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How to Get Rid of the Moss From Your Lawn


Considering all the time, effort and sweat that it takes to grow plants and grass in our yards, we might as well be raising a baby. Perhaps this is the reason why it hurts when we suddenly find our garden overtaken by moss patches, it panics us instantly. Not only does the moss  completely destroys the look of a well-maintained garden but also threatens the health and growth of it.

But that’s not entirely true; many types of mosses are even completely harmless to the garden. But they are not exactly a beautiful addition there. Either way, the eventual decision is yours. You can choose to keep the moss there, in which case you’ll just have to look at it and ignore it. Or you can get rid of it, and in that case, you’ll need to learn some methods.

But before we get to that, we must learn a little more about moss.

What is moss and why is it a problem

Moss is not all bad. When moss begins to grow where you are trying to grow your grass, then it is trying to tell you something. As an indicator of sorts, moss points out that there is something about the growing condition of your garden and that is why I am here.

Moss might be a bit masochistic, but it eventually works in your favor. If you see a healthy patch of moss in your grass, then it indicates that the acidity of your soil is high and that it is very clammy, clammier than it is good for the plants. It also tells us that the nutritional level of your soil is low and it is compact, and that particular area of grass is too shady for its own good.

It is also essential to note that all these conditions are ideal for moss growth but dreadful for the growth of grass. While the solution to this problems might sound as simple as spraying some herbicides, it is not so. While these herbicides might kill the current moss, the favorable conditions will still remain the same, and another moss will replace the one killed and the cycle will go on, unless you step up your game and strive to change the conditions.

Following are the conditions indicated by moss and which you need to address:

  • Low soil pH

  • Poor drainage

  • Excessive shade

  • Lack of essential nutrients in the soil

Method for Getting rid of Moss in Lawns

Here are some ways through which you can easily get rid of moss from your garden

  • Water drainage

No matter what you do to get rid of moss, it will all fail unless you treat the water condition and have it drained. Therefore, the first step towards moss removal should be draining of water. You can either do it by installing drain lines or grading your lawn. Here are the steps you need to follow next:

  • Raking: Once you are sure that the moist condition of the soil is under control, you can use a sharp-toothed rake and drag it into different directions on the lawn in order to get rid of the moss.

  • Roller: Next, you must use a very heavy roller in a wet weather to roll the grass.

  • Chemicals:   Once the water is drained and the moss removed and the grass rolled, it’s time to add some Nitrate of Soda and spread at the rate of 2 cwt per acre. Spread these in the grassy patch where the moss most often grows.

  • Moss on trees

In case moss has taken residence on the fruit trees in your garden. At once wash that branch or area with potent lime water. You can also use strong brine for washing the moss away.

  • Moss-Killing soap

You can easily buy a moss-killing soap form the store and apply it to the areas where moss is. These soaps work slowly, but they do work and eventually rids you of the moss in your garden.

  • Remove Shade

As we mentioned earlier, moss likes shade and the fact that the moss is in your garden is an indication that you have unnecessary shading in your garden. You simply need to remove these sources of shades through landscaping, or by moving things around if possible.


Once you have finally addressed all the conditions, it’s time you change some of your habits to prevent those conditions from happening again, and another family of moss to take over your yard once again. Here’s what you must do to prevent moss from growing:

  • You need to balance out the watering quantity in your garden. Moss loves heavily moist and damp soil. Excessive watering of plants encourages moss to grow in the garden.

  • Also, avoid watering of lawn at night time in the garden.  And especially during fall and spring, as they are moss seasons.

  • In case your lawn is naturally moist, even when you don’t water it too excessively, then you need to dry it out. It could be done by changing the grading of the lawn and by aerating; dethatching and draining water though drain lines.

  • Moss also end up groping in your garden when you take poor care of your grass and use it too roughly. Avoid playing sports and riding a bike in your lawn. Also, do not allow the dog to dig through the soil.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Chemicals Can Kill Moss

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a number of products which can target lawn invasions such as moss. To get rid of moss, we recommend using Quicksilver HerbicideSpraying this product on the areas where the moss is growing will kill the moss and stop the growth dead in its tracks.

As long as you remain careful with these prevention tips, and get rid of moss and moss growing conditions from your garden, then soon enough, you’ll be looking at a healthy and green yard. For more information on moss please refer to our extensive knowledge base and see our wide range of helpful articles or call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com, or chat with a live representative online on our website.

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