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How to Get Rid of Termites

Termites are damaging more homes and buildings than domestic fires are. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites are causing an estimated $5 billion worth of damage.

Termite infestation, if not dealt with in time, can cause irrevocable damage to your property. Hence it is important to make a plan to get rid of termites once you detect their presence.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Drywood and subterranean termites are two types that usually infest households. Drywood termites live above the ground in the wood they infest. While subterranean termites live above the ground, and travel to different house structures from within the ground, there are some obvious signs that will help you identify that your house has a subterranean termite infestation.

  • Wood damage is the most prominent sign that termites are present in your house. Termite infestation results in layered, hollowed and carved out wooden structures in your house.

  • Mud tubes alongside walls, baseboards and cracks in your house will indicate that you are hosting subterranean termites.

  • If the laminate flooring of your house is blistered, this might be a sign of termite infestation. Inexplicable cracks in walls, beams and other house structures also indicate that termites are at work.

Methods to Get Rid of Termites

Sunlight: A natural Remedy to Get Rid of Termites

Sunlight might not help you to get rid of an entire termite infestation, but it will certainly help to reduce their population size. Termites usually require damp and dark conditions to stay alive and thrive. Therefore, they can’t survive in a place that has a constant exposure to sunlight. If you notice termites in spaces of your home that can be exposed to direct sunlight, allow maximum exposure of sunlight there. If sunlight is being restricted by the clutter outside, such as extended tree branches and bushes, then remove them to allow maximum sunlight.

Placing furniture infested by termite outside in daylight can also be an effective way of reducing the problem of termites. Exposing sunlight to infested areas and complimenting it with insecticide spray can be very effective.

Use Nematodes, the Beneficial Ones

These beneficial roundworms are naturally present in soil to control soil pests. You can get them from any home and garden store to use against termites. Nematodes release bacteria that are lethal to many insects including termites. After entering into termite’s body and killing them by releasing bacteria, nematodes move on to other hosts. They also multiply and reproduce simultaneously. You just have to introduce nematodes into termite hives and colonies and let them do the task of getting rid of termites. You can also use other pest control methods in conjunction with this to see better results.

Give Termites the Taste of Death with Vinegar and Lemon

We may like the combination of vinegar and lemon in our foods, but termites are not actually fond of this combination. Mixing half a cup of vinegar with juice of two fresh lemons and spraying it on termite hives and other places of infestation can help you to get rid of them. Vinegar and lemon both are acidic in nature and termites simply can’t withstand the acidity of the solution. This solution can also be used as a deterrent to make them stay away from your property.

Insect Killer Dust

There are two types of insecticide dusts that can also help you to get rid of termites.

Permethrin Dust

Permethrin is a synthetic chemical used as an insecticide. Permethrin dust contains 1% of this chemical and it is very effective in killing a range of bedbugs and termites.  Solutions Pest & Lawn carries some great dusts which contain permethrin such as Delta Dust and Drione Dust.

Arsenic Dust

Arsenic is a poisonous element and effectively kills termites.

Sprinkle the infested areas with these dusts frequently until you get rid of termites. You can easily get these termite killer products from a good pest-control outlet.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is derived from the extracts of orange peels, and is a very effective natural solution to get rid of termites. Orange oil contains a hydrocarbon called limonene that is poisonous for termites. Limonene dissolves the exoskeleton of drywood termites, resulting in protein loss from their body, and an eventual death.

Orange oil is also believed to affect the communication between termites by affecting the regulation of their pheromones. Spraying orange oil on termite colonies and other affected areas will reduce their population.

Using commercially available insecticides to deal with termites is always a good option. Just get a quality product and use it according to the given instructions on the label. Since these products are toxic for humans and animals, be careful when using them.

Prevention of Termite Infestation

It is always difficult to treat termite infestation than to prevent one. There are some precautions that can help you keep termites away from your property.

  • Wood is termite’s favorite item. Make sure you are not storing firewood and timber in your house for a long time. Also, don’t let wooden debris accumulate.

  • Make sure that there is no unnecessary and excessive moisture content present in and around the foundation of your house. Regularly check and maintain drain and sewage pipes, drainage system of HVAC units and other home fixtures.

  • To prevent termite’s entry into your house, fill any cracks and gaps around the boundary of your house.

  • Fit the openings of exterior vents with suitable screen gratings to restrict the entry of termites.

A timely exercise of getting rid of termites will save your house from significant damage and you from hefty reconstruction expenditure.

Destroy Termites with DIY Termite Control Products from Solutions Pest & Lawn

With a problem as serious as a termite infestation, it’s best to break out the big guns. Unless you have the money to burn, we suggest conducting DIY termite control over hiring a termite exterminator which will charge high rates for their treatment.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry high quality professional insecticides that are guaranteed to kill termites and are what exterminators would use if you hired them to treat your home. And if you’re unsure on where to start or feel intimidated when it comes to the task of applying termite control products, we can help with that also with our helpful how to advice.

Termites, especially with should always be treated using multiple methods of control. This means you shouldn’t just use liquid concentrates or bait or dusts, but a combination of all of them will work the best in eliminating an entire invasion of cockroaches that are nestled inside of your home.

One method we highly recommend is using termite bait stations such as the Redeye Termite Monitoring station. This awesome products works so easily. Simply insert the Redeye into the soil around your home and when the Redeye indicator drops, then you will know that termites have infested the product. After that you can apply a foaming insecticide aerosol such as FiPro to lay waste to the termites.

Another great product you will want to apply is a non-repellent product like Taurus SC, to the soil on the exterior where you see the mud tubes. These insecticides are non-repellent meaning that the termites will not be able to detect that the product is designed to kill them. They will walk right through the product and this will allow the termites to grab the product and take it to other termites within the colony. One excellent way to apply the concentrate is by making a termite trench. Dig a trench around your home and pour an insecticide mixture and then cover the trench back up with the dug up dirt.

Reclaim IT is also a great product to use after the termite infestation is neutralized. This can be used as a barrier to keep termites away and protect your home from being retargeted by wood destroying termites.

You can conveniently purchase all of these products as part of our Guaranteed Termite Control Kit. This kit comes with a guarantee where if by following the steps recommended when applying the products you are still unable to eliminate your termite problem, we will give you your money back or help you out some other satisfactory way.


Termites are a big worry in the home and if action is not taken it will be costly to repair and unfortunately it will have to be completely out of pocket since they are not covered by insurance. We hope that by applying the products above and techniques you can save your home from these destructive pests.



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