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How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Attic


About squirrels

Squirrels are territorial creatures and get quite aggressive if it feels insecure or threatened. A group of squirrels are called scurry or dray. The smallest squirrels are called African Pygmy. There are more than 200 to 300 species of squirrels like, Albino Mountain Tree, Antelope Spotted, Grey, American red Douglas fox ,pygmy, Northern Flying southern etc. most of the babies of the other squirrels are called litter and usually blind.

Types of squirrels

There 3 main kinds of squirrels. Ground squirrels, Flying squirrels and Tree squirrels.

The Ground squirrels like to eat insects, caterpillars, seeds, berries etc. It has a whistling call for each other to convey warning for any sign of danger from predators.

The Flying squirrels can glide by extending its arms and legs and lives in nests and trees holes. It eats nuts fruits, insects and other small birds as well.

Tree squirrels are great climbers and can be found in cities, woodlands parks etc. it likes to eat barks, berries, acorns, birds and flowers, etc.

Damage caused by squirrels in the attic

Is the rodent’s mange to enter into the attics, it will wreak havoc, the irritating noise, the sound of the drays scurrying around and chewing and gnawing with their long teeth on the wood, insulation and electrical wires, it might burrow holes into the wooden walls. The infestation causes lot of damage and contamination. The rodent brings in alot of diseases along with it. It becomes a health hazard for all of us. The excrements cause a lot of pungent odor that again brings in pathogens or other harmful bacteria.

5 Tips For Scurrying The Drays Away

  1. Captivating the squirrels

There are various kinds of methods that can be used. Few of them are as follows:

SAFEGUARD SINGLE TRAP:  Wear gloves, place bait, like chocolate, peanut butter, flower seeds, berries etc. it has automatic locking doors and when the trap is triggered the door are sturdy. It can capture Red squirrels, Flying Squirrel and Larger Gray squirrel.

HAVAHART SQUIRREL CAGE:  It has a single loaded with a spring and is good for catching the large size squirrels. The trap has just one grid.

TRAPPING GRAY SQUIRREL:  Place the trap in front of the entry points of the squirrel and their pathways to capture the grey squirrels.

TRAPPING FLYING SQUIRRELS:  Place the traps when they are gone out and place it in areas like nest made of wood pile in the insulation or fecal dropping .once the squirrel is caught it can be released somewhere far away from your home and attic.

BODY GRIP TRAPS:  Place them at the entry hole of the squirrel’s nest or burrow. As soon as they pass through the necks get gripped and the bushy rodents are instantly killed.

LIVE CAGE TRAPS: Use bait. After capturing the squirrels release it in a distant woodland or forest habitat.

ONE WAY EXCLUSION DOORS: There is only one way to enter the trap but no way out of the cage. It is like box trap. Baits can be used. The rodent can be released in a distant place.

While using such traps wear gloves, observe all the points of entry and nests, place them carefully when the squirrels are busy to capture the rodent. Use baits like hazelnut, acorns, peanut butter, chocolate and many more food items that will easily lure the squirrel into your trap. Traps can be mounted under the soffit, near the entry of the vent etc.

  1. Repelling the squirrels

Repel All Animal Repellents come in granulated form. Apply it in the attic and other places the squirrels have infested it. The chemical serves as an irritant for the squirrels and wards them away from your home, attics and yards.

  1. Mending the roof

The roof and other parts of the house need to be protected from the squirrels. It is always better to avoid prevention than cure. For both cases when chimneys vents, cracks, roof holes, opening from electrical wires need to be fixed. Use copper mesh wool, Xcluder Fill Fabric for larger openings and Aerosol foams and Pur Black Nf foam fills up all the small holes, openings and voids, the putty foam helps in sealing cracks from window sills. Make sure to screen the doors and windows as well. Fix the broken insulation, air ducts, electrical wiring etc.

  1. Keeping your yard clean

Rake the leaves; pick up all decayed compost, mulches and rotten fruits, berries and nuts. Trim all the branches of the trees, especially the long hanging ones. It makes it difficult for the squirrels to climb into the rooftops or attics. Apply all kind of repellents; spray them on the bark to prevent squirrels from chewing.

  1. Using electronic devices

Other than ultrasonic devices Winking stroboscopes can also be used. It has a pulsating bright light that keeps flashing and disturbs the squirrels. It makes it inhospitable for the squirrels which then relocate to some other place. Many such electronic, visual and acoustic repellants are quite effective in keeping the squirrels away.

Scurry the squirrels away

Take a lot of preventive measure. Always have watchful eye for the bushy tail. Keep the yard and home clean and disinfect the home once the squirrels have left. All entry point should be sealed at all cost. Use repellants and try to keep the yard less moist as squirrels crave for dry environment.


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