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How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Yard

About squirrelshttp://streaming.yayimages.com/images/photographer/przemyslaw-przybylski/8762e443e168823283627826c4d6bd4f/squirrel.jpg

Squirrels are mammals who have omnivorous eating habits and hibernate during winter season. The baby squirrels are called kits or kittens whereas in groups, they are called dray. They have numerous species and some types of squirrels prefer living in wooded areas. Squirrels are found all over the world except for Australia and Antarctica. These bushy creature like burrow holes to make a warm home for all the squirrels. It stocks up foods for winter so that the dray of squirrels has plenty to eat during winter.

Damage caused by squirrels in the yard

The squirrel's burrow holes underground in your yard; chew the barks and branches of the trees. Chew into the fruits, nuts and other food items that you may have been grown. It destroys the landscapes of the trees. The bushes, shrubs everything is affected by the sneaky squirrels. It can chew the outside electrical wires from the yard, as well as the soffit and fascia from the rooftop, making it easy for the pest to enter your attics. Squirrels are fond of feasting on bulbs of any plants in the garden.

Solutions For Alleviating The Squirrel Trouble

  1. Taking preventive measures to stow away the squirrels

Build a high fence with barbed wires and electric fence. It should be a foot deep into the ground to prevent the rodent from digging a tunnel as a way to get in.   Not sure I want a huge fence with barbed wire, to keep out the squirrels.

Cut back on a few trees that the bushy creatures might find appetizing and collect all the fall fruits, nuts and other such items immediately. Make sure to throw it in sealed bags. Keep the yard clean; trim the grass and cut the branches and trees trimmed and short to keep the squirrels exposed and make it difficult for the squirrels to climb up the roofs or into the attics.

Trash cans should be tightly sealed with airtight lids and sealed bags. Keep the bird feeder in a protective shed or avoid placing nay until the yard is free of the bushy rodent.

  1. Utilizing covers and netting the plants

Place invisible plastic netting or hardware cloth or mesh wire to cover the plants with bulbs. It will prevent the squirrels from getting into the plants and feeding into the bulbs. Gravel can also be used to plant bulbous plants; it keeps the squirrels away from harming the bulbous plants.

  1. Activating the sprinklers for the squirrels

Install motion activated sprinklers in your yard. The sprinklers will detect the movement of the squirrels and instantly trigger the sprinkler to wash away the squirrels. The sudden sprinklings of water with pressure will scare the squirrels away from the yard.

  1. Captivating the squirrels

There are various traps that can be use to catch the squirrels in your yard few of the examples are the following:

MECHANISM DIRT TRAP:  Use a proper cage trap and hoist it into the ground firmly. Cover dirt, mud newspaper and other such items. When the squirrel comes to dig the mechanism is activated and the dirt thrown over the squirrels scares them away. If the incident occurs repetitively, the bushy creature will relocate from your yard.

LIVE CAGE TRAP: Place bait inside the trap and locate it at several –places where burrows and the bushy creatures have been found scurrying around. The bait will lure the squirrel into the cage and will not be able to release itself. Such captivities allow us to carry them far away to some forest t and release the squirrels in such friendly habitats. Baits like peanut butter could be used to attract the rodent and trick the creature into its captivity.

Squirrel Bait:  Kills California Ground Squirrels AND their fleas Only product of its kind in the world. Diphacinone & Imidacloprid Red Grain non-RUP, requires use of bait station.

  1. Carrying out some handy work

The squirrels in the yard can easily enter your homes. To prevent that from occurring seal all entry points from the outside in the yard. Use plywood and steel material to fix the roof tiles and hardware cloth to mesh the chimney and vents. Sealing off each and every exit point of your roof or any cracks and holes you can find outside the home should be sealed with putty foam.

  1. Deterring and repelling the squirrels

MOTHBALLS:  Scatter the moth balls all over the yard near the berries, acorn trees and across the whole premises. Apart from naphthalene, it contains Dichlorobenzene that wards away the squirrels from the yard. The odor or the vapor it emits keeps the bushy furry mammals away from your yards.

RADAR ULTRASONIC UNITS: The high frequency sound is audible to the squirrels and scares them away as soon as it detects motion or any kind of movement. Keeping such devices in the yard, patio and the porch have been quite useful.

  1. Filling the burrows with water

Flood the squirrels’ burrows with water. Flooding damages the stock and the chambers they have built. It will make the squirrels evacuate and relocate to a farther location  as squirrels prefer dry ground, and will look for a dry location further away from your yard.

Scaring the squirrels away

More repellants, preventive measures and other kind of methods will help in eradicating the bushy creatures away from yards and home and prevent a lot of damage that can be caused if they enter into you homes. Keep a watch from sound and immediately take caution to eradicate the problem.


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