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 How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Yard

When you see a squirrel, they’re usually so small and cute that it is hard to consider them as pests for a home. Unfortunately, squirrels are burrowing creatures; they like to nest in the ground or in the trees. If they find your yard suitable, they will make their burrows here. The burrowing is directly responsible for damaging the structural stability of various objects including back porches and more.

Squirrels can unwittingly damage or burrow directly under the structure and cause severe damage to the ground near these structures. In some cases, whole walls or flooring has been damaged because of this.

Moreover, if you are a gardener, it can be very irksome to nurture and raise a plant and find that it became a snack for the squirrels to nibble on. Sometimes, this nibbling can mean that squirrels have chewed the plant to within an inch of its life.

If you’re getting tired of having to deal with the squirrels, it is a good idea to try to get rid of them. Squirrels rarely go into homes but if they do, you should call in a professional remove the squirrels from your premises. However, the first thing you need to do is to make your yard uninhabitable for the squirrel so that even if they are kicked out of your home, they don’t set up shop in your backyard.

Changes to Make in Your Yard

Making your yard uninhabitable will require a bit of work but it can usually be done very cost-effectively and easily. The following are a few easy ways through which you can do so:

  • Removing Shady Bushes

Squirrels love areas that provide them with a lot of cover. The thickets and bushes in your backyard will naturally make an impact on their decision to move into your yard. To dissuade them, it is a good idea to get the hedges, bushes and other thickets in your backyard trimmed in order to remove the amount of coverage that is being manipulated by the squirrels.

Trimming frequently will lessen the amount of shelter that is available for the squirrels. If you’re not happy about this decision, you should consider the fact that and it is also healthy for your hedges, thickets and bushes to get regular trims. Once the squirrels are gone, you can let them grow at a steady rate.

  • Trimming the Tree Branches

Tree branches should also be frequently trimmed in order to control the spread of the canopy. In some instances, the interlocking tree branches might appear cool but they help to build a bridge which the squirrels can use to move from one tree to another. Squirrels can be very deft in climbing and are renowned for their cleverness and resourcefulness.

This also makes it easier for them to reach other areas such as the roofs of houses. Sometimes, your backyard might be near some woods and the canopy of your trees could reach out to the trees in the woods. While it might look very pretty, this allows squirrels from the woods to find their way into your backyard.

  • Stop Leaving Food Outdoors

If you tend to leave your pet’s food outdoors for it to munch on, it is a good idea to stop doing that. Squirrels can also choose to eat the pet food and will be more likely to want to burrow and settle nearby. For them, this is a steady and easy source of food and it will be perfect for them.

Always keep your pet’s food inside and keep it covered if possible. It is also beneficial since leaving pet food outside leaves your pet at risk of being attacked by a wild animal as well. Other than squirrels, raccoons are known to come to eat pet food as well as fight your pet for the right to do so.

  • No Bird Feeders

Many people also have bird feeders with seeds and nuts in them as it is not only a fun hobby to watch birds, it can also be good for your yard. On the other hand, squirrels enjoy eating seeds and nuts as well so try to make sure that the bird feeder is inaccessible to them. Much like the scenario with the pet food, the squirrels will consider burrowing and settling in your backyard more readily if they see a good source of food nearby. Since they are very limber and clever, you will have to deploy some clever measures in order to get rid of them. A simple hack that you can use is to apply Vicks Vaporub on the bird feeder. The squirrels won’t like it since it is sticky, tastes awful, smells strong and is difficult to get rid of. Until they find a new solution, it is a good option to use.

  • Destroying the Burrows

It’s a good idea to destroy any squirrel burrows you might come across as sometimes, new squirrels will settle into them if they’re just abandoned and left as is. For them, this is the ideal situation since they’re getting a readymade home.

For this reason, be very particular about filling in any burrows they have made. You should also consider how much damage their burrowing has made for you. In some cases, filling in their burrow can also mean that you have to strengthen the foundation of your home.

  • Capture the Squirrels

Live traps like the HAVAHART LIVE TRAPS is a humane way of capturing the squirrels allowing you to safely transport them to a new location.

  • Repelling and deterring the Squirrels away

Repelling the squirrels using CRITTER RIDDER or YARD GUARD ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER are other humane options to eliminating the squirrels from your yard.

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