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How to Get Rid of Voles


The common Vole, a mouse lookalike, belongs to the family of landscape rodents. Since they are very much identical to mice they are also known with the names of meadow mice and field mice. In North America, prairie vole and meadow vole are common. Prairie voles, as the name suggests, are mostly found in prairie region of South Dakota, and eastern Colorado etc., while meadow voles are the common rodent that affects the households throughout the United States. Voles on your property can be some bad news so in this article we will show you some methods of vole control that will be effective in eliminating your vole problem.

Identify voles to get rid of them

Voles are tiny, sturdy rodents with tiny rounded ears that are often hidden by a thick fur. They have a short tail and small eyes making them very similar to mice. Color of their fur is usually ranges from light brown to gray.

These rodents are very fond of planes with weeds and lots of plantation coverage. Even though they remain active throughout the day but early morning hours and evenings are their favorite times to come out in the open.

Voles prefer to live in low-lying flora. For instance, they use to make their habitats in flowerbeds and gardens. If plantain lilies and other low-lying shrubbery in your lawn are torn into small pieces then this is an indication that you may have developed a vole problem.

Since they infest lawns, and resemble with another lawn-leveling rodent known as mole, therefore, it is important to know the difference between these two so that you can imply the right methods and treatments to get rid of these pesky rodents:

  • Moles have prominent, large front teeth and black eyes. On the other hand, voles have small eyes, shorter tail and longer fur as compared to their plantation-loving buddy.

  • Apart from difference in their appearance, voles live differently than moles. Moles are notorious for digging and steering the network of tunnels beneath the surface of the soil. While, voles not only spend time in digging underground borrows, but they do most of their feeding and scavenging above the ground.

  • Moles are carnivores which mean they feed on both plants and animals. While, voles mostly eat different plants.

Why it is important to get rid of voles?

Known as landscape pests, these tiny critters can cause a lot of damage in the outdoor space of your house. A barren lawn and shredded plants are considered very bad for the curb appeal of your house. Following are some of the damages that voles can inflict in your outdoor space making it very important to get rid of them:

  • Voles can chew the base of unguarded stems that can result into a complete removal of outermost layers of the stems.

  • Voles can also nibble the roots and crowns of plant resulting in their eventual death. Parsley and celery are the most affected plant species by the lawn voles.

  • In winters, voles become more dangerous to house lawns because they are one of those vertebrate pests that are very likely to cause turf damage. Voles become safe from the threat of predators in winters which provide them enough time to develop intricate runway paths inside the turf canopy resulting in its damage.

Methods to get rid of voles

If you have been infuriated by the presence of voles in your house, then go through the following methods to get rid of these mice-like rodents.

Make their tunnels uncomfortable to live

If you have identified voles’ runway tunnels, then you can make them bumpy for them to live. Use the mix of gravel and soil and deposit it into vole tunnels with the help of shovel and spade.  

Use the right pesticide products

Since they are not similar to the typical pest problem, therefore, you will need a different range of chemical to get rid of voles. There are some definite kinds of poisons that can be used to kill rodents but extreme care is required in using these strong chemicals.

It is better to use strong chemicals to get rid of voles in the beginning of fall or at the end of winters. Voles are less fastidious during this time of year due to the shortage of food. There are several poison baits that you can get from a store dealing in pest and rodent control chemicals:

  • The most common choice of chemical to be used for poison batting are zinc phosphide product. It is available with the market name of ZP Gopher

  • Warfarin-based chemicals are also used to get rid of voles. Warfarin is a chemical product that is used as an anti-coagulant agent. It is used in different medicinal drugs to prevent strokes and heart attack. Warfarin is also used to get rid of voles with their large amount in pesticide chemicals which causes internal bleeding in voles resulting in their death in few days

Vole-killing chemicals can also be used to make your own baits by putting them in food items such as small shredded pieces of apple and peanut butter. You can also get rid of voles through live traps. Voles trap are same as mice traps and can easily be available from a place dealing in pest and rodent control products.  

Always treat rodents whether dead or alive with extreme caution. If you are using strong chemical products, then always ensure the safety of children and pets in the house.

Use Vole Killing Products From Solutions Pest & Lawn

Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry a variety of high quality pesticides that are designed to specifically repel or kill voles. The best methods of getting rid of voles include trapping, baiting and repellant. Solutions has products for all of the mentioned methods. For faster results we recommend using more than one method, or better yet all methods to ensure success.

When it comes to trapping we carry both lethal and humane mouse traps like Answer Mechanical Mole Trap and Ketch-All Humane Mouse Trap. Place these traps on your lawn where you have noticed the most vole activity. Bait the traps with some of the voles favorite food or an apple or dollop of peanut butter and they will be sure to be caught in no time.

Baits are a good way to kill off voles. We carry Vole Scram and Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait - Place Packs place bait along vole runways or flower beds and check regularly to see if they’ve taken the bait and have been compromised.

A repellant like Nature's Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent is another option to discourage voles from targeting your garden and lawn without killing them.


With the help of the control techniques and product recommendations we made, you are sure to eliminate voles that are trespassing around your yard. If you have any question or concerns, direct them to our phone number at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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