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Tips for Eradicating the Stink Bugs

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About stink bugs

Stink Bugs are also known as Brown marmorated stink bugs. They are commonly found in East Asia and United States. This bug is considered a pest that lives in the garden, orchards and farms. It likes to feed on leaves, fruits, flowers and crops like corn and soybean and even caterpillars. The stink bug releases a bad odor while being squashed or killed and while protecting its home. The odor is produced by dorsal scent glands This bug is brown in color and lays eggs, that turn into nymphs and those nymphs are then transformed into adult stink bugs.

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Damage caused by Stink Bugs

It eats up all the greenery in your lawn and damages all the plants, trees and fruits that are growing in your lawn it can cause major damage to crops in farms that lead to economic problems. You can get an allergic reaction from the odor of this bug and end up with Rhinititis and Conjuctivitis. These bugs can enter your homes and lay eggs and its odor could cause allergic reaction. Skin contact with such pest can cause dermatitis on your skin.


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Tips for eradicating the Stink Bugs

  1. Sealing and screening

During winter season the bugs look for warm places to hide it will fly or crawl through cracks to enter your home. Caulk the cracks crevices and voids in the wall. You can use silicone foam to seal the openings near the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes. Use mesh to cover the chimney, basement and attics. Screen the doors, windows and even the vents and chimneys could be screened properly to prevent the stink bugs from entering your home.  Apply an insecticide to the southern side of the home to kill them when they try to enter to overwinter.

  1. Picking the bugs

You can wear gloves and keep a bucket of soap and insecticide solution with you. Pluck or pick each one of these bugs from the plants and trees with tweezers or hand and throw them in the solution. You could do the same with eggs and nymphs of the stink bugs. This will help in controlling the population in your lawn and you will be able to get rid of the stink bugs and the stop the damage it will cause to your lawn.

  1. Using soft lights

Turn off the lights or use soft ones. The yellow sodium vapor lights will help keep the stink bugs away from your home. The bugs are attracted to lights, so it is better to turn off or use the vapor lights to keep the stink bugs away from your home.

  1. Remove all moisture and leaks

Fix the leaks in the water hose, plumbing pipes and other places where you can find leaks. Remove mulches, compost and fertilizer. Make sure the soil is only water as required and has a drain to seep all the extra moisture from the soil. Fix the clogged drains as well. Keep the wood piles away from your lawn.

Use a dehumidifier inside your home and keep it airy so that you can eradicate or make the stinks bugs go away. These pests like moisture so by removing and controlling the moisture the bugs will no longer find your home and appealing place to live. Make sure your home is well ventilated.

  1. Treating the stink bugs with chemicals

There are many chemicals that can be used to eliminate the brown marmorated stink bugs from your home. These insecticides are as follows:

SPRAYS:  Use sprays like, DEMAND-CS INSECTICIDE, CYONARA 9.7 INSECTICIDE for outdoor areas. Spray your lawn with these chemicals. Create a barrier around your home and yard. Spray the chemical where the bugs can be found in congregation. Spray it all around the lawn to prevent and eliminate the Stink bug infestation. After its gone the damages to your lawn can be controlled.

Use aerosols sprays to get rid of the bugs in your home by spraying products like, ECOPCO ACU CONTACT AEROSOL to spray the stink bugs infesting in your home. Ti will help in eliminating the pest.

DUST INSECTICIDE:  Scatter dust chemicals like DELTA DUST, EVERGREEN PYRETHRUM DUST in the cracks, crevices and other entry points where you can find the bug or its eggs and nymphs. Use hand duster to get the entire chemical inside and terminate the pest. You can scatter it ont the porch and baseboards as well.

Other recommended product is CYONARA 9.7 INSECTICIDE to eradicate the stink bug infestation.

  1. Vacuuming the bugs

Look for the bugs and its eggs inside the entry points. If you find any suck them all out using a vacuum cleaner. It will help getting rid of the pest and infestation easily.

  1. Eliminating food sources

Trim the trees, branches, plants and pick the fruits and vegetable to on time before the bugs feed on it. Keep all food items in your home inside airtight jars and containers. Keep them refrigerated. If the bugs don’t get any food to eat, then your home or yard will no longer be appealing place for it. The pest will move from your home itself.

Getting rid of the stink

These nasty stink bugs can cause damage to you and your garden so make sure you eliminate it using proper measures and plenty of chemicals. Squish them if you have to but make sure the pest get away from your lawn. Use the techniques mentioned above to get rid of them and keep them at bay in the future.

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