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How to Get Rid Of Spider Webs


A large majority of the human race has arachnophobia: the extreme fear of arachnids. The most popular kind of arachnids is spiders. These 8-legged pests have tendencies to scare people to the highest extent. Although they are discrete with everything that they do, they know how to mark their territory. Spiders begin to feel comfortable in your house when there is a good food source available in your house. The best way to know if spiders are “comfortable” in your house is by their webs. Webs are a spider’s home that they build with love. These webs give your house an unhygienic vibe and they will scare those who see it. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep your house spider web-free. This how-to guide will allow you to make sure your house has no spider webs!

Facts about Spider Webs

  • Spider webs can be extremely intricate. People may assume that the webs are functional but that is not the case. The large spider families keep decorating their webs by using extra silk designs. Stabilimenta is the silk that is used in spider webs and if there is not enough, which means that the spiders want their webs to be seen.

  • Spiders love decorating their webs but that could mean danger for them. Although the decorations do attract insects, they also catch attention of the predators that are waiting to eat the spiders. If you see a spider web with sacs and old exoskeletons on it, there is a high chance that spiders left them on purpose so it would camouflage.

  • Did you know spiders replace their webs every day? Large webs demand more energy, which adds up to rebuilding.  

3 Ways of Getting Rid Of Spider Ways

  1. The Household Goods

As soon as you spot a spider web, you need to get rid of it. If you procrastinate, you are giving the spider permission to infest your house. While you are doing your everyday cleaning, make sure you are looking at the corners so you can wipe the webs away.

  • The Vacuum- This is probably the best way to get rid of a spider web. Using a handheld vacuum would be the best option, but that is not available you can use a typical vacuum with an extension nozzle. You will need to turn the vacuum on and point it in the direction of the web and wait until it is sucked in. Make sure you go over it a couple of times before giving up. If there are any cobwebs present on the curtains or furniture, you can go over them with the vacuum as well. Remember to vacuum under furniture, in all the corners, the dark areas of your house and the ceiling.

  • Soft Duster with Handles- There will be some places that will be hard to reach with a vacuum. The cracks and crevices will be hard to clean with a vacuum therefore; using a soft duster with a handle will be the best option. Alternatively, you can use a yardstick or rulers attached with an old sock and secured with a rubber band.

  • Paint Roller and Duct Tape- Speckled ceilings are hard to clean especially when there are spider webs on them. That is why the duct tape method is the best. You will need a good quality paint roller and you will need to unwind duct tape on it with the sticky side up. Take this roller and start going over the ceilings. It will take more than one roll to finish the webs.

  1. Web Out

You will want to take the webs down and then apply the webout to keep them from being able to create a new web, Web Head Dusters make this work easier, but a broom will work just fine.

  1. Coconut Oil and Vinegar

For this method, you will need to add ½ ounce of coconut oil with a quart of white vinegar. Transfer this mixture into a spray bottle and shake well before spraying. Keep in mind that the coconut oil that you are using must be in liquid form. When you are spraying this solution on the webs, you can let it stay on for a couple of hours before wiping it away. The vinegar will ensure that no spider webs come in the future.

Take Preventive Measures

When you are dealing with spiders, it is crucial to make preventive measures. Make sure your house is clean from all sorts of insects so that the spiders have no reason to come into your house.




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