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How To Get Rid Of Voles In The Yard


About voles

Voles are mouse-like rodents that live in various habitats. It can be found in meadows, grasslands, prairies, swamps and forest, etc., it is nocturnal rodent that has omnivorous eating habits and are great swimmers. It can eat leaves; berries, fungi and many other materials are used as the creature’s food item. Most of the voles build tunnels or burrows in the soil.

Damage caused by the voles

The voles chew and gnaw the roots and crown of the stems and destroy vegetation, grass, stems and the turf of your lawn. It also accumulates a lot of fecal matter in your lawn and the burrows spoil the aesthetics of your lawn. It attracts other predators and creatures like; Weasels, snakes, owl and hawks all of these can cause you a whole deal of trouble and nuisance for your home and you. It causes girdling on the trees by gnawing a ring around the bark and causing the tree to decay.

Ways to eliminate the voles from the yard

  1. Building a fence around your house

Get mesh hardware rolls and build a fence around the perimeter of your home. Fix the fence a foot deeper into the ground and 12 inches higher. To make sure the voles don’t dig a burrow beneath the fence also building a higher fence will prevent the voles from climbing over the fence to enter the premises. The height should exceed winter snow levels if you live in snowy regions.

  1. Guarding the trees from the voles

Use the hardware mesh to build a fence around the trees. Make sure it is lodged deep in the ground and is high enough to prevent the voles from chewing and gnawing the roots and crown or causing girdling of the trees.

Tree guards can be used. It is a device designed to be placed on trees and plants. It prevents the voles from chewing and gnawing the roots and crown of the trees preventing the plants and trees from decaying.

  1. Captivating the voles

You can use traps to capture the voles and get rid of them from your yard. Use live traps for the voles. Use baits like hazelnuts, peanut butter and oatmeal as baits. Place them in the traps. The moment the voles get tempted to enter the trap to eat the food it gets stuck and cannot leave the traps.  Such traps should be placed near all the burrows to trap the voles. There are other kinds of traps that can electrocute or kill them with a snap and the more humane traps capture the voles and later you can release them far away in the forest.  The mouse snap traps are quite useful in catching the voles and disposing them or releasing them to a distant place like a forest or a meadow faraway from your home. The lethal traps and glue traps can also come in handy for catching this rodent.

  1. Landscaping your lawn

Make sure to rake the leaves, clean out all the mulches, leaf debris and compost. Pick up the fallen fruits; remove any bird feeder you may have in your yard. Remove the vegetation, prunes and trim the trees and plants. Keep your lawn clutter free from extra items like pots, rocks and wood piles. It only gives the voles more hiding places. Pick all the fruits on time to prevent the voles from chewing on it. Trim your grass and keep short branches.

  1. Poisoning the voles

Use chemicals like WARFARIN, ZINC PHOSPHIDE, DECON, RODEX and even mouse blocks to poison and kill the voles. Many of these chemicals are used as baits. You can use different food items and coat them every day with different chemicals. Keep a rotation system for the food and baits. It tricks the voles into eating the food and getting exterminated. VOLE BAIT STATION should also be used to make it safe for other creatures like birds from getting poisoned. The bait stations can be place near the burrows and even near trees to lure them into having a taste of poison.

THIRAM is a chemical used in products to repel the voles away from the yard. Keep reapplying the repellant until the voles are deterred away from your yard and home.

Applying herbicides like GLYPHOSPHATE to eradicate weeds and other unwanted grass, the territory for the voles will become less attractive place for them to live and lurk around.

  1. Repelling the voles

Electronic and ultrasonic repellents can be used to keep the voles and other creatures away from your yard. You could place granular insecticide all over the lawn along with using this equipment to keep the voles away.

  1. Making the burrows inhospitable

Collect sharp pointed material like, gravel, Permatill, soil perfector and other such material and mix it in the soil and place it in the burrow. It will make voles uncomfortable place to live and the rodents will evacuate. Such material will prevent the rodents from digging up burrows in your yard.

No more voles

The voles can wreak havoc to your landscape and kill all the trees and cause major damage to the property. Use insecticides and traps to eliminate the voles away from the yard.



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