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How to Get Rid of Small Roaches

It can be extremely annoying to have roaches  crawling around the house, in cabinets, drawers, wardrobes and on kitchen counters. In order to get rid of them, you have to identify why they are being let in your house in the first place. It gets worse if you have them on your food or cutlery. That would mean extensive cleaning and sweeping for days until you manage to drive them out completely.

It also gets scary to see small roaches as you start wondering where the big ones are, or where they are breeding and hatching. A common sight throughout the US, if you start seeing eggs and small roaches, just start the killing spree. Seeing just one roach is already a nightmare enough to keep you awake, knowing that there is a creepy crawly present in the room or house. It scares you enough that what if it gets onto the bed.

Once you see them, you can’t ignore the infestation. They can spread diseases and are harmful to kids. If they find a place in your home, you house is potentially unlivable. When you see them, start killing them. To get rid of them completely, you could take the following measures:

Poison them

Maybe it is time to start thinking like a professional and get a professional pest control product, bait or insecticide.  You can treat your property like a professional with the highest quality products on the planet.  When you see them around the house, wear a mask and start spraying everywhere that you see them. Clean up the mess, even though it is as gross as it gets. Make sure that the house is empty before you start spraying.

Also, it would be better not to vacuum them up because you’d rather not have a bag full of roaches. No only is it spine-tingling, it also carries infestations and you can’t come in contact with them. Repeat the process every few days until you stop seeing them in your house.

Other than spraying, get poison roach gel baits for present and future use in the house. These are highly effective. Start the treatment by injecting the poison gel in dark corners of cabinets, drawers, washrooms and everywhere else where you observe the infestation coming from. When one roach comes out to eat, it consumes the poison that is mixed with food and when it returns to its colony, the poison kills it and the rest of the roaches as well.

As you can see, roach bait is highly effective in cutting down on the population of roaches, they eat the bait and then another roach eats them.  Several levels are eliminated with one application of roach gel bait.   Keep several of these for future use. During the first few days of the remedy, use the spray and injection in large amounts.

Clean up the mess

The key to treating your roach problem is to identify why they are coming into your house anyway. Roaches are born and thrive in dirty surroundings. Keep your house clean by regularly cleaning and sweeping the house, especially the inaccessible areas where the roaches are most likely to settle. Get good-quality detergents and surface-cleaners to keep your house sparkling clean.

Furthermore, don’t leave food items, crumbs or leftovers lying around inside or outside the house. This is a sure way of inviting roaches to settle. Clean your kitchen counter and table every day before going to bed.

Keep your house dry and properly ventilated as that’s also where the roaches thrive. Clean the trash bin every week to prevent the foul odor from inviting pests. Keep the bin covered with lids so that the smell of fruits or vegetable peels does not invite roaches. Remember, it is equally important to keep you outdoors as clean as your indoors. If you outdoors are not clean and invite roaches, you are easily letting them into your house. Keep your property clean.

If you have piles of debris in your backyard or garden, clean them regularly. Make sure that all the areas in your garden or yard remain dry. if you have wooden logs, remove them as that’s where they tend to hide and settle.

Seal the cracks

Check for holes, cracks in the walls, attic, holes around cable wires and broken window panes. Roaches can easily get through them. For a temporary solution, cover the crack and holes with newspapers or cardboards, which don’t work in the long-term. Get them fixed with plasters and cement.

Fix the pipes

Moisture lets the roaches thrive and settle. If you have seepage, leak or drainage issues, get them fixed as soon as possible. If you find roaches in large number around your pipes and sinks, you can tell that there is an issue with the pipes. Even if roaches can go days without food, they need water to live.

Therefore, you don’t have to take as such sophisticated measures to deal with your roach problem. Just a few simple steps of cleaning and using insecticides and you are good to go. Better not neglect the issue because the infestation spread quickly and is extremely unhealthy for the health of the household.

Even if you discover just one cockroach, there are probably others around the house as well and the infestation has begun. Deal with it as soon as possible to prevent future infestations.


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