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How to Get Rid of Weeds


One situation that any human being that owns a garden or tends to one always faces is the problem of the ever-resilient, garden variety weeds. Are you also facing the weed problem in your garden?

Do you not wish to drench your carefully nurtured garden with chemicals?

Don’t worry. Here are a few easy to do tips on getting rid of them… permanently.

Suffocate them all!

As with any form of plant life, the weeds growing in your garden also require an adequate amount of sunlight to thrive and survive. There is an easy way to deprive them of it. Some old newspapers and garden mulch can do the trick. Wherever you see the weeds growing, cover them with old newspaper strips, put water on them so that they can stay in place and retain moisture.

Cover it up with some garden mulch so that the sunlight is blocked off completely. The weeds that die out due to suffocation will decompose and help nourish the soil while the newspaper becomes part of the soil as it is biodegradable.

If some stronger weeds manage to grow through the covering, simply cover it with more newspaper and mulch. That will do it.

Make some homemade herbicide

Chemical herbicides are a bad idea. Most gardeners would agree. There are better (and cheaper) alternatives to them which can be crafted from items you can find at home. Make a solution of soap, half a cup of salt and two cups of white vinegar and mix it well, dissolving the salt properly. Use a good quality spray bottle to disperse this solution carefully onto the weeds in your garden. Make sure you don’t get this on to the rest of your plant life in the garden because it won’t differentiate between friend and foe.

But be careful the salt can also kill your wanted plants.  

Some weeds may be more resilient. If this solution doesn’t seem to work on those, you can always use a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. That will be sure to kill off any of the remaining weeds.

A bit of seasoning, maybe?

It’s not a joke. Salt is a very good deterrent for any kind of weed that exists. This is a method that you can use to get rid of weeds permanently, but it’s one that you should use for places where you don’t want anything to grow again, like ever. Simply sprinkle salt along the edges of your garden bed and into any cracks where the weeds might flourish, but DO NOT use salt within the confines of your garden bed or you might risk making the soil that has the salt within it barren. You don’t need premium quality salt or anything. Just get some rock salt. It’ll do the trick.

Don’t Forget the Oil

Now that we’ve discussed seasoning, a bit of oil isn’t that bad either. That being said, you shouldn’t go running around and dousing your garden with diesel oil. Just make use of any everyday cheap cooking oils. Sunflower or canola oils possess herbicide and pesticide properties (I kid you not). Simply dribble them on the weeds growing in your garden. Since they are are biodegradable, you don’t have to worry about them permanently damaging your garden like the salt might. The bacteria in the soil will break down the oils over time.  But this will also kill and prevent growth for along time so make sure that this an area you want to have not growth.

Burn it down!

If you’re responsible utilizing this technique, this can be the most enjoyable method to kill off weeds. You get to see the results instantly. A lot of garden stores have propane fueled weed scorchers. This doesn’t mean you should literally go all out burning the weeds, it’s just as simple as passing a hot flame over the weeds and you’re good to go. The reason why it’s so effective is that the heat from the torch instantly dries out all the internal moisture in the weeds and they die right in front of you.

Keep in mind, this is a dangerous technique. You do NOT want to burn down your whole garden, do you? Take all the necessary precautions and be specific with your usage of the torch. It’s actually quite a glorious sight for any gardener.

Old Fashion Way

Pulling out weeds is a basic solution of all in terms of logic, but the most difficult in terms of actual physical effort. Anybody who has tried to pull out weeds by hand knows how tasking this is but it is a method that nobody should ever discredit. Use all the techniques stated above, but if the weeds are growing right in the thick of your beloved vegetation, pulling them out is the best way to go without harming anything else.

The best time to do so is right after watering your soil when it is still moist. Put on a pair of your average garden gloves which you can get from any gardening store and start pulling at the weeds from their base so you can take out all of the roots as well. Ideally you should pull them out when they’re still young and haven’t started seeding.

Collect all of the weeds that you’ve pulled out and but do not add  them to your compost heap the seeds will be ready to germinate when you spread this out again.

The Best Way

Maybe a combination of all of these techniques should be used in your yard and garden to control weeds.  But then even with every ounce of energy towards your weed control you may need to try a better way to control them.  There are selective herbicides that will control broadleaf weeds in your lawn, and grassy weeds in your flower beds.  One of my favorites is pre-emergent, which can be applied to lawns and flower beds to control weeds before they germinate.

There is no wrong way to control weeds, there is only the best and most efficient way for you.  So if you want to get rid of weeds in your yard or flower bed you should contact the experts here at Solutions Pest and Lawn.

Want to know more checkout our Lawn Section:  https://www.solutionsstores.com/lawn-and-turf

Happy gardening!

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