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How To Get Rid Of Spiders In The House


You get to face a lot of worthy adversaries in the form of home invading pests due to their sheer ability to reproduce alarmingly and make your loving home look like a filthy mess. Spiders aren’t the most annoying of pests because they don’t like human food (or humans for that matter) and they tend to keep to themselves. In some cases spiders can also be helpful (not something you’d want to agree to, I know but humor me).

They don’t like human food but they do love feasting on other insects and provide a bit of pest control. Regardless of their ability to do so, nobody would willingly want 8-legged creatures living in their home. Here’s a few ways you can rid yourself of your friendly, household arachnids!

Suck. It. Up.

Obviously if you’re going to be dealing with spiders, you would have to suck it up and gather courage to deal with the problem but you also have to suck it up in the literal sense. Cleanliness is a virtue, everybody knows that and that is where you start when you have to deal with spiders. Regularly vacuum your house and do so routinely. It removes spider webs, their egg sacks and even the spiders themselves (you’d be killing them since they're actually not that tough and die instantly). Be sure to get to all the cracks, nook and cranny in your house. Remove any cobwebs you might see and any cluttering in your house should be addressed. Provide them no hiding spots.  You can use a webb head to make clean up webb's easy.

Starve em

Spiders luckily do not like any food that we might eat so crumbs and leftovers left unchecked won’t mean that you’re providing them with sustenance. Well, not exactly. Even though spiders don’t eat human food, the food that they eat does happen to be highly attracted to what you may leave behind. Flies are a special favorite for spiders and you need to make sure you cut off their supply.  Keep pest populations in check with a regular application of Reclaim IT.

Make sure you store your food properly so that no insects are attracted to it, seal any and all points of entry that insects might use to get inside and again, be thorough with maintaining cleanliness. No insects mean no food for spiders and no food for spiders mean no more spiders. They don’t stick around if they don’t get a good supply of food.  Use glueboards to monitor any increased activity in those dark areas, closets, under furniture, etc.

Give Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Spiders have many different ways of catching their prey but their most prolific method is actually quite a lazy one. What spiders do is that they intricately craft traps made from their webs in a strategic location and then just lie around in wait. Some misfortunate insect (mostly flies) gets too close to the web and gets stuck in it. The web is made with very fine spider silk and is almost invisible.

It’s reputably tougher than steel so if any insect gets stuck, there is no way it’s getting out. Once the spider is aware of the presence of some unlucky sob in their web, they slowly make their way towards the victim and devour it.

You can spin your own web by placing sticky glue traps. They’re used to catch roaches and rodents but work just as well with spiders. Lay them throughout your home in places that are usually unperturbed by human presence. Basements, attics, garages and corners are ideal spots for spiders. The more you use, the better. Just make sure you place it out of reach of small children and pets. You don’t want them to get stuck, do you?

Lights Out!

There’s another way of reducing the food supply for spiders. To avoid having any spiders inside your house, you should also try your best to make sure they don’t even live outside your home. I’m not telling you to go out spider hunting, relax. Spiders only reside where they can find an ample amount of food. One thing on the exterior of your house that attracts insects are the lights. Where there are insects, spiders are sure to follow.  Follow up with a perimeter spraying of the exterior of the home, find instructions on this application method here:  Perimeter Pest Control Method

You can use the kind of lights that don’t attract a lot of insects like sodium vapor lights. Not having any lights outside at all will also do the trick but nobody would be willing to do that. If you must have a bright source of light outside your house, just make sure that they are located away from your door and any windows. The bugs that will avoid being eaten by the spiders outside your house can find their way inside and then the spiders inside will be able to feed on them.


When it comes to using chemical means to get rid of any insects, you can easily DIY.  There is such a thing as residual insecticides which come in handy when dealing with spiders. Apply this stuff in places where you’re more likely to find spiders. These suckers will walk through the  residue and you know, eventually die.

Cobb Webb Eliminator sprays are also great ways to control them in heavy infestation areas, such as lakehouse, boat house, etc.  

To say conclusively, I know that all of these things seem like a lot of effort but it’s worth it getting rid of them. You’ll be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that there’s no 8-legged freak watching you sleep from the dark corners of your bedroom. Happy hunting!


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