminate weevils in your home. For more helpful pest control advice, reach out to us via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com, call our number at 800-479-6583, or live chat online with a pest control representative.


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