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How to Get Rid of Spiders Outside


Most of us or perhaps all of us keep our yards neatly trimmed and tidy with beautifully fragrant flowers around us, so that we can sit there under the sun, and enjoy a good time alone or with family. But imagine lying there and enjoying a really good page-turner until something very rudely interrupts your peace. Want to guess what could it be?  Yes,  spiders.

Whatever happens after that, one thing is for sure, spiders will begin to spend more time there Before the true reign of spiders begins in your yard and they call more reinforcement by way of eggs, we suggest, you plan your own line of attack.

But before that, learn more about your rivals.

What you need to know about the spiders in your yard

Spiders are scary to most people, and even those who are not scared of them, are not exactly too eager to have a bunch of spiders crawling on them. It seems like; spiders’ only offense is being so scary looking. Because in real, these eight-legged creatures are beneficial predators and actually clean the yard from other insects that might be infesting and harming the plants. But that hardly counts, because as we mentioned earlier, they are scary.

The types of spiders that are often found in the yards are:

  • Web building spiders are expert s in spinning web and capturing their pray in it.

  • Wandering spiders take a different approach of capturing their prey. They either pursue them, or they wait patiently for their prey to wander off or mistakenly fly near them and then they attack.

  • Grass spiders are the ones that usually build their web amidst grasses or vegetations. They appear later in spring and last all summer and till fall until something is done about it.

How to get rid of Spiders Outside

  • Trim down

We know this one will be challenging, especially if your yard is crawling with spiders and you are not a big fan. You can cover yourself from head to toe, if that will help and start trimming down the overgrown foliage and hedges in your yard. This is necessary because that’s where spiders hide. Cleaning the yard and getting rid of all the overgrowth will expose the spiders and make it easier for you to attack them.

  • Aerosol Spray

Once the yard is all cleaned up and you begin to see even more spiders that usual, whip out your ProControl plus Total Release Aerosol Insecticide and shower it all over your yard. Follow the instructions carefully and in no time, you’ll find dead spiders in your yard.

  • Biological Controls

You can also use the help of natural substances to deter spiders from your yard. For instance, spiders cannot stand eucalyptus for some weird, yet fortunate reasons. Hence planting some eucalyptus in your yard can also help in sending the spiders on a run.

  • Replace Lights

Another way of keeping the spiders away from you yard is by replacing the white bulbs outside with yellow bulbs, which are specifically designed to be unattractive to bugs.

  • Keep on the look out

It will also help to remove spiders from your yard if you constantly stay on the lookout and clean the webs the second you see them. The absence of their webs will discourage the spiders to take residence in your yard.

  • Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is prepared using the fossilized remains of phytoplankton, an aquatic organism. When it is spread around the yard, it kills spiders and other pests that get in its way. You can buy them with the name of Alpine dust insecticide. The soft sedimentary rock is used as a nontoxic pest control and is safe for the plants but deadly for the pests. What diatomaceous earth does is, absorbs the liquid form the exoskeleton of the spiders and kills them instantly.  

  • Web Out

Web out is another low-toxic formula for getting rid of spiders. Not only that, but this formula actually helps with prevention as well. Web out breaks down spiders’ webs and make cleaning them, much easier.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has all the Spider Control Products You Need!

Not a fan of home remedies? Go with what the pros use. Solutions Pest & Lawn is your home for proven products that are sure to get rid of any of your insect problems, including spiders. When it comes to spiders that have been infiltrating your home, we suggest a liquid insecticide that is sure to keep them out. For example, we recommend using Reclaim IT, mixing it inside a pump sprayer and creating a deadly barrier treatment around your home. Spraying around all baseboards, door and window frames, in closets, storage rooms, under patio coverings, porches, in garages and attics. Make sure to also focus application in your garage or basement, dark damp places are prime examples of spider hiding grounds. This will either kill the spider or repel them from your home if you personally haven’t been able to directly encounter the spider.

Aside from insecticides, glue boards are also helpful in trapping the spiders which you can’t find that are wandering around. One of our top suggestions is Catchmaster 72MB Glue Board. Lay some of these glueboards out in cabinets, closets, storage areas, basements attics and any other areas where you have seen spider activity. These will help capture spiders that are in hiding and can very easily be disposed of once they are caught. As an added bonus, these glue boards can also capture other bugs and critters that may be lurking on your premises.

When spiders are hard to find, you usually know that they are still present if you see a web built around your home. For such issues, we suggest immediately breaking down and disposing of their webs to send a message to spiders that they aren’t wanted here and to make their webs somewhere else. Web Out uses natural ingredients with a low toxicity formula to eliminate spiders and keep them from coming back. It breaks down webs to make cleaning easier while preventing spider webs on surfaces. Even works on ants, crickets, mosquitoes, cockroaches and perimeter pest insects.

Lucky for you, you can gather all these products and more by ordering our Solutions Spider Control Kit, The kit comes guaranteed because if by following the steps we laid out diligently and utilizing the products properly doesn’t eliminate your spider issue and you are dissatisfied we’ll give you your money back or present some other satisfying alternative for you.


Just like the popular adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  While the abovementioned methods of getting rid of spiders are quite effective, it is still a smarter choice to keep them away for good. If you have just gotten rid of spiders outside, then you have all the more reason to follow the preventative methods and keep the spiders away from your yard forever. Here’s what you can do:

  • Spiders (or anyone for that matter) will never like to stay at a place where they can’t find any food. So why not remove their food source?  Spiders feast on insects so make sure you keep the outer area of your house completely clean. Place sealed lids of garbage cans; get rid of any minor or major insect housed under the eaves of your structure.

  • Wash the outside of your house regularly using a high power water hose.

  • Also, be careful of light replacement. In addition to changing the light from white to yellow, change the position of the light. Place it in a way, where the light shines on the front of your house, rather than from the front of your house.

  • Essential oils are also very beneficial in deterring spiders. So if you can get your hands on Lemon, garlic, peppermint, clove, rosemary, cedar and cinnamon oils, then use a drop or two of either of them and repel the spiders away.

With these guaranteed methods, soon you’ll be lounging in your yard and enjoying your favorite book once again.  For more helpful spider control advice from DIY experts, call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us online!



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