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How to Get Rid of Ticks with Ease

If you like being outdoors in the woods or even in your backyard, you are might have had to deal with ticks. It isn’t just your pet that is vulnerable to ticks, even you are. Ticks tend to be in the outdoors, much like any other insect. Moreover, they can also infect you with Lyme disease which slowly disintegrates the nervous system of a human being. Needless to say, it’s better to be safe than sorry in such instances and keep your home and yourself free of any ticks.

Getting Rid of Ticks – Outdoors

Ticks are largely found outdoors and usually live in grassy, heavily vegetated areas. This is due to the fact that their food source then comes to them. Deer, sheep, cows and other herbivores love these grassy vegetated areas. Ticks tend to latch on to them such animals and then move from one place to another. Some might even end up in your yard so you’re going to have to start keeping your outdoors tick free. Try the following:

  1. Keeping Wildlife Out – You might like seeing deer, raccoons and foxes in your backyard but they can easily bring ticks into your backyard. If they frequently like to visit your yard, you can expect this to happen. It’s better to fence off your yard and limit their access to it.

  2. Cutting Down the Vegetation – Ticks like being in thick vegetation as it lets them hide, keeps them safe and also brings their food to them. Trim back the hedges, bushes and more to make them unsuitable for the ticks to live in.

  3. Mowing the Grass – Long grass can also be problematic as it provides the ticks with plenty of shelter. For this reason, you should mow the grass often and keep all clumps of long grass in check.  

  4. Keeping Your Yard Neat and Clean – A cluttered yard can also provide great nesting places for ticks to rest in. keep your yard clean, neat and manageable to avoid this happening. Even if you have a woodpile, keep it in a dry area and sprinkle diatomaceous earth around it in order to dissuade any ticks from nesting in it.

  5. Spraying a Tick Pesticide – Also take the time to spray bushes, trees and other areas in your yard with a tick pesticide spray. Pay attention to the list of ingredients as you don’t want to accidentally poison your plants or make your garden dangerous for any other animals. Outdoors we would recommend utilizing Reclaim IT as well to create a barrier treatment around your home. Bifen LP granules are also a good outdoor option to scatter in your yard where you have encounter tick activity.

  6. Cleaning the Bird Feeder – Ticks can also nest under the bird feeder at times so be sure to thoroughly clean it out and disturb it as much as possible. The disturbances will dissuade the ticks from nesting under it since it will be an undesirable place for them then.

Getting Rid of Ticks – Indoors

Now that you’ve made your yard free of ticks, you still have to be vigilant about the ticks that might find their way indoors. Removing ticks from indoors is not very difficult but it can be troublesome to spot them and get them out easily. The following are a few ways through which you can do this:

  1. Check for Ticks – Each time you or your pet steps out of the house, be sure to thoroughly check for any ticks. Make the doormat the place where you not only wipe your feet but also stop to check your clothes too. Look in the folds of your shirt, your shoes as well as the folds on your jeans. Check your pet’s feet, legs, and ears and brush them a bit before allowing them inside. This ensures that any ticks picked up outside are removed quickly.

  2. Staying Clutter Free – Keep your home free of clutter. This allows you to spot ticks more easily and ensures that they don’t have hiding places inside your home. Nothing is more terrifying than picking up a box that is lying in the corner and finding a tick or two hiding under or inside it.

  3. Spraying Pesticide Indoors – Start using an organic pesticide that you can spray indoors to keep ticks away from your home. You can make an extremely effective pesticide by boiling chopped lemons in two cups of water. If you can’t find lemons, substitute with limes, grapefruits or oranges. Once it boils, allow the mixture to simmer for almost an hour. After an hour, strain the solution into a spray bottle and spray it anywhere around your house or, even outdoors.  If you want to go with professional insecticides some of the products we would recommend are Reclaim IT or Novacide Aerosol indoors on your carpet, rugs and furniture.  Using a good insect growth regulator (IGR) would also be wise to use such as Gentrol Point Source which will help kill the tick eggs that have been laid and keep them from hatching.

  4. Don’t Forget Your Pets – Ticks naturally tend to latch on to pets so be sure to give them a thorough brushing and check for ticks on them. Also be sure to spray their bedding with a pet-friendly tick spray as the ticks tend to hide and nest in their bedding too.  Some of the expert recommendations include Petcor Flea Spray (which can also take care of ticks) and Martin’s Prefurred which is available separately for dogs and for cats. These products can be sprayed and applied directly on the pet to kill ticks. You will have to make sure that the ticks you see on your pet is thoroughly washed over by the product.

  5. Use a Tweezer – In some cases, you won’t find the tick just crawling or resting, it might even be latching on to your skin or your pet’s skin, under the fur. In this case, never grab it using your hands. Use a clean tweezer to firmly grasp the head of the tick and then gently, pull it off. To make it easier, you can also chose to slather Vaseline all around the tick. This will block the supply of air for the tick and cause it to let go. You can then grab it with the tweezer and throw it down the flush.  

Never handle ticks with your bare hands as it increases your chances of getting Lyme’s disease. You can also make life easier for yourself by getting the help of a professional fumigator to get rid of ticks around your home.  

Ticks can be a pain to deal with but even the biggest infestations can be overcome with the right DIY know how and professional products at your disposal

If you’d like to move forward with tick control, equip yourself with the products we mentioned above or get them all in a convenient package via our Flea Control kit which contains products that can also be used to treat ticks. The contents of the kit are 100% guaranteed to eliminate all your tick problems.


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