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How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell


It is a matter of grave urgency if your house smells like smoke because as they say where there is smoke, there is fire. But if there is no smoke or fire in the house and you still smell it then there could be a few reasons that could be happening.

Nobody would want to come home to a smoky smell or in fact any strange smell at all. Your guests would also avoid coming over and you won’t be able to mask the smell with aerosol sprays for long as well. You need to get to the source of the smell in order to eliminate it and restore the atmosphere in your home.

What is a smoky smell?

A smoky smell is a like if something is burning or on flame. Most people notice as if it is a cigarette like smell while others note a burnt wood or musty smell permeating through the atmosphere. Unless you have a fireplace that that is being used regularly, burnt food in the oven or a heavy smoker in the house then there really shouldn’t be any smoke smell in the house.

What causes a smoky smell?

There could be a number of reasons why your house could smell like smoke


If you have one or more smokers in the house then their cigarette smells must have settled in the house. This is why it is always recommended to smoke outside or in a place where there is proper air ventilation.

Not using the exhaust while cooking

Whenever you are cooking at home, it is recommended to use an exhaust by opening the cooker hood. This is done to disperse all the smoky and cooking smells out of the house. The cooker hoods absorb any steam and cooking smell that could be coming out of the pots and pans directly.

Other times if you have left something in the oven for long and it got burnt then there is also a lot of burnt/smoky smell coming out of the kitchen.

Burnt insects

If you have mosquitoes, bees and flies common in your area and you have installed an insect trap that lures and zaps them away, you might have noticed a strange smoky smell coming from that as well. Sometimes when there are a lot of flying insects caught by the trap, the collective smell can be very unpleasant and smoky.


Often times, when there is mold or mildew in the house, it may give off a strange and pungent smell. People often confuse it with a smoky smell as well. Molds and mildews form when there is a lot of moisture or dampness causing it to develop bacteria. The bacteria then grows into this green and smelly form and spreads everywhere on the floor or walls. This is most likely to happen if there is a leaking pipe in the basement, bathrooms or under the kitchen sink.

What to do when there is an actual smoke?

  • Make sure it doesn’t reach the ceiling and activates the smoke detector because you will have to deal with the fire brigade later on.

  • Let the smoke out by opening all the windows for it to disperse outside.

  • Leave the house so that you don’t have to inhale any smoke filled air that would cause you to have temporary breathing problems.

How to get rid of the smoke smell?

When you want to get rid of any kind of smell, the best thing to do is to get rid of the source of the smell first rather than to just mask it with another fragrance or odor. Here are some of the things you can do to get rid of the smoke smell:

Air fresheners

Air fresheners always come in handy if you want to have some pleasant odor in your house. They are also quite useful to mask any bad odor that might have permeated in the environment as well. Solutions Pest & Lawn  has a range of really fragrant air fresheners that you can use in your home to clear off any cigarette smell or any stench from the burnt food.

Odor neutralizers

When simple aerosol sprays don’t work then you can always try an odor neutralizer which we carry at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Odor neutralizers work on a broad spectrum of smells and eliminate them to the core. The result is that your house doesn’t smell smoky or stinky anymore and you don’t have to cover your noses. Odor neutralizers can be sprayed or can be used as wipes to clean off any surfaces that have a bad smell.

Odor absorbers

Odor absorbers not only mask the smell from your home but they also absorb the very molecules in the air that have a reeking stench in them. This works like a charm every time you want to use it to get rid of a nasty smoky smell from your home.

How to prevent a smoky smell?

  • Ensure the cooker hood is always open when you are cooking

  • Take out any food in the oven on time to prevent any burning.

  • Check for any leaking pipes.

  • Inspect all electrical fixtures in your house.

  • Use odor absorbers and eliminators if you have an insect catching device installed in your home.

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