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How To Get Rid of Tiny Black Ants


Ant season is here again. Oh no! You have probably ended up on this page because you are in search of ways on how to get rid of them because you are at your wits’ end with this ant problem that you are facing. Well, this guide will help you get rid of the tiny black ants invading the sanctity of your home.

Before you are given the remedies to get your friendly resident ant population out of your house for good, it is better to know what is attracting these disgusting six legged insects to your house in the first place.

Like literally every living thing on this planet, ants are also always on the lookout for shelter, food and water. This is why you will find your kitchen and your washrooms to be the hottest spots for the ants’ self invited party inside your house.

It is a good thing to prevent them from ever getting into your house so you will not have to face the problem of getting rid of them. Make it a point to properly seal all your stored food and of course, clean your house up regularly.

The crumbs from all your left-over food lying here and there around your kitchen and the rest of the house are one of the best sources of their food because they are so abundant.

Eliminate all their sources of food and water before their colonies start to grow into troublesome sizes. It also helps to prevent their entry into the house in the first place.

Make it hard for them to get into your house by properly blocking all the entry points. Apply caulk to any and all places that ants can use to gain entry into your house.

Killing them and Eliminating their Nests

Okay, so now that we have got the prevention part out of the way, we get to the real deal. You are not here on this web page to learn how to avoid them because they are already bothering you. Now you will be reading about what you can do in order to kill these buggers. The age old method of using baits to get rid of any pest is never going out of fashion. It is just too effective to this day to abandon. You do have to be careful with using bait because it can be harmful to your pets and any little children so take all the necessary precautions. Borax is a good natural solution to use for this purpose.

Using baits can seem like a tricky method and can seem like a struggle because different species of black ants have different preferences for the kind of food they like to eat. Plus, insects eat entirely different foods in the various stages of their life cycles. For instance, adults will eat only liquid foods while the larvae just love solid foods.

To make sure you are going to get rid of the entire ant colony, your bait must exist in forms which will kill the adults and the young ones. You can accomplish that by setting up three different kinds of ant bait stations in your home which will end up effectively eliminating the ant presence in your home and destroy the whole population in the colonies.

Directions: Apply the different bait stations along the ant trails. They are not very difficult to miss really. Now keep it in mind that this is not a method to get rid of them instantly. This is not magic, it is a scientific, cold-hearted, calculated and strategic method and it will take some time to come to a realization. Things probably will get a lot worse before they start getting better but that is alright. The point is to get as much of the worker ants to take the bait back into the colony as possible. As much time as it will take, this method is a long term solution to your tiny black ant problem.

The three kinds of bait stations you want to set up are as follows:

  • Protein-based: Create this by using a mixture of three parts of peanut butter for one part of borax.

  • Liquid-based: This bait requires you to heat up about a cup of something sweet (preferably honey) and the mix in a quarter cup of borax.

  • Solid: Just add three parts of powdered sugar to one part of borax.

What Comes After

So now that you have successfully applied the baiting station remedy for some time, you will have noticed a significantly decreased number of ants in your house but there still will be some left. Here is how to get rid of the stragglers and rid your house of ants for good.   Make sure to give your bait time to work, if you are using boric acid it will take longer than and insecticide bait.

Ants hate their smell and they have very strong insecticidal properties and are not just repellants. Almost any kind of essential oil works well as repellants but the best way to use essential oils is to use a combination of peppermint and tea tree essential oils.  There are insecticides that are considered repellent and non repellent, so be careful with your so called natural remedies.  These may cause a bigger issue than you started with, a good bait and non repellent insecticide spray for large populations of ants are usually highly recommended.

In a spray bottle, add about 6 to 8 ounces of water. Add half a tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder. Combine around 15 to 20 drops of each the peppermint oil and tea tree oils. Mix up the solution in your spray bottle. The fun can now begin. Spray the solution on ant trails, nooks and cronies and all other high traffic areas of the straggling ants. Apply this method once daily and watch their population disappear completely. A lot of the times, this is the only method you need to use and you can avoid using borax bait stations altogether, but a combination of baits and natural insecticides is the best way to go.

Follow all these instructions and after you’re done eliminating the tiny black ants, make it a point to take necessary precautions to avoid future infestations.

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