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How to Get Rid of Snakes


Snakes can be found all over the world. If your house has a big garden or yard in which there are many different insects and plants, you will come across them occasionally. If there are snakes around, it is indicative of a healthy ecological balance, but it is dangerous if they are present in your yard, especially poisonous ones. 

Getting rid of snakes that are indoors

  1. If you think that the snake might be poisonous, you should call an animal control specialist without hesitation. Even if you think it might not be poisonous, it’s always preferable to call for professional help. Animal control will easily trap and remove the snake from your premises. Try to keep the snake confined to one room though.

  1. One of the safest and simplest things to do is leaving it alone so that it goes outside on its own. Usually snakes leave houses of their own volition if they are given the opportunity and enough time. If you see a snake in any room that leads to the outside, simply close all doors that lead to the inside of your house and open the door of the room leading outside. It will go out on its own and quite quickly at that.

  1. If you feel that you can take care of a snake, then this is a common trick. Take a large rubbish bin and set it on its side in the room where the snake is. Use a broom to push the snake in the bin. Once it’s there, quickly set it upright and close it with a lid. Take the bin to any woods nearby and set it free.

  1. Use indoor traps. If you think that there is a snake somewhere in the house, put out indoor traps in that space. Eventually the snake will slide over a trap and get stuck. You can then easily take the snake to somewhere far away. Put some vegetable oil on the snake so that it can eventually free itself from the trap and go away. Check the traps regularly to see if a snake was caught. If you don’t, the snake could die because of starvation.

Getting rid of snakes that are outdoors

  1. The first thing to try is to leave the snake alone so that it goes away on its own. If it’s a non-venomous snake that you have on your property, this is the best thing to do. Usually snakes that are outdoors are not problematic at all and go away in a short amount of time. However do be careful to keep your pets or children away, because even snakes which are not poisonous, have bites that hurt. If you see that snakes roam frequently around the house, go for overall preventive measures rather than removing individual snakes.

  2. Use a hose to spray water over the snake. Do this if you see a non-venomous snake that is close to your house and makes you comfortable. Sometimes all that is needed is a little prod. Lightly spray it and it will start moving away until it has slithered out of the yard. If you know the snake isn’t poisonous (garter snakes etc), you can use this method safely.

  3. If there is a snake in your swimming pool, you can remove it using a pool skimming net. Any other type of meshed net can also be used. If the snake is small and not of the poisonous variety, it can easily be picked up with the skimmer. Ensure that the grip isn’t too tight, otherwise you could break their ribs. After you have picked it up, you can take them to wherever you would like to set them free.

  4. You can also use snake traps built for outdoors. These traps are in the form of plastic boxes that are loaded with an aroma or any substance that attracts snakes. Once the snake is in the trap, the box is shaped in a way that stops them from getting free. Place them around the places in your yard / garden where you’ve frequently seen the snakes. Once you trap the snake, take it to the closest woods and leave it there.

Using Snake Repellants

The first line of defense for keeping snakes away is to use a snake repellent. At Solutions Pest & Lawn we have two great repellent products that will keep snakes away from your home. One is Snake Out And the other is Snake-A-Way. Either of these products will provide great long term control of snakes on your property. What you choose Is completely up to your personal preference as both are proven to work extremely well to ward off snakes.


  1. Snakes usually reside in bushy areas and areas with tall grass. Therefore trimming all the shrubs and bushes and all the vegetation in your yard, is an effective deterrent for snakes. So regularly mow your garden and remove any hollow tree stumps or tree trunks as they are all places where snakes thrive. Take the steps mentioned below to remove any possible snake habitats from your yard:

  • Keep any woodpiles at least 3 feet above ground level. Keep all compost heaps far from the house.

  • You might want to think about removing any tall vegetation and bushes as they are a regular dwelling spot for snakes.

  1. Remove all sources of a snake’s sustenance. Snakes are fond of insects in general as well as crickets and mice. Keeping the insect and mice population low is therefore an easy solution to keep snakes away. You can start off by blocking up any rodent-made holes using rocks or soil. Remove nuts and berries from the yard if you have trees that produce them, since insects and mice live off these sources. You should think about removing insects and/or mice from the yard, using traps or other methods of removal.


We hopes that this article has been informative for you. Having a snake venture on to your property can be frightening but if you are well prepared by equipping yourself with the products we mentioned above and apply these tips accordingly, you will have nothing to be afraid of and snakes will be easily controlled.

For more helpful advice you can call us at our toll free number 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and concerns.

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