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How To Get Rid Of Small Black Ants 


About small black ants

Small black ants are omnivorous in nature and can be found in most places. It is black and brown in color and is omnivorous insects. It feeds on honeydew, vegetables, plant secretions, aphids, sweets, greasy items, meat, fruits and vegetables. It likes to form its colonies in dark protected places near food and water sources. The small black ants usually like to stay outdoors in your garden, wood piles and even in the ground. These insects may form colonies on the walls of your home and also start entering your home if gets a whiff of sweet scented food.

Damage caused by small black ants

The small black ant have stingers that can sting you, in most cases it will be harmless but for some you may feel discomfort and if you are allergic it can cause skin reactions. Feeding on plants and infesting your garden can cause damage to your plants and tree trunks.

The growth of the plants can get affected. If you have fruits in your garden it will get damaged by the ants. They might from colonies on outside wall of your homes causing the wall to get damages. If it enter your home and finds plenty of food and water sources it can lead to infestation. This will mean plenty of ants, larva and ants crawling around your home feeding on your food and crawling over you.

Tactics for removing small black Ants

  1. Searching for the nest

Look for the small black ant colonies outside. You will usually find it under rocks, stumps, and decayed wood. You could search for it on the walls of your home, cement cracks and open lawn. Keep an eye for ants trail it will help you locate the nest of the ants. Look for evidence in cracks, crevices and other such places too.

  1. Eliminating the colonies

Water hose the nest and colonies and remove the stump in which the small black ants are nesting. Pouring insecticides and other chemical will also help in eliminating the colonies. Keep your trees trim and short, pick up all fallen fruits and add repellants over the tree trunks to deter the insect from building its nest in such places.

  1. Treating the nest with chemicals

The best way to eliminate entire colonies of small black ants is to use various kinds of insecticides to eliminate the small black ants. These insecticides are as follows:

AEROSOLS: Use FIPRO FOAMING AEROSOL for the inside your home and even outside. Spray the aerosol in cracks crevices and inside. The ant will ingest this concentrate and take it back to its colony to feed other ants that will eradicate the entire colony.

GEL BAIT:  Apply ANT-TRAX ANT GEL BAIT where you can observe an active infestation. You can apply it near the crack crevices, kitchen areas and other such places. The ants will eat the bait and ingest it go back to feed the queen and other small black ants. The poison will start affecting and terminate the entire colony of the small black ants. You can quickly use aerosol over the ants that might try to escape.

GRANULAR INSECTICIDE:  Scatter granular insecticide all over your yard to create a barrier and get rid of those small black ants. You sprinkle it in the nest near the stumps, vegetation and the boundary of your house to keep the small black ants.

LIQUID INSECTICIDE:  Use liquid concentrates like RECLAIM-IT INSECTICIDE and pour it in a hose end sprayer or hand held spray. Spray the whole yard and the perimeter of your yard or house to prevent re infestation of the small black ants after it has been eradicated from your home. It will keep the small black ants away from your home.

Using a GUARANTEED ANT CONTROL KIT will help in using the insecticides and getting rid of the ants.

  1. Baiting the ants

Use liquid baits and Ant bait stations and keep them in every location in your yard and inside your house. It will lure the small black ants into the bait stations the ant will feed on the liquid bait and go back to the nest to share it with the rest of the colony. Gradually the poison will start to work and exterminate all the small black ants including the queen.

  1. Cleaning up for small black ants

Tidy up your home to prevent the small black ants from infesting in your home. Make sure you clean up after every meal. Clear the tables, wash and dry the dishes, sweep the floor and mop the floor with a disinfectant. Keep all sweet items, meat and other food material in closed airtight containers. Avoid keeping any sweet items like fruits or jam outside. The ants will crawl into your homes and get comfortable. This leads to a small black ant infestation in your home.

Trim your trees and in your lawn and get rid of all the mulches, foliage, rocks, stumps and decayed wood and piles of wood lying around. Remove all material with water like, bird bath or pale of water, tires and other such material that will allow the ants to hide and have plenty of water. Make sure to pick the fruits and vegetation on time if you have grown any s8uch food item in your yard. Remove compost and fertilizer and any material that might make your lawn a hospitable place for it to build its colony.

  1. Sealing entry points and leaks

Seal all the open cracks crevices voids in the wall and any other such opening with caulk or silicone foam. Fix all the leaks of the water hose, sink faucets, plumbing pipes and other such places to make sure the ant does not have any source of water

Stop the small black ants

Use all preventive measures to prevent the small black ants from entering your home and use insecticides to eliminate the colonies and apply chemicals regularly to prevent re infestation.


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