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How to Get Rid of Springtails Naturally

About springtails

Springtails are insect-like critters and bugs that can be found in dark and moist places. It has piercing mouth parts that can suck liquid like fungi from trees and other sources. The springtails have spring-like mechanism that allows them to bounce their body back and forth and then jump from one place to another. It can propel in air and take leaps to move from one location to another. Usually during droughts and saturated rains you will find the springtails inside your home. It can also be found in your gardens, it requires humid and moist environment and hides underneath mulches, thatch and damp areas of the lawn. It feeds on mold mildew and fungi and other bacteria and decayed plants.

Damage caused by springtails

Most of the damage is caused to your gardens and yards as it extracts liquids and feed of t decayed plants and other trees. It spreads disease causing organisms. If it enters your home, it can cause a lot of damage jumping around everywhere.


8 Natural ways to eradicate springtails

  1. Ventilating your home

Use dehumidifiers and fans to reduce moisture from your home keep your house moist free. Use proper insulation and roof protection system to prevent the rain from coming in and making your home moist and well heated. If air will be circulated properly the springtails will not enter your home.

  1. Pouring vinegar over the spring tails

Take a vinegar bottle and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the springtails with vinegar. If the infestation is widespread use the bottle directly to pour the vinegar over the spring tails. The acidic nature and of the substance burns the springtails and makes them run and leap away from your home.

  1. Washing the springtails with detergent

Mix detergent with water and make it frothy. Throw or pour the mixture in all the areas you can find the spring tails. The mixture will cause burning effect over the springtails and drown them in the solution. Keep repeating the process until you get rid of all the spring tails from your home.

  1. Using oils to remove the springtails

CEDAR OIL: It has natural insecticide properties that can kill the spring tails. Make sure to use 100 percent natural cedar oil. Pour it in a spray bottle or fog machine and sprays in the cracks and crevices and any other place you can find. The oil can also be sprayed all over the garden to terminate the springtails.

NEEM OIL: Use proper concentration of oil to eliminate the springtails. The Neem oil has natural insecticide properties that can help in getting rid of spring tail infestation.

CLOVE OIL & THYME OIL: Pour such oils in spray bottle and directly spray over the springtails it helps in eradicating the insect.

EUCALYPYUS OIL: It has antiseptic and insecticide properties. It fragrance keeps the air fresh and clean. Open the windows and keep the home properly ventilated. Also make sure the oil does not have any fungus that is the food of the critter. Pour the oil in the spray bottle and spray over the insects and all over the room.

  1. Keeping your yard clean

It is important to maintain the landscape. Rake the leaves and remove all the debris. Use a proper drain system to make sure the soil is not too damp. Thatch and aerate the soil to provide air to the soil. Remove all the mulches and overwatered pots, birdbaths and any other water source. Keep the moist wood piles, compost, and fertilizer inside in hidden over sheds. Use proper herbicides to remove moss, mildew and fungi from your trees and plants. Make sure you don’t over water the plants and the soil. This will prevent the springtails from infesting your garden and entering your home.

  1. Treating the springtails with bleach

Use concentrated bleach for large amount of infestation. Pour in a spray bottle or use it directly. Spray over the springtails. The corrosive solutions will kill the springtails immediately.

  1. Sprinkling Diatomaceous earth

It is an organic food grade dust insecticide that can be used in the garden and your home scatter an spread the dust powder all over the yard and sprinkle it into holes, cracks and crevices and other areas to get rid of the spring tails.  We suggest ordering Alpine Dust from our store, which contains DE.

Other insecticides which we carry at Solutions Pest & Lawn which can do well to eliminate spring tails are granules such as Demand G Insecticide Granules or DeltaGard G Granular Insecticide.

Aerosol sprays like Cy-Kick Aerosol Insecticide or Temprid Ready Spray are nice options for spraying indoors around areas where you have seen springtails gather. You can also use FenvaStar EcoCap

  1. Sealing the entry pints

Keep the doors and windows screened the vents should be covered. Make sure all entry point especially the ones that can capture moisture like the tiles in the washroom should be sealed properly to avoid mold development that will attract the spring tails.

Taking leaps

You will have to go through a lot of trouble and jump around with the springtails just to get rid of them from your yards and home. Make sure your yard and is mold, mildew moss and fungi free and of course both the home and garden should be dry and not too moist. Keep the house well ventilated and use dehumidifier to avid the springtails from lumping into your home.

If you would like more help in eliminating squash bugs, Solutions Pest & Lawn experts are available to speak to you live via phone at 800-479-6583, email at askapro@solutionsstores. You can also contact us via live chat on our home page.

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