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How to Get Rid Of Small Ants in Your House

Nobody wants to have long trails of tiny ants in their house every time they look on the wall or behind the doors. Ants can be a real nuisance especially if they keep coming back. Ants are tiny creatures which live in colonies and make nests to live in. Their nests can be found underneath rocks, in your garden soil, or in decaying tree trunks.

Small ants invade your house solely for one reason and that is to look for food sources and take it back to their nest. Your house can seem very inviting to them if you have food lying around and if its cleanliness is not very good. They like to eat sweet, greasy, and syrupy stuff. They also feed on plant secretions, which is why you can also find them hiding away in plant pots.

The first thing one should do to get rid of these ants is to seal away any wall cracks which may be an entry point to these ants, however here are more ways in which you can solve the ant problem in your house.

  1. Sprinkle around cloves in your house

Cloves are known to be an effective ant repellant. Put a few cloves here and there around your house especially in places which seem to be their entry point; it will irritate the ants and make them stay away from your house.

  1. Do not keep a garbage can inside the house

Any food inside of the garbage bag will start oozing residual juices especially when they start rotting, which is you should make sure not to let the garbage in the dustbin not stay there for too long. If it’s there for too long, it will attract ants inside your house.

Use strong and leak proof garbage bags and make sure you take the garbage regularly.

  1. Remove decaying furniture from your house

Ants like to make their nests in decaying wood or any furniture that is rotting away. Check for such wood pieces down in the basement or in your attic or out on your porch. If you have an ant infestation, chances are that the ants may have built their nests in the decayed wood, window frames, or shingles that you least frequently use. If you find such places, throw away those items or replace them.

  1. Do not store food outside

 Ants will come in your house searching for food. Any food lying outside will attract them. This is why it is essential that you store all your food inside a fridge or in airtight containers or zip lock bags. Do not keep juice bottles, syrups, or sauces out on the table, as their sticky residue will invite ants in. Keep them in the fridge.

  1. Regular vacuuming of your house

In carpeted homes, sweeping alone is not enough as food particles tend to get stuck deep inside carpets which then attracts ants to your home. Vacuum your house everyday to get rid of such tiny particles especially after having a meal.

Sweep your patio and porch too because if you have kids in your house, they can spill food while they play out on the porch.

  1. Wiping kitchen and tabletops with cleaning bleach

Kitchen countertops, dining tables, and kitchen tiles have tiny food particles lying around which we cannot see but ants can smell them from afar. Bleach is powerful enough to remove any pheromone trail from any places where they have previously visited and it cleans the floor nicely. Get cleaning bleach, preferably scented and wash your kitchen floor twice a day with it.  Make sure you are baiting first and not applying the bleach at the same time, if they are in the area let them be and take care of them with a good ant bait Ant-Trax.

As for tabletops and countertops, uses diluted bleach for cleaning purpose and wipe them with it. Clean your cabinets every week with cleaning bleach to remove any traces of food particles. This will help you eliminate the ant problem in your kitchen.

  1. Do not let there be any dirty dishes in the kitchen

Ants have one purpose to invade your house and that is to find food. Your kitchen sink has an ample amount for these tiny intruders. Every time you eat or use any kitchen utensil, do not leave it dirty in the sink, as it will only invite more ants in your kitchen. Wash the dishes every time you use them and after washing, wash your sink and wipe any residue off. Before going to bed every night, pour in a few cups of bleach or vinegar in the sink to clean it from inside, let it sit for a few hours and then wash it.  

  1. Hot water and Epsom salt mixture

Follow the ant trail and find the anthill or their nest. Once you find it, boil water with a few teaspoons of salt in it. Pour the hot water mixture in their hole or wash down the place where they have gathered. This will remove large number of these ants without them coming back.

  1. Wipe off ant trails with soap

Ants leave a trail on walls, so they can follow that trail back to their homes. If you find such trails in your house; which will mostly be around the windows or behind the doors, wipe off those trails with soapy water so the scent of their trail can be washed away. All you have to do is make soapy water mixture; if you want to add lemon in it, you can, and use sponge to wipe off the walls. You can also spray vinegar on these trails to remove the scent.

Once you have located the source and trails, apply a good ant bait gel to those areas, try to locate the entry points and try and apply a residual insecticide on the exterior.  Follow these ant control recommendations to help you get rid of ants now and forever.


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