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How to Get Rid of Squirrels In Attic

It’s finally the weekend and you have the time to sit down and relax. And just when you think you can have the whole day to yourself, you hear some uninvited guests having a blast in the attic.

They are the little critters who have now taken your attic as their permanent residence and aren’t ready to move out anytime soon. You can’t possibly ask them to pay rent and having them up there is more of a nuisance. You have two choices here. Now you can either pack your bags and hit the road, or help the annoying critter to move away. Whatever course of action you take, it’s definitely going to require a whole lot of packing, or will it?

If your house isn’t haunted and you don’t have a ghoul living in your attic, it’s most likely that the disturbance up there is being caused by the cutest and furriest critters around; squirrels.

Your heart might melt the first time you set eyes on their furry little bodies and soulful eyes. You might feel like relenting.


No matter how cute and fluffy these creatures are, they are damaging your house and ruining your peace. Your ruined stuff in the attic is their fault and so is the frayed wiring, which they have bitten through. So the only way forward is to get rid of them and quickly.        

About Squirrels

Some people keep squirrels as pets while there are many others who can’t wait to get them out of their house. These small rodents have over 265 species all over the world.

Don’t go for their innocent looks. The creatures are extremely intelligent, which is why it’s so hard to get rid of them. Their looks can very well make you forget the chaos they can havoc in your house.

The biggest problem about squirrels is that they are expert chewers. If you have stuff stored in the attic, know that it’ll be ruined soon. If that wasn’t enough, the cute-looking critters can easily chew their way through electrical wires. The next time your HVAC unit stops working, these critters might be at fault.

The only reason your attic is so attractive to these animals is because the place fulfills their needs of warmth and security. The attic is the perfect place to store food, give birth to young and help them to stay away from humans. The warm attic is the ideal place for squirrels to hoard and live a peaceful life. The only problem is that their peaceful life can quickly drain the peace out of your life.

So getting rid of them is the only way you can go back to your former, peaceful life.        

5 Methods to Get Rid of Squirrels in Attic—For Good!

Given below are different methods that are designed to help you get rid of squirrels in attic once and for all!

  1. Trap them

The most common DIY method for getting rid of squirrels is to trap them. Now there are many traps available in the market that can work for you. From the huge variety of traps, you need to find the one that’ll best suit your needs. Make sure the cage(s) is set in the corner of the room. Being out in the open is not likely to attract squirrels.  

Go for live traps as they won’t harm the squirrels. Once they are caught, you can release them back in the wild. This would only work if you have already taken preventive measures to stop squirrels from coming back in your house.   

  1. Use Sounds to Scare Them

Ultrasonic repellants are available in stores and are effective in getting rid of this critter. It is a better option than a radio because the sound is only heard by the squirrels and it won’t disturb your daily routine. Pair this technique with another effective solution or eventually the squirrels will get used to the sound. And soon your attic would transform in a pest-only night club.  

  1. Try Rags drenched with Ammonia

Squirrels have a highly developed sense of smell and can easily detect the chemical. The pungent smell is highly likely to drive the squirrels away. Make sure that you place the rags at all exits and entrances of the attic. Also scatter a few rags around the attic for high efficiency.

  1. Scatter Mothballs in the Attic

There are still some doubts about the effectiveness of this method but many people have agreed to its success rate. Just scatter a few mothballs in the attic and wait for the pungent smell to drive squirrels away. Easy enough!

  1. Spray Commercial Squirrel Repellant

When all your DIY projects to drive away squirrels fail, it’s time to pace up the game and look for commercial squirrel repellants. The ones that work best are laced with fox urine. Since fox is the highest predator on the food chain, the repellant would be enough to scare the squirrels away. The spray is non-toxic and won’t harm the squirrels in any way, although it would surely drive them out of their minds with fright. Ask around and look for other repellants that might work.    

Solutions Has What You Need to Keep Squirrels Out!

The best way to remove a squirrel that is inside the home or in the attic is via trapping the animal. For this, we carry Havahart Live Trap. Simply bait the trap with some food pieces that the squirrel would enjoy and set the trap and before you know it the squirrel will be caught then you can easily and safely remove him and release him outside.

For squirrels that frequent your yard we recommend a repellent such as Critter Ridder. Spread these around on your yard and the squirrels will know to stay away after trying a pellet.

Preventing a Squirrel Infestation

The first preventive measure you need to take is patch up all entry and exit routes in the attic; meaning any holes that are big enough for squirrels to get through. All vents have to be covered with mesh fencing. Use the same technique for chimneys too.


Squirrels may look cute but if they find their way into your attic, they can be terribly destructive. With the help of these tips, you can get rid of your squirrel problem for good. For more helpful DIY advice, call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with our representatives online.


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