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How to Get Rid of Weevils

Have you been noticing small black critters in your food? No matter how clean you are keeping your kitchen, these pests just find their way in and begin to mark their territory. Their ability of reproducing is so high that it is a hassle to get rid of them once they have been spotted. However, do not fear, as this guide will walk you through the steps that will help your home be weevil-free!

What is a weevil?

Weevils are tiny beetles that eat crops that are in hot weathers. These hungry critters begin to attack other foods that are in our pantry when they do not find food. It is necessary to take action against them as their presence in our kitchen can cause lot destruction and they reproduce extremely fast. They lay their eggs in raw food, which becomes hard to spot them. They are only visible when they are in their adult form.


The weevils that are mostly found in homes are the flour weevil and rice weevil.

  1. Flour Weevil:

It has metallic color and proportionate antennas with a body size of 3-4 mm. These weevils attack flour and other products that you have stored however; they cannot consume whole grain products.

  1. Rice Weevil:

These nuisance pests are found in hot areas. Luckily, these weevils have no harm on human health; their excessive habit of eating can lead to a great grain loss. They feed on all sorts of grains!

The Solution – 7 Ways of Getting Rid of Weevils

  1. The Freezing Method:

Weevils are not big fans of the cold. What you can do is simply freeze the food that has been infested by weevils so it can cause them to die. This is a great option to do if you want to prevent them from occurring in the future as well. When you buy flour, rice or other grains, keep it in the freezer for 4 days or 96 hours to ensure that whatever weevil larvae was inside can get killed.

  1. The Bay Leaf Method:

The bay leaf method is one of the best remedies to stop the infestation of weevils as it acts as a repellant. It is successful when your flour, rice or other grain products are kept in containers. When your grains are kept loose, they are prone to having weevils. That is why this method is the best solution as it gets rid of weevils fast, efficiently and permanently. Take a bay leaf and put it on the containers of the flour, rice and other grains. Keep in mind that when the smell of the bay leaf begins to lessen, you will need to change them. This action will put a STOP to weevils.

  1. The Clove Method:

Another great way to get rid of weevils is cloves. It fights off all types of weevils and prevents further infestation. The strong scent of the cloves acts as a repellant against weevils making it one of the most effective home DIY. Take a few cloves and strategically place them in your kitchen shelves, pantry, and all corners of your pantry. You can place them wherever you feel that there can be a chance of infestation. This method will make sure the weevils never come near your pantry again.

  1. The Wet Clothes Method:

Weevils like to spend time in dark, moist places. They try to find dark and moist places in your kitchen where they can rest which is why the wet clothes method is suitable. This method suits the lifestyle of weevils and behaves as a trap. Keep a wet piece of cloth or towel in your kitchen so it attracts the weevils. Before attacking your pantry, the weevils will be attracted to the dark, moist place. As soon as they come onto the cloth, throw the cloth in water and wash them away. You can repeat this remedy, as many times are you need to in order to get rid of the weevils for good!

  1. Direct Sunlight Method:

As discussed above, weevils tend to get attracted towards dark and moist places. By keeping the contaminated food in direct sunlight will not only get rid of weevils but will make sure all the other insects that might be infesting your food will be gone as well. Keep the container, which has been infested by weevils under direct sunlight for a day or two to make sure all of them manage to leave.

  1. White Vinegar Method:

When you begin to see an infestation, take out your white vinegar! The properties in the white vinegar will prevent infestations from happening in the future and will wipe out any weevils that may not be visible to the human eye. The most effective use of this is when you clean your pantry with soapy water, let it dry, and then clean it with white vinegar. This will ensure that all the weevils are gone and will prevent from any future infestations.

  1. DIY Pest Control Solutions:

There are natural products that can be sprayed in the pantry to control any active weevils, you can use traps that have attractants that are specific to the type of weevil.  Best to use the freeze or dispose of method before you move on to the application of insecticide.  Vacuum the pantry shelves, wipe everything down and apply a pyrethrin spray, Pyrid Aerosol will work great, and kill on contact.

Prevention is Key

To avoid any infestations, make sure you do not buy any grains, which already have weevils in them. Purchase the grains in smaller portions as this will automatically lessen the chance of infestations. Also always, remember to keep your kitchen clean!

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