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How to Get Rid of Ticks In Your Yard

Ticks are a health risk to millions of people around the world. These little insects can quickly become a health hazard as they transmit diseases with ease. These ticks normally infest yards but they can also find their way inside your home and once they are in, they will refuse to leave! These ticks feed on plants and they reproduce at a staggering rate. Ticks normally infest yards that have a variety of plantation spread out on the landscape and will not leave until you take matters into your own hands.

Ticks are very dangerous at the same time as they can latch on to people and pets. Once they have latched on you will have to burn them off or use a variety of different techniques to even loosen their grip. Yes, ticks are what nightmares are made off, Rest assured with a few tips and a nudge in the right direction you will get rid of these ticks for good.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! In order to win this war you will first have to understand what ticks are all about. Given below is a little information about these little insects that are making your life hell.

About ticks

Ticks are tiny arachnids and constitute as the subclass acari, these ticks in your yard and homes have all evolved according to the climate and can survive in almost any weather. However, ticks thrive in humid and dry climates this is how they are distributed all around the world.  There are millions of different types of ticks but the two most common ticks are hard and soft ticks. Hard ticks cannot easily be crushed due to their thick body, while soft ticks are fragile in comparison.  The adult ticks have a pear-shaped body and eight legs which makes them extremely fast and mobile. Their pear-shaped body is protected by a tough shield that is very hard to penetrate and to make matters worse ticks actually feed on the dead carcasses of other insects! These ticks are hardcore, so you will have to go all out to kill them all.

Steps to help get rid of ticks - for good

Given below are different methods designed to help every homeowner get rid of ticks once and for all!

  1. Target their favorite habitat

The first and one of the most effective ways to kill ticks is targeting their favorite habitat which normally grassy areas that have ample shade. These little ticks like to stay nice and chill, so fight back by bringing down their favorite habitat. So, if you have un kept grass in your yard, consider trimming them as this will discourage the ticks from getting to comfortable.

Start by cutting any foliage that might attract ticks, this includes all of the overgrown vegetation in your yard and mow the grass as frequent as possible.  
Also, consider clearing your yard from dead leaves and keep an eye on the areas that have a high concentration of ticks. By keeping your yard maintained to perfection, you can actually discourage tic infestations!

  1. Invest in a pesticide

After you have made sure that your yard is completely inhabitable for ticks, you will now have to equip yourself with a weapon. Solutiions Pest & Lawn has a variety of pesticides that are specifically designed to kill ticks, simply visit your local Solutions store or shop online and invest in the most powerful pesticides. Please remember that ticks are very strong insects and you will need an array of weapons in your arsenal to effectively kill them and prevent an infestation.

Once you have gotten hold of different pesticides simply start spraying every inch of your yard and then spray some more. In most cases within a while you will notice dead ticks lying around, simply crush them to make sure that there is no chance of survival.  You can also use natural remedies to kill ticks but these are not very effective on fully grown adult ticks, so a pesticide is a safer option. We would recommend investing in at least two different pesticides to make sure that you effectively kill each tic.

Preventing a tick infestation

Prevention is always the best cure for anything, especially when it comes to ticks as killing them can prove to be quite tricky. However, there are certain tips that every homeowner can take in order to protect their yards from a tic infestation. These tips are mentioned below,

  • Keep your landscape clean from any plantation that might attract wild life

  • Most ticks are in the transition area between the yard and woods, make sure this area is fenced

  • Keep stone walls nice and clean

  • Keep the grass leveled

  • Cover all the ground covers in your yard

  • Remove any bird feeders present in your yard

  • Remove any flowers, shrubs or wild life eating plants

  • Periodically spray your yard using pesticides

  • Keep a well-manicured border, a dry barrier will make it difficult for ticks to migrate

  • Always make sure that your yard is getting ample sunshine

At the end of the day always make sure that your yard is maintained to perfection. These little crawlers are attracted to yards that are out of control, so taking care of your yard will help prevent an infestation in the first place.

Use Our Professional DIY Products for Tick Control

For treating your yard outdoors we recommend treating your yard with a granular or liquid insecticide. Ticks are usually introduced to your yard by wildlife, rodents, stray animals, etc. and using Bifen LP or will prevent establishment of the infestation when the wildlife comes back around. You can use Reclaim IT to create a barrier that will prevent ticks from residing on your property and venturing close or into your home.


Ticks can be a problematic pest to encounter and you surely don’t want a tick to latch onto you or your pets when you’re trying to enjoy fresh air in your yard. Follow the steps and tips we’ve laid out above and get rid of your tick problem today with the help of our suggested products. For more information call us anytime at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or log onto live chat on our website.

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