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How to Get Rid of Wasps Around the House 


There is nothing more horrifying than finding out a pack of wasps have decided to call your humble abode their home. Although we have no intention of scaring you but when it comes to wasps you should be very scared indeed. These winged insects have flown straight out of hell to make every homeowners life hell and are equipped with a stinger that contains a poisonous substance that can induce significant pain and irritation. If that’s not enough they can actually sting you and fly away with their stinger remaining intact in your skin! Rest assured we are here to help, with the pat in the right direction and with a few of our tips you will be able to rid your home of wasps once and for all.  

If you know the enemy and yourself, then you need not fear the result of hundred of battles! This is exactly why have mentioned a little information below so that you can understand your enemy.

About wasps

Wasps are insects that are part of the Hymenopteran family which is neither bee nor an ant. They are also commonly known as Yellow jackets and hornets,  are eusocial. By eusocial we mean that they have the highest level of organization which includes division of labor, overlapping generations, and co-operative blood care. They divide their colony in to two groups including a reproductive group and non-reproductive group and operate with extreme efficiency.  

These wasps are spread out all around the world besides Polar Regions as they cannot survive in very cold environments.  To make matters worse sometimes wasps even operate without colonies and lay eggs that grow into adults within no time!  Although there is no doubt that wasps aren’t very friendly, they do serve a purpose in horticulture as a biological pest control but that does not mean they should befriended. Now that you understand your enemy, you can move onto the next stage of wiping them out from the face of the earth.

Different methods to get rid of wasps – for good!  

Given below are different methods you can use to get rid of wasps from your homes for good.

  1. Swat the wasps

Nothing beats the old-school method of using a flyswatter to annihilate the wasps around your home for good.  Simply visit your local pesticide store and buy the most lethal fly swatter that you can get your hands on.  Once you have equipped yourself with a flyswatter we would recommend wearing protective clothing as wasps are very dangerous especially if you aggravate them. Furthermore, wasps are extremely aerodynamic and hitting smack in the face can be difficult, but we have faith in you!

  1. The vacuum of death

Wasps tend to overexert themselves and you can use this to your advantage, all you need is a vacuum cleaner. When you see a wasp chilling around your place simply turn your vacuum cleaner to full blast mode and suck those little insects. However, please note that most wasps would survive being vacuumed so simply let them free as far as possible from your home.

  1. Invest in a lure trap

Another effective method fighting off wasps is investing in a lure trap; these traps are readily available in most pesticides stores. Simply hang the trap where these wasps are most dominant and periodically check the trap. With time the trap will attract all of the wasps in the vicinity and once they are trapped it is up to you how you take it from there. We would recommend that you drown the wasps inside the trap to send a message to its fellow wasps!

  1. Invest in aerosol spray pesticides

There are many pesticides sprays out there that have been designed to kill wasps. Simply visit your local pesticide store and invest in the most powerful aerosol spray, remember you need all the help you can get so do not opt for the cheapest option in the market. Once you are equipped with a powerful spray pesticide, pray to the gods and start spraying like your life depends on it! These pesticides are normally not harmful for humans and pets, but please do read the label on the product to make sure that you and your family are not at risk.  

  1. Hang fake nests around your home

Although wasps are very dangerous, they are easily intimidated by larger nests as larger birds prey on them. These fake nests can be purchased from your local pesticide store and you can actually find some that are aesthetically pleasing. Simply strategically place them around your home and the wasps in the vicinity will try to get as far as possible from the nests. Use their weakness against them!  

  1. Target the nest

If there is a colony of wasps flying around your home, then it is safe to say that there is a nest somewhere in your home. Put on your thinking cap and start looking for the nest, it is normally it high areas. Once you find the nest you will have to prove how brave you are by spraying the nest with a powerful pesticide.

How to prevent a wasp infestation

Prevention if the best cure and this particularly applies to wasps. Some of the steps to prevent a wasp infestation are as follows:

  • Cover trash bins

  • Never leave food uncovered

  • Close every opening in your home

  • Close all rodent holes

Getting rid of  wasps is a daunting and dangerous task, this is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner tries to make sure that the infestation never happens in the first place.

Solutions Has All You Need For Wasp Control

For a more solid solution, don’t go with the generic products at your local department or grocery store. Equip yourself with professional DIY wasp control products which we have here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. We have found what works best in getting rid of wasps is using a combination of dusts and insecticide sprays.

Our first recommendation is a contact insecticide spray that takes the wasp out on contact, there are very low cost wasp sprays that reach upwards of 15 ft and will drop them to the grown on contact that way you do not have to have your sprinting legs warmed up and ready. Some of the sprays we carry which work really well are called Wasp Freeze Aerosol or Wasp-X. You can also use the same sprays to knock down wasp nests.

The next thing to think about is the nest itself. These nests are usually found outside the home in corners of the exterior, a wall void, soffit, or opening. If they are coming in and out of an area you will want to apply a dust into the opening, Delta Dust will work great in high moisture areas and does not clump like some of the other insecticide dust. Just a few puffs will leave a residual insecticide in the void that will make any returning wasp succumb to the dusts killing power.


A wasp flying around your home can make you not want to go outside for fear of being stung. By following the tips we’ve outlined in this article and arming yourself with fast killing wasp control products, you can safely get rid of your wasp problem and make it safe to walk outside your home again.


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