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How To Get Rid Of Voles In Garden 


Vole is another member from rodent clan that can make your yard or garden its sanctuary. Since they highly resemble with another fellow rodent mice, therefore voles are also known by the names of meadow mice and field mice.  

Damages inflicted by voles in the garden

If you think that voles in the garden are not posing any threat to the wellbeing of your house then you’re mistaken.  Damages they can inflict in your outdoor space can literally destroy its shape and look. Now imagine how the beautiful fascia of your house would look with the foreground of devastated garden. Instead of increasing the curb appeal of your home, a ransacked garden (thanks to the voles!) will eclipse the beautiful frontage of your house. To understand the menace of voles’ presence in the garden, one must know the details of damages that they can inflict on the green space of any house:

  • Voles are ardent plant eaters and this characteristic becomes the reason of fatality of many plants and other vegetations in the garden. Their masticating on the plant stems can result into girdling. In girdling the outermost bark of the stem is removed which eventually leads to the feeling of stems and can instigate the process of plant dieback.

  • If you grow leafy green plants such as parsley and celery in your garden and in an unfortunate turn of events your garden gets infiltrated by moles. Then you may have to say goodbye to your homegrown vegetables. Moles nibble on the roots of such plants making them unsuitable for human consumption.

  • Since voles face the danger of predator animals, therefore they have the habit to dig runways beneath the surface of garden. During winters, they make elaborate networks of ‘vole tunnels’ beneath the layers of snow. Once snow melts, you have to see a garden turf with uneven long stretches of excavations.

Identification of Voles

Voles are very similar in their appearance with other rodents such as mole and mice. Therefore, it is important to know the distinctive identification features of voles in order to get rid of them from your garden. Overall, they are very similar to mice but there are certain features making them distinctive:

  • Vole’s body is slightly longer than the body of mice. Mice have average length of 3-4 inch, while vole body can range in between 3-7 inches.

  • Another feature which makes them apart from mice is their extremely short tail

  • Their fur is also comprised of longer hairs

They get differentiated from moles with their more above-ground activities as compared to the anti-social rodent. The reproduction of voles also occurs at higher rates than of moles.   

Getting rid of voles in garden

There are few effective methods to get rid of voles in your garden. They are easy to carry out and you can do them on your own.

Setting up a trap

If you are not comfortable in killing these rodents then setting up a trap in your garden can be a good option to steer clear your garden from these pesky rodents. There are two types of vole traps that you can use: 

They use wind-up mechanism and designed according to the natural tendency of voles to get into openings and holes. Once they get in the trap hole, they can’t get out. You can then dispose them of far from the residential area.

  • Glue-board traps

If you want to get rid of voles in your garden while they are still alive then setting up various glue-boards in your garden area can be helpful. These traps are made of cardboard surfaces that are impregnated with glue mix. Often they are added with bait to lure the rodent.

Using Rodenticides to get rid of voles

If you are extremely fed up with the presence of voles in your garden then the quickest way to get rid of them is to poison them with professional products available on good pest and rodent control stores. Following are some broad classification of rodent poisons that you can choose from.

Anticoagulant-based vole killer products are very effective in getting rid of this annoying rodent. They inhibit the natural clotting of blood in voles resulting into internal bleeding in organs. These rodenticides can make your garden free of voles in 48 hours.

In Conclusion

All these commercially available rodenticides can be used to get rid of voles in your garden. Use food baits of vegetables and fruits to lure voles towards the poisons. With all the discussed methods and tips, you can get rid of voles in your garden on your own without calling for a professional help.


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