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How To Get Rid Of Small Roaches


Small or large, no one can stand the sight of roaches, especially if they are roaming around the kitchen. These disgusting insects are not only a very unpleasant sight but are a serious health hazard. Roaches enjoy crawling in some of the most disturbing places, and carry a substantial quantity of germs and bacteria! This is exactly why it is imperative that every individual takes action the moment they notice small roaches roaming around inside their homes. We know that they are disgusting and you would probably prefer calling an exterminator but with our tips you can save a substantial amount of money and time. All you need is a push in the right direction and the right attitude to win this war against the small roaches present in your homes or offices.  

Before we get started on eliminating them, let’s start by learning more about them.

About small roaches

Small roaches are all tan or black in color and have two dark parallel lines that start from behind the head and end at the base of the wings. I understand why you might have shivered by reading that they have wings, but small roaches cannot fly! However, they can glide if threatened so please make sure you maintain a safe distance from them. These roaches normally infest buildings such as homes, restaurants and food processing facilities as they plenty of food sources.

Furthermore, small roaches are nocturnal, which means that most of their activities take place at night when the lights are off. These omnivorous scavengers are attracted to meat, sugars, and fatty food! Where the food source has depleted the roaches will start feasting on items such as soap and glue. To make matters worse, when threatened, these roaches will emit a foul smell!

Different methods to get rid of small roaches – for good!

Given below are different methods to help every homeowner get rid of small roaches present in their homes or offices.

  1. Diatomaceous Earth

The very first method of killing small roaches is using diatomaceous earth which is a natural pesticide. Roaches develop immunity to different types of pesticides; let’s not forget the fact that they can survive a nuclear bomb. However, when it comes to diatomaceous earth no roach can develop immunity and once they consume this substance they will die immediately! Simply sprinkle this substance all around your home, especially in the areas that are heavily infested with roaches. We would recommend sprinkling this substance all around the perimeter of your home to prevent another infestation and it can also help kill a variety of other insects.

  1. Gel baits

If the roaches in your home consider themselves to be very smart and only leave their hiding places when you leave the area, then you should consider gel baits. Gel baits are readily available in the market and are designed to help lure out these roaches from their hiding places. The moment the roaches in your home consume the gel bait they will die within a matter of minutes, consider crushing them with your shoes to make sure that none of them survive. Simply apply the Apex gel where you think the roaches normally throw a party every night; when you come back in the morning, simply sweep them off the dead roaches into the bin.  

  1. Insecticides

Okay if you have taken this war personally and want the roaches in your home to fear your wrath, then please consider investing in insecticides. Please read the label clearly to make sure that you and your pets are safe when investing in any insecticide. Once you have equipped yourself with an insecticide simply apply to all cracks and crevices along the baseboards, behind the stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Reclaim I/T is an odorless insecticide and perfect for the job.

  1. Sticky traps

The last method you can use to kill the small roaches present in your home is by investing in sticky traps which are also readily available in the market. These traps emit a smell that attracts all of the roaches in the area and once they make contact with the trap, they are stuck for life! Simply place these traps all around your home and just relax for awhile; when you check the traps they will have a lot of roaches trapped. Simply put on the biggest boots that you have and start tap dancing on top of them until you are at peace.  

How to prevent a small roach infestation

Preventing is the best cure for anything, especially for roaches as no wants to deal with the torture of killing them. This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner take certain steps to protect their homes and offices from a roach infestation. These steps are mentioned below,

  • Keep all of the garbage sealed

  • Never leave any food out

  • Make sure all of the crumbs are cleaned from kitchen counters

  • Spray your home with an roach insecticide periodically

  • Never leave dirty dishes laying around

By following the methods mentioned in this post, you can eliminate the infestation and prevent the possibility of one in the future.


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