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How to Get Rid Of Sugar Ants in the House


Sugar ants are called that because you will see them as soon as you as you spill anything sugary. Even a grain will vanish from your eyesight as soon as it is dropped because of these little creatures. There are many different species of ants found everywhere but you can treat all of them by the same methods.

Sugar ants are a great problem when it’s their season to play around your kitchen. You will usually see them during March through September and they disappear during winter. They feed on all food crumbs and not just sweets.

Keep your Kitchen Sink Clean

Kitchen sinks are a great attraction for sugar ants. The dirty sink gives them food to feast on and they use water to wash off the leftovers. If you are planning on leaving dishes in the sink, make sure that you rinse them once. This will not attract ants to your kitchen. After washing the dishes, also wipe down the sink to get rid of any food residue that you could have left. Remember, even a tiny crumb is attractive to ants.

If you want to go the extra mile, drain a little bleach down the sink. This will repel the ants from even coming near your kitchen sink. The leftover food crumbs left in the drain at the end of the day should be removed and cleaned to make sure that there is no place for ants at all in your home.

Clean It Up

Every night before you to bed, wipe your kitchen countertops. Go the extra mile by spraying a little bleach and then cleaning the tops. Even a single grain of sugar spilled on the countertop can be attacked by ants. If you spill while making your coffee or tea, make sure you wipe it away or the entire colony of ants will arrive for a feast.

Using bleach to wipe countertops helps sanitize your kitchen and also breaks down the smell of food that ants use as tracks. They will not smell anything and might never visit your kitchen. Sweeping kitchen floors with bleach is another idea that you must try during the summer.

Sweeping the kitchen floor at least once before making dinner is a great idea. After you sweep the floors, make sure that you use a bleaching agent and mop the floor along. This thorough cleaning will leave your kitchen sanitized, and fresh smelling. Sugar ants follow their sense of smell and once you have used bleach everywhere, the ants won’t come to your kitchen.   But if you already have an ant problem do not think it is a good idea to spray them with a chemical.

Vacuum Dining Areas

If you casually consume food on your couch in front of the TV, make sure to keep your carpets and rugs clean. Regularly vacuum carpets to make sure that no food crumbs are left on it and it is warm and dry. This will surely get rid of sugar ants from your lounge. They bite, really bad! And it’s not nice to be bitten by an ant while lying on your carpet watching your favorite show. If you have a rug under your dining table, make sure that you vacuum that regularly as well.

Use Ant Baits

Ants are tiny so they can die easily. Using an ant bait will attract ants and kill them. Place the mixture around countertops, and near your doors and windows. Ants will eat the bait and take some poison back to their colonies. The ant bait  will spread around the colony and all of them will slowly die.

You can also use cloves to repel ants. The strong smell of cloves sends ants away so try placing some at door and window entrances. You can also use bay leaves – they have the same effect.   But it might just end up repelling your family and friends.

Using Pesticides

Pesticides for ants are in aerosol  form. They usually contain boric acid or borax powder. You can buy these from pest control stores. The simple way of using this is by sprinkling it around the kitchen. You can sprinkle on the sink and around countertops. You can also sprinkle around the doors and all other possible entry ways.

This pesticide is not harmful for pets or humans. Since it can be used extensively around the kitchen, it does not harm. Care should still be taken while handling any pesticide. Make sure that you or any of your family members inhales it. Keep it out of pets and kids reach.

Keeping your kitchen clean from food crumbs and sticky and slimy substances will keep sugar ants away. Continuous use of pesticides will result in long-term effects and your home will be ant free for the next 6 months. Pesticides should be used especially during the summer and when you see that you have a issue with ants.  Make sure to keep cleaning solutions away from any of the bait that you are applying you want them to pick up the bait and not avoid or create an aversion.

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