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How to Get Rid of Thrips

All of us who are fond of plants and have a land, field, yard, or a greenhouse to prove it, understand the true sweat and blood it took to take care of them. These precious plants basically become the babies of the ones who have seen them grow and flourish from mere seeds to a fully, grown lavish plant.  

So it’s every bit their right to panic when they catch sight of vampire-like insect called thrips on their treasured plants.  These insects can completely wipe out your uphill struggles and make quick work of your plants and foliage. That is a nightmare for all those who have spent their lifetime in taking care of their plants. Except this one is very real.

If you don’t want that to happen, like ever, then you must roll back your sleeves and get rid of these vampires once and for all. But first, you must learn more about your worst nightmare.  

What We Need To Know About Thrips

Thrips are small sized, slender insects with or without wings, with more than 6,000 species. They vary in their size but most have an average length of between 0.5 to 5 mm. These thrips love to feed and feast on our precious plants and have the capability to destroy all the widespread crops. Not only do they feed on plants and crops, but also lay their eggs right there and then. And hence, they spread fast and need to be stopped pronto.

Thrips love the plants’ tissue and drain them of their juices. As a result, these pests create an extensive damage within a short time. They first attack the outer skin of the plants by puncturing it. Then, they begin to suck the juice and other fleshy matters from the insides of the plants until there is nothing left.

When inspecting crops and plants, thrips are the first ones to go. Thrips are not only attracted to fields and crop sites. Their next favorite place is the greenhouse and if not controlled immediately, has the ability to destroy all the carefully gown plants.

Before these thrips spread wildly among your crops and plants, you must at once put a stop to it.

Methods to Get Rid Of Thrips

  1. Acephate 97UP Insecticide

This effective and potent insecticide could be all you’d need in order to obliterate the population of thrips from your home. Acephate 97UP has the active ingredient Acephate on its side, which kills all the chewing and sucking insects on contact. You can safely use this insecticide on your turf grass, in the green house, nurseries, as well as on your ornamental plants.

  1. Demand CS Insecticide

Demand CS insecticide is another handy solution that will help you save your precious foliage and plants and kill the thirps and other damaging insects on contact. This effective insecticide can be used, indoors and outdoors both with its odorless formula. You can even use the demand CS Insecticide on your kitchen plants. Even after it has taken care of the thrips among your plants, it will remain active for a long time afterwards to provide preventive control.

  1. Talstar Aerosol

Talstar Aerosol is a must-have insect protection to keep with you at all times. This pest fighting solution kills the thrips on contact and its residual power is amazingly long lasting. Thrips are not the only pests that this aerosol fights. In fact, it provides protection from more than 75 common household pests. With this Aerosol spray with, you have little reason to fear the offending and invasive creatures.

  1. Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust 1%

Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust 1% is your best friend when you are waging a war against thrips in your plants and foliage. The active ingredient of the insecticide is the Pyrethrum, which is a naturally occurring insecticide, extracted from the plant of pyrethrum. This insecticide makes sure that all sorts of bugs and beetles that have the potential to damage your plants stay away. Even thrips have no chance when faced with this natural insecticide.

  1. Dominion 2L Insecticide

Dominion 2L Insecticide consists of Imidacloprid in its ingredients. This active ingredient acts as a neurotoxin on insects and kills them as soon as they come in contact with their powerful insecticide. Upon touching or eating this insecticide, their nervous system suffers, badly. Imidacloprid attacks the nervous system of the insects and penetrates it dangerously. At once, sending them to their demise.  This insecticide has no odor and excellent residual.

Preventing Thrips from Taking Hold of Your Foliage

An ounce of prevention will go a long way in taking care of your plants and protect them from destruction. Here’s what you can do to prevent the thrips from getting their hungry mouths on your beloved vegetation:

  • As soon as you spot a thrips-infested plant, get rid of it. We understand that it’s going to be hard but you must do it of you don’t want the thrips to transfer from that plant to another. It really doesn’t take long for the situation to get out of hand.

  • Beneficial insects kill the bad ones. You can try to regulate the population of the beneficial insects in your vegetation so they can eat the bad ones like thrips.

  • Always keep insecticide sprays with you so that you can spray them in the very beginning of the infestation and kill the bug immediately.

  • You can also use natural preventives like Neem oil, which effectively knocks down thrips population.

No matter which method you choose, you must do something about the thrips infestation in your foliage and vegetation before it’s too late. For more helpful pest control advice, give us a call, shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or start up a live chat with us online. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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