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How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

Think of a world with a chocolate fountain, a honey lake, pastries, marshmallows and all sugary substances that you can ever dream of. You are seeing a world of sugar ants’ imagination. ‘The Willy Wonka chocolate factory’ would be a dream come true not just for children but for sugar ants as well!

Sugar Ants

They are basic ants that have a sweet tooth and feed on all sugary substances. The winged male ants have royal blood and are black in color, while the female sugar ants are orange in color. The sugar ants just like most of the insects have a queen and build nest. They usually prefer living in suburban areas or woodlands and drills holes in the soil to build dirt hills to form the nest. They feed on nectar, plant secretions, insects and the honey dew from aphids and other sugary food products they can track down.

On disturbance they may bite but do not cause any major damage except taking away your dessert and attacking your food pantry and food spills. However if you are allergic to the sugar ant bite it may require medical attention.


  1. Keep your home and kitchen squeaky clean

Make sure after having your meals vacuum the floor and make sure no food crumbs are left on the floor to attract the ants. After washing dishes and after cooking, it is important that all food stains and spills should be removed. The sink should not only be clean but dry and bleached to cover the scent of food, keeping the sugar ants from crawling around. Strong garbage bags should be used and should be powdered with some baking soda. Furthermore, the garbage should be disposed off as soon as possible. The kitchen floor should be cleaned, mopped and bleached every night.

  1. The poisoned sweet

Boric acid or borax is lethal for sugar ants, but can be used as a bait to trap the ants and exterminate colonies. It is a slow acting toxic substance which takes time to exhibit its effect. Any sweet such as corn syrup can be mixed with boric powder and placed near trail of sugar ants and next to the nest. Once the ants have been fed with the poisoned sweet it goes back to its nest and passes it on to the other ants since they like to share. The poison eventually is present in the system of the whole colony which slowly starts to affect and exterminate the sugar ants.

What perhaps is the best bait for ants is one that is a sugary gel bait that is used commonly by professional pest control companies. Solutions Pest & Lawn has a number of these gel baits that allure sugar ants with their sweet taste when in fact it is a slow-killing lethal insecticide that will ideally create domino effect which will put the entire colony under. Perhaps the best bait we could recommend for sugar ants is Maxforce FC Ant Bait Gel.

  1. Acetic acid

White vinegar is rich in acetic acid which works more effectively than bleach. The odor of the vinegar repels sugar ants and keeps them from marching into your kitchen.

  1. Spice up the sugar ants

The whole cloves have a very strong aroma disliked by the sugar ants. A handful of cloves being placed in different spots around the house and inside the kitchen will keep the ant from invading your home. Sprinkling black pepper ant tracks or powdering the kitchen corner with cinnamon powder and marking the entrances with cayenne or chili powder will keep the sugar ants from entering

  1. No Bay leaves for the sugar ants

Place the bay leaves near entrances, kitchen counter tops sink and other suspected areas are found effective in making the ants from infesting the home and buildings. They are known to be used in restaurants. Ants cannot tolerate the smell of bay leaves.

  1. The citrus effect on sugar ants

The sugar ants find the fragrance of lemon repulsive. Using a proportion of 1:3 for lemon and water to form a spray or even boiling the lemon peels for 10 to 15 minutes and using the extract as a spray. It can be spritz around the kitchen and around the house. This will maintain a nice fresh fragrance and force the sugar ants to stay away. Lemon oil also happens to be one of the many essential oils which can be fatal for sugar or at least serve as repellant.

  1. The cucumber peelings— a natural killer

The peelings of the cucumber are boiled in water and then can be strained to take out the extract. This extract can be poured in a spray bottle. Spraying cucumber extract is believed to naturally kill the sugar ants.

  1. Fresh coffee for the ants

Freshly grounded coffee beans can be placed inside the cracks or places where the sugar ants are infesting. The odor of coffee makes the ants change their tracks and are compelled to stay away.

  1. Insecticides

Granule based insecticides are best suits for areas where the ant have made their nest, which is usually in the soil or cracks of the house. These are suitable for places where liquid insecticide may not be effective. Sprinkling them around and inside the nest eliminates the sugar ants right away.  Some of the recommended products are Eco smart ant killer, Terro liquid anti bait stakes, orange guard, grant’s kills ants, etc.

  1. Herbal garden

Having a small organic garden with sage, peppermint and tansy will ward off sugar ants away. Growing lavender and garlic may also be useful as the scent confuses their keen sense of smell and stops them from entering your home.

Use Professional DIY Ant Control Products To Take Down Sugar Ants

Sugar ants can be a tough pest to get rid of and sometimes home remedies won’t be able to do the trick. One way you can really let those ants you mean business is to equip yourself with our convenient Guaranteed Ant Control Kit. This kit contains all the best products to effectively get rid of the entire colony of the sugar ants that are setting up shop in and around your home.

The Ants Go Marching Away

The sugar ants in general are comparatively less harmless insects than other creepy crawlers. Therefore the best way to have a sugar ant free household is adopt preventive measures. Keep the hose as sanitary as possible and use all sort of natural methods to repel the sugar ants.

For more information, please contact us at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com. We will be happy to address your questions or concerns.

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