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How to Get Rid Of Ticks In House 

Pets are their lifeline for many people and are even considered their kids by some. All you want is to see them happy and thriving, and you do your best to make it possible. Good quality food, daily exercise and grooming sessions are a great way to start and make sure your pet is living the life.

In spite of all care, there are still some issues that can affect their well being. Remember the day you took your pet for a walk and they got really friendly with other pets there? Well guess what? The fleeting meeting actually infected your pet with ticks. It was an irritating experience for your pet and if not taken care of soon, it can result in causing skin diseases to both you and your pet.

And before you know it, the whole house is under attack too. Once these ticks find a host, they don’t let go easily. They have a strong grip and so, plucking them one by one is not a viable option at times.    

About Ticks

Most people think of ticks as insects but they actually belong to the spider family. If you ever happen to look at a tick closely, you’ll realize how much they resemble their brothers and sisters, the spiders. They all have the same four pairs of legs but there’s a major difference between the two.

Ticks can also be called real life vampires. In order to survive, these pests need blood, which they expertly suck out of their host. This tendency makes them a dangerous and rather annoying pest. There are some species of ticks that prefer dogs over other hosts. The small pests lay in rest for their prey and poor dogs are mostly infected when they go out in yards or wooded areas. Other animals can also spread ticks as the pests change their host. When most pet owners forget to groom their pets regularly, especially after a walk or an outing, ticks find their perfect home.     

5 Methods to Get Rid of Ticks in House—For Good!

Given below are different methods that are designed to help you get rid of ticks in house once and for all!

  1. Get that Vacuum on

Ticks and fleas are the worst because they are great at hiding. You can clean the whole house and still a few of them would be left, hiding under the bed or in cracks on the walls. One way to ensure you get rid of them for good is by cleaning your house. Start by vacuuming the whole place. It would take some time but at the end, you’ll be one step closer to having a tick-free house.    This will help some to get the flea egg to hatch and loosen some off the floor.

  1. Do the Laundry

Ticks have really strong grip and so it becomes quite hard to pick them off one by one. A better solution is to take all your infected clothes and put them in the washer. Do the same for any bed linens and curtains to ensure the extermination. You need to wash all of these things in hot water. You might add the detergent for added effectiveness. Before this however, make sure none of the linen and clothes would be damaged by the hot water.   

In addition to these things, you might also want to wash your camping tents and tarp. You could easily have brought home these pests from your camping trip. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’ve been away for a trip, make sure you wash and treat everything you took with you. You might have possibly brought home the ticks from that moldy hotel you had to stay at.   

  1. Clean your Pet’s Bed

It’s likely that your pet’s bed would have plenty of ticks. These small pests can live up to weeks in bedding and carpets. The right temperature allows them to survive this long. Your pet’s bed and anything they’ve been in contact with goes in the laundry. Once is not enough and while you’re on the mission to eradicate the pests, it’ll require a number of washings to ensure full extermination.    

  1. Homemade Remedies

There are a number of homemade remedies that’ll help you get rid of these ticks in your house. The most effective one is simply made of warm water, soap and apple cider vinegar. Mix equal parts of these three ingredients and treat your pets with the solution. You can also use this solution on the infected areas of your house including carpets, linen, wood floors and crevices in walls.   

  1. Spray Commercial Tick Repellant

Look for commercial repellants and insecticides to get rid of ticks permanently. Apply these products according to the instructions on the container or label. Repeat the application process after every 14 days to avoid any infestation of ticks again. Use pet tick spray on your domestic animals to repel or kill any ticks that try to create a host on your pet’s body. Tick repelling sprays are easily available and can be a solution to your tick problem.  

Preventing a Tick Infestation

The usual preventive measures call for regular grooming sessions for your pets and a close inspection after each outing. This is a step to ensure that ticks never find a way inside your house and life. Since ticks reside in grown grass, mowing your lawn regularly is a must. Excess foliage invites ticks in the area and from there, they can easily get in the house and attach to your pets.

So take proactive actions before the tick infestation begins and live a carefree life!  

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