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How to Get Rid of Tiny Ants


Have you been noticing black ants moving trails in your home? Does the trail seem never ending and very long? If so, there is a high chance this trail is of ants.

Ants are one of the most common insects that are found in homes. Whether it is because of leftover food or garbage, ants just need an excuse to get into your house. Although their population is huge, it is not impossible to defeat them. This how-to guide will provide you with methods that will end the ant population in your house.

Where Does It Begin?

Did you ignore that one ant wandering around your house? At that time, you might have not thought of that single ant as a problem and that is where you went wrong. There is a chance that ant was sent as a scout to check the “territory” for everything it offers. Ants use their sense of smell to determine what is good for their colony. When ants come across a good source of water and food that is where they want to stay put. They want to stay where they can get consistent food and water.

Where Do They Hide?

Their two favorite places for hiding are  the kitchen and the bathroom.

  • Kitchen: This is not a surprise because this is where ants get all their food. Aside from the food, they get good access to water. In order to prevent ants infestation in the kitchen, you need to store the sweet staples at a secure place, clean any grease spills, throw empty boxes and soda cans in the trash, empty the trash can regularly, discard over ripe fruits, and seal all the leaks to prevent ants from making your kitchen their home.

  • Bathroom: Areas with excessive moisture is the ideal place for ants. All homeowners should weekly check the bathroom for any leakages, clean the bathroom really well with soapy water, and make sure all bathroom products are sealed properly and have not spilled anywhere.

Six Ways to Get Rid Of Ants

  1. Essential Oils

Who knew essential oils would be helpful in so many aspects of our lives? The scent of the essential oils interferes and distracts ants from their trail. The most effective essential oils are peppermint, lemon, clove, and tea tree oil. For this method, you will need to take a cotton ball and absorb it with the oil of your choice. Place the cotton balls strategically in places where the infestation is. Repeat this as many times as you may need to.

  1. The Spray  

A good non repellent insecticide aerosol spray will work great for controlling ants, they cannot sense the chemical is there and keep moving through the area, the ant and colony will be eliminated.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Food-grade diatomaceous earth is a safe alternative to boric acid. Boric acid can be harmful to kids even if it is used in small quantities. When it is sprinkled on a bug, it shrinks its body resulting in death.

Fun Fact: The high silica contents of diatomaceous earth are good for human hair and nails. Sprinkle a thin layer of DE where there are ant trails. You can sprinkle it on window sills, underneath cupboards and your fridge, near garbage cans and around the sink.

  1. Vinegar

Just like essential oils, the smell of vinegar interferes and covers the scent trail for the ants. You will need to add ¼ cup of white or apple cider vinegar and ¼ cup of water in a spray bottle. To ensure it is working efficiently, you can add 30 drops of any essential oil. Mix it well and begin spraying in the places where ants are residing. You can repeat this every few days until the ants are gone.

  1. Black Ant Bait

This method is known as the ultimate ant bait. Place the bait station as close to the area that you are seeing the black ants, and where they are trailing.  You can place the mixture in locations where the ants are and patiently wait for the bait to do its magic.

All Ants Gone

The methods explained above are effective in the destruction of ant infestations, but you need to remember to take preventive methods because ants can come in through cracks and crevices. So seal your home well!

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